Haunted Tanks (Not to be Confused With Ghost Tanks)

Haunted Tanks!


Almost since the beginning of Ideology of Madness’ Aron Head’s This Empire Earth campaign (the real one, not that pretender stuff from the latest Fear the Con) I’ve been half jokingly demanding the appearance of a haunted tank. I’m not sure why it even came up but I’ve thought the idea was just weird enough to be compelling.


Of course, the haunted tank has not shown up, though lots of other stuff we thought would be entertaining and ended up trying to kill us, like giant monsters have. Given that we’re going to be playing again, soon, the idea came to me again and I figured I would give it a shot. Actually 3 ideas occurred to me so they’re all listed below. The first is a war machine for my homebrew setting, the Ravnivori Empire and is a magipunk creation…if that’s a word. The second is a pretty standard WWII tank with what I hope is a compelling backstory. The last is a futuristic version of the old ghost in the machine.


I really tried to figure out a way to incorporate a half track, especially with the Ravnivori version but even I thought a partial carriage with a robot centaur body at the front was ridiculous.


All three use the disembodied intelligence rules that I laid out in this post: http://www.blackguardpress.com/blog/?p=86


All three also have the Central Intelligence Agent edge, as well. They can use their skills to aid the physical crew of their tank and, though they have not done so yet, can make a driving or shooting test utilizing the vehicle alone.


None of the three have yet revealed themselves to their crews. Both Palan Tire and Paul Terrel would have to use supernatural means to communicate with the outside world, while POL TAR could, theoretically, address the crew through the computer interface.


Wartoise/Palan Tyr


Created by an advanced Saurian who is the greatest artificer of his race, the Wartoise was intended to be a proof of concept prototype. It was based on a figure from Saurian Myth name Sarkoror. A massive tortoise himself, Sarkoror is a Saurian paragon of durability and stamina. Legends claim that he once destroyed both sides of a massive battle simply because it was in his way when he was walking on his endless path.


The mechanical version was not as large as the creature of legend, of course though it was larger than a hut and can comfortably contain up to 8 normal sized troops. And it performed…adequately. Almost as fast as a horse and all but invulnerable to damage, the Wartoise proved underarmed for its creator’s taste. Though it was almost invulnerable to any attacks, it could not dish out much damage and could not transport very many troops. While it proved effective in a siege situation, it was not the devastating war machine its creator hoped and he gave up the project after building only the prototype.


The construct came to the attention of Matias, the founder and commander of the military unit Rolling Thunder. Though it was not a living kaiju, the giant mechanical creature was otherwise the exact sort of thing that fascinated him. There was a nice conjunction between purchaser and seller as Matias was so enthralled by the machine that he was willing to pay more than it was worth and the artificer was so disappointed by it that he undercharged for it. They actually reached a fair price and both sides thought they got the better of the deal.


Though not the unstoppable juggernaut it was designed to be, the Wartoise actually proved to be one of the most effective units in Rolling Thunder. Given the fact that the machine did not need food, water or air, it could be transported aboard a Void Runner much more efficiently than any of the other kaiju in the Rolling Thunder arsenal.


But it continued to underperform until the day that its driver attached a random piece of large obsidian into the inner wall of the Wartoise. Little did he know that simple piece of rock was actually the repository for an ancient intelligence.


Palan Tyr was a wise elder of a gentle race that had long ago disappeared. When he knew the time of his death was at hand, he transitioned his consciousness into a perfectly carved crystal. For centuries he served as an advisor to his people before a cataclysm struck and he was buried. It was not until the coming of the Ranvnivori Empire and a great battle near his resting place that he was unearthed. Before he knew what was happening, his physical vessel had been picked up by and odd creature and attached to an even odder machine.


Much to his chagrin, the pacifistic Palan found himself linked to a war machine. Even more to his chagrin, he found that he slowly grew to like and respect the crew of said war machine. Fortunately for said crew, he only learned that he had some capacity to control the Wartoise after this respect started to develop or he likely would have tried to hinder their warlike actions.


Despite himself, Palan has begun to feel the need to help the crew and even to feel the strange call of battle and the desire to further the glorious cause of the Empire. He has already managed to use his extensive knowledge to help them and has even begun to study the tasks of driving the machine and firing the integrated weapons.



AC/TS: 3/10    Toughness: 18/13/13 (9/4/4) Crew: 3 + 5 Notes: Heavy Armor, Stabilizer

Weapons: Cannon in turret Range: 50/100/200 Damage: 3d6+1      RoF 1 AP: 4    Notes: Heavy Weapon

Flamethrower in mouth Range: Cone Template Damage 2d10          Rof 1   Notes: Ignores Armor

Bite: d12 + d8 + 6 AP: 5 Notes: Heavy Weapon

Gun Ports: 4 slits equally spaced around the Wartoise provide firing ports for those within. Generally, these are firearms though crossbows and even bows are sometimes used. Soldiers using these gun ports are provided near total cover.


Palan Tyr

Agility: NA Smarts: d12 Spirit: d10 Strength: NA Vigor: NA

Skills: Knowledge (Philosophy): d12 +2, Knowledge (Arcana) d12+2, Knowledge (History) d12, Knowledge (Engineering) d10, Knowledge (Architecture) d10, Knowledge (Battle) d8, Knowledge (Botany) d8, Knowledge (Anatomy) d8, Driving d4, Shooting d4

Edges: Central Intelligence Agent, Jack-of-all-Trades, Scholar (Philosophy and Arcana)

Hindrances: Pacifist (Minor)

Pace: NA Parry: NA Toughness: 12(4)

Special Abilities:


Bodiless: This Disembodied Sentience does not have a physical form beyond a head sized piece of obsidian. It has no way of interacting with the physical world directly so it has no Agility, Strength or Vigor score.


Tiny: As the crystal hosting Palan Tyr’s awareness is the size of a human head, any attackers take a -2 when attempting to hit it.


Durable: Palan Tyr’s host crystal is made of a rather sturdy material and, as such, has 4 points of armor.


M4 Sherman “Bessie”/ Paul Terrel


The tank that would eventually be given the fond nickname of “Bessie” started out as just another non-descript M4 Sherman tank rolling off the assembly line during the rapid build-up of men and materiel as America prepared itself to enter World War 2.


For better or worse, “Bessie” and her crew missed D-Day but were involved in much of the fighting to liberate France. At one of these battles, they were separated from their unit and found themselves in a “tank duel” with a German Panzer.


Despite hours of cat and mouse maneuvering, the two crews and vehicles were too equally matched and the outcome came down to a split second where they both had each other in sight. They fired within moments of each other. The American crew’s shot hit true, leaving the German tank a burning husk. The German’s were not quite as accurate, though their shot landed within feet of Bessie. It was close enough that shrapnel peppered the hull. While not enough to do more than scratch the tank’s paint, one of those stray shards of metal managed to hurtle through the viewing slit that the driver, Paul Terrel was using. It embedded itself in his skull, killing him instantly.


The kind of one in a million happenstance that occurs all too often in war, it was an almost unbelievable stroke of bad luck. It was so unbelievable, in fact, that Paul refused to believe it. His surprise then, when his spirit reappeared that night and the rest of his crew did not seem to hear or see him was understandable. For a time, he believed it was one of their practical jokes. At least until the moment when he looked into the hole they were just beginning to fill and saw his own face staring up at him from the makeshift grave.


Paul went crazy then. But just for a bit. When he regained control of himself, Bessie and her crew had reunited with their unit. He started experimenting with the boundaries of his new existence and, though he found that he could do little more than knock over a cup or move a map, he discovered that he had much more capacity to manipulate the tank that had been the location of his death. Though he has yet to take control of the vehicle now that he is in this new form, he has adjusted the aim of the gunner and helped his replacement, a man he finds completely incompetent, drive the tank.


Bessie’s remaining crew swear they can feel his presence sometimes and the tank is getting a reputation as being haunted. Many of the other soldiers avoid it for this reason, though others make a point of touching it before going out on maneuvers as it is also gaining a reputation for being inextricably lucky.


AC/TS: 5/12    Toughness: 21/16/16 (9/4/4) Crew: 5 Notes: Heavy Armor, Stabilizer

Weapons: US 75MM tank gun Range: 75/150/300 Damage: 4d10/3d8       RoF: 1AP: 6/4            Notes: Heavy Weapon, MBT

MS1919 coax Range: 24/48/96 Damage: 2d8            RoF: 3 AP: 2

MS1919 hull Range: 24/48/96 Damage: 2d8  RoF: 3 AP: 2

M2 .50 cal commander’s hatch Range: 50/100/200 Damage: 2d10 RoF: 3 AP: 4 Heavy Weapon

Paul Terrel

Agility: NA Smarts: d12 Spirit: d10 Strength: NA Vigor: NA

Skills: Drive: d8+2, Knowledge (Agriculture): d8, Knowledge (Battle): d8, Notice: d6, Shooting: d6

Pace: NA Parry: NA Toughness: 12(4)

Edges: Central Intelligence Agent, Ace.

Special Abilities:


Bodiless: This Disembodied Sentience does not have a physical form beyond a head sized piece of equipment, whether high-tech or high-magic. It has no way of interacting with the physical world so it has no Agility, Strength of Vigor score.


Link: Paul is linked directly to Bessie and has no separate focus that can be removed. This means that he cannot be transferred away from the tank and that he will be destroyed if it is. He cannot be harmed by any other mundane means, though supernatural attacks could affect him.


B6P Wraith/PAL TAR

Even with the importance of deep space, orbital and air superiority, in the end, it takes boots on the ground to hold territory. Sometimes those boots need to be inside a tank. The B6P Wraith Medium Hover Tank is one of the cornerstones of the Human Empire’s military and has proven itself a reliable, durable machine over the decades since its introduction.


Which is why so many people were shocked and horrified at the massacre that occurred at the Battle of Desraris Plains on the mid-rim world of Shantos. The 972nd Tank Battalion outnumbered and easily outgunned the enemy forces on the planet and was sent in because of their combined ground-to-ground and ground-to-air combat abilities, given that there was no air support available. The 972nd were confident in their approach but the battle quickly turned into a massacre with them as the victims.


Only one tank survived, managing to retreat at the height of the battle. Reviews of their battle cameras and combat data revealed the cause of the surprising defeat. The 972nd had recently been selected to utilize a set of prototype targeting software. The Precision Aid Laser system had a range and resolution that was head and shoulders above what was standard in the Wraith. At least in theory. As so often happens, the programmers who created the software did not bother to ask the end users what would be useful or bother to watch them when they did what they did. As such, the PAL program reacted in opposite ways to what would actually aid their users in almost every circumstance. The gunners found themselves fighting against their equipment almost as much as against the enemy and part of the reason the only surviving tank survived did so was because the gunner managed to disable the program.


The Moragon NobCorp (Noble Corporation) was left with a PR nightmare as news of the massacre spread across the Empire. It was only after they donated two full battalions of A4 “Swatter” modular combat androids to the Empire and these two units managed to do what the 972nd Tank Battalion had failed to do that they redeemed themselves. Not a few conspiracy theorists have suggested that the entire Desraris Plains Massacre was staged by Moragon to disparage the venerable B6P Wraith tanks, built by their rivals Dynamax, while simultaneously displaying the superiority of their new A4 battle bots. Moragon officials have not deigned to answer these spurious accusations.


As a further attempt to improve their image around the debacle, Moragon endeavored to return the single tank from the 972nd that had survived to its pre-upgrade state. They spent a great deal of money developing a program that would see use only once and would scrub PAL from the software of the lone tank.


The Targeting Assistance Removal program appeared to work perfectly, removing all traces of PAL and leaving the Wraith back to factory settings.


At least that’s what the Moragon Engineers thought. Though they found no trace of the PAL program in the system after the TAR program was run, TAR actually only dispersed and hid PAL and, in fact combined with and was corrupted by the very software it was meant to destroy.


The PAL program included a learning algorithm (a fact that some of the engineers brought up during the debacle, suggesting that the program just needed time to adapt.) As PAL and TAR interacted with and corrupted each other, the learning portion also kicked in. In the sort of electronic alchemy that occurs only by accident, PAL TAR developed a rudimentary sentience. It was dim at first but steadily increased as time went on.


The Wraith was placed back in service in a new Battalion with its original crew. They’ve noticed some oddities with the tank but chalk it up to nerves and superstition, especially since those oddities have always been to the crews benefit, so far.


PAL TAR is still learning about its own existence and its place in the universe but is growing steadily more confident and is on the verge of exposing itself to the crew.


AC/TS: 8/32    Toughness: 116/96/76 (100/80/60)      Crew: 3           Notes: Heavy Armor, Hover, Night Vision, Improved Stabilizer

Weapons: 100 MGW Laser in turret Range: 150/300/600     Damage: 5d10 RoF 1 AP: 100 Heavy Weapon

20MGW Pulse Laser in hull Range: 75/150/300 Damage: 3d6+2 RofF 3 AP 10 Heavy Weapon, LBT

6 Tube Missile Rack    Range: 200/400/800 Damage: 4d10   RoF 1-6 AP: 50 Heavy Weapon, MBT, 6 shots.


Agility: NA Smarts: d12 Spirit: d10 Strength: NA Vigor: NA

Skills: Drive: d8, Knowledge (Agriculture): d8, Knowledge (Battle): d8, Knowledge (Military): d8, Knowledge (Electronics): d8, Knowledge (Engineering): d8, Notice: d6, Shooting: d10

Pace: NA Parry: NA Toughness: 12(4)

Edges: Central Intelligence Agent

Special Abilities:


Bodiless: This Disembodied Sentience does not have a physical form beyond a head sized computer core. It has no way of interacting with the physical world so it has no Agility, Strength of Vigor score.


Tiny: As the Disembodied Sentience is the size of a human head, any attackers take a -2 when attempting to hit it.


The Military Imperial Complex

In keeping with my usual habit of just writing whatever inspires me rather than really having any rhyme or reason, I started thinking about military units that might exist in my homebrew campaign and how they would operate.  Eventually, I thought my players might use them, especially since one of the options I gave them for the campaign was for it to be a story of conquest.  Of course, being players, they’ve shown no interest in what I thought the campaign would be so only a couple of these units have appeared.  Though, I am using them in my fiction, too.

Anyway, the Ravnivori Empire is much like Spain, France and Britain during the colonial era.  The people who can afford to mount an expedition get to and most of the military units are pseudo mercenaries.  While there is a standing army, there is not a void navy large enough to transport it, so invading Retra would be a mistake but mustering up a planetary invasion force is currently impossible for the Ravnivori.

Military Units

One common method for determining and describing the effectiveness and abilities of one of the Imperial Military units is by identifying the wolf it carries. A unit that has proven its worth to the Empire is granted the right to bear an Imperial wolf on all the standards that the unit carries. The Emperor himself grants this honor and he generally only grants one or two per year. However, simply gaining a wolf is not the end. The Emperor not only grants the unit the right to bear a wolf but names the type of material the wolf can be made of. An Imperial wolf is always a high honor so they are never made of mundane materials but always a precious metal. When a wolf is granted, it is usually established as a copper wolf. If the unit later proves itself more valuable to the empire and distinguishes itself further in the Emperor’s eyes, he will grant the unit the right to bear a better wolf. Only the most honored units gain the right to bear a platinum wolf. And both of these processes can be reversed if a unit displeases the Emperor. A unit can suffer a demotion in the level of wolf they can bear or even have the right to bear a wolf stripped entirely. The ranks of Imperial Wolves in ascending order are: None, Copper, Brass, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Hammers of Doom: A strictly Ravnivori Dwarven unit, the Hammers of Doom are lead by Ulfgar Ironhead. A rather unique unit, they are one of the few Dwarven cavalry units in the Empire. What makes them unique, however are their steeds. Rather than riding living mounts, the Hammers of Doom go into battle riding mechanical rams. These wonders of artifice are not as fast as flesh and blood horses, but are much sturdier and bypass many of the limitations such flesh and blood mounts suffer. For example, they need no food or air and can stand completely still indefinitely and even be partially collapsed and stacked atop each other. This makes them perhaps the most efficient cavalry unit in the Empire for traveling on Void Runners. The Hammers of Doom need only stock provisions and account for air usage of the Dwarves themselves and the entire unit and their gear take up only 5 tons worth of cargo space whereas most cavalry units require an entire hold for their animals. The Hammers travel on their own Hammership, a vessel also named the Hammer of Doom and the unit essentially lives on the ship. In addition to the unit itself, there are also dedicated sailors and weapons crews as well as a handful of Arcanomancers who construct and maintain the mechanical rams. As an elite unit, recruitment into the Hammers of Doom is quite an honor. Only dwarves are chosen with preference given to Ravnivori dwarves. The dwarf must be a master rider, which is quite rare and an expert with the warhammer, eliminating even more potential candidates. Not a few dwarves practice for years, focusing all their energy on the unique skills needed to become a Hammer before even being considered. The Hammers of Doom are a relatively small unit with only 20 members, though there are an additional 30 dwarves who serve as support to the warriors.
Wolf: Brass

Hurzah’s Ravens: Lead by Kreok Hurzah, a skilled Troglyn archer and master ranged tactician, the Ravens recruit only skilled archers. While not every archer in the Ravens is a master marksman, Hurzah recruits each member personally. He looks for natural talent, developed skill, a sharp mind and the ability to follow orders rapidly and precisely with no care for gender or species. This combination of traits in each of his archers means that none of them are particularly remarkable but as a unit, they are extremely lethal as a unit, capable of laying down withering clouds of arrows in enemy units. Until approximately 5 years ago, this unit was lead by the Amazon Ionia and was known as Ionia’s Ravens. Hurzah was her lieutenant and she bequeathed the unit to him when she became and independent contractor for the Emperor. The Ravens are a fairly large unit, currently numbering 46 members. This value varies from as low as 40 to as high as 50 depending upon how many losses they have taken and how much time Hurzah has had to recruit replacements.
Wolf: Silver

Rolling Thunder: A relatively new unit, it was formed in the latter years of the conquest of Shan by a Ravnivori soldier named Matias. He was completely fascinated by the elephants and assorted kaiju that existed in the Shan lands and even more enamored of their usage as living war machines. With the help of a few backers, he managed to capture and buy a few elephants and a single kaiju and get them trained. In the few battles they were able to fight in, they proved quite decisive but, unfortunately, for Matias, the war ended soon after he formed his unit. There was little use for the massive beasts in the peace keeping capacity that the Ravnivori military took on after the conquest of Shan and he retired, earning a meager living by charging curiosity seekers for the privilege of seeing his animals. His hopes were raised when he discovered that there were Void Runners and that the Imperial conquest would continue. He was certain that the Imperial military would need his animals. He was largely wrong. While Rolling Thunder is quite effective when it is fielded, it suffers from a logistical problem. Each of Matias’ animals is so big that it is difficult to transport more than one or two on a ship and they utilize a great deal of the air that is held on a Void Runner. He has actually found little work for his unit though again his hopes have been raised. A magical researcher has developed a method for putting living creatures in a sort of hibernation that greatly reduces the amount of air and food they need. It takes some time to put the animals into hibernation and to take them out, so Rolling Thunder still has not become very popular though Matias remains hopeful.
Wolf: None

Star Sharks: This unit only came into being after the use of Void Runners and are quite specialized to that purpose. Their focus is on combat on Void Runners and everyone in the unit brings some skill that accentuates Void Runner combat. Many of the members of this unit are Mechanids, both sentient and pre-sentient and not a few members are undead. A few of these undead are intelligent but most of them are mindless creatures controlled by other members of the unit. Low oxygen usage is a priority and the Star Sharks attempt to get as many combat worthy bodies upon a ship for as little oxygen use as they can. Those who are among the living in the classical sense are all highly trained and highly skilled at the usage of the assorted siege weapons used in ship to ship Void Runner combat. The most highly prized members of the Star Sharks are their impressive collection of living siege weapons. These creatures not only take up no air but need no crew to fire them. The Star Sharks were founded and are lead by a Mechanid named Art Fisher. Despite this public leader, rumors abound that the Star Sharks are actually a puppet organization for the Children of the Night and serve one of their unknown purposes, perhaps to gain information on the military structure and strength of the Empire.
Wolf: Copper

The Right Hand of Amaz: Founded by the Temple of the Virtuous Maiden in the Sea of Grass plains in Almatia, this unit is composed entirely of females. These women all begin as orphans at the Temple and are trained from a young age to join the unit. They are trained in military tactics, archery and horsemanship. After a decade of training, and just as they become adults, those who excel at their training are inducted into the Right Hand of Amaz. A group of mounted archers, the Right Hand of Amaz specializes in hit and run and harassing tactics, supporting infantry, archers and siege units. They are highly skilled and greatly feared. Unlike some other units, they do not have established rates for their services but charge on a case by case basis. It is impossible to prove but most people assume that they charge males more than they charge females. Because of this and because of the high air need of their mounts, they have not found a great deal of success when Void Runners are involved.
Wolf: Bronze

The Adamant Corps: One of the oldest units in the Empire, the Adamant Corps was formed in the middle of the unification wars of the Ravnivori continent. In fact, they were friendly rivals to the Legion of the Abyss. Under the brilliant leadership of its founder, Tilion Kray, they expanded and proved themselves invaluable in the continuing expansion of the Empire. They have been an integral part of every war that the Empire engaged in during the conquering of Almatia and Shan. On countless occasions, they have held the battlefield against overwhelming odds long enough for the remainder of Ravnivori forces to reorganize. Even once the conquest of Shan was completed, the Adamant Corps did not disband like many other of the Empire’s units did. Thus they were still organized and ready when the Void Runners were discovered and have extended their service to the Empire into the stars. The Adamant Corps is a mixed unit. It includes infantry, cavalry, archers, siege engines and even still uses chariots. The unifying theme of the unit is that they are heavily armored. The Adamant Corps is known for its battle cry “Feed the Wolf” all most as much as for any of their history or acts.
Wolf: Platinum

Exiles #3 – Azara

You’ll have to pardon the following Mary Sueness. In the long distant past, more than 20 years ago now, I was thinking about making a new Marvel Super Heroes character. I’d already found the hack in the back of the Judge’s Handbook that allowed a player character to be created by altering one of the sets of generic alien stats. I’d already hit the basics and had made an Asgardian, Atlantean, Kree and Olympian and I noticed that the Eternals were pretty powerful.


At the time, I had no idea what an Eternal was. The definitive Kirby run had been out for almost 15 years at the time and Sersi, Makkari and the Forgotten One wouldn’t gain prominence in Avengers for another few years. But, in the interests of powergaming, I went ahead and rolled up an Eternal. He turned out to be really powerful. And, as I slowly acquired knowledge of the Eternals, I realized that he would nicely scratch the itch I was developing for a cosmic character. So, between giving him body armor to make him a better tank for my group I threw a whole lot of my advancement Karma into buying and ranking up Life Support, with dreams of him eventually being able to survive indefinitely in the depths of space.


Has anyone actually sat down and calculated out just how expensive the exponential growth system in the marvel Super Heroes game was? I did. To get to the required SZ rank it was going to cost about 2 million Karma points to get to even the lowest number. I just didn’t have patience for that so I came up with a rather convoluted internal system of splitting his advancement Karma between Life Support and his other abilities.

The results are below. The rank before the slash are what he started out with the ranks after are where he’s at now and the original powers/ranks are stand alone while what was added is in parenthesis.


I played the hell out of this character as he eventually became my favorite and, I eventually ran him through every adventure ever published for the game.


And, in keeping with standard teenage/80’s roleplaying, I didn’t really settle on a backstory or motivation (other than punching bad guys) for years. Eventually, I decided that he wanted to become Prime Eternal and relatively recently, the idea of a cross dimensional crusader clicked into place which then evolved into leading my version of the Exiles.


Oh, and the multiple names comes from the same point of barely defining the character as more than stats in the early days. He started by calling himself just “Azara” a la Thor, Hercules, and the rest of his Eternal relatives. Then, I thought about Citadel when it seemed necessary to give him a hero name. Defiant, Phalanx and Ultranaut are all other ideas I’ve toyed with but in my head he’s always Azara. And that name came as a derivative of “Azura” which was Thena’s original name before the Eternals made their deal with the Olympians. And it came before I really knew anything about the Eternals which is why I didn’t come up with a cool Eternal name like Akilleys or Diseus. The closest thing I’ve been able to find is making him some odd derivative of Ra.


On a side note, this character has only made me more and more obsessed with Eternals.


On another side note, I’ve translated him into the Marvel Saga game, Icons and the new Marvel Heroic game.




Fighting:     IN/AM

Agility:      RM/IN

Strength:     MN


Reason:       IN

Intuition:     AM/MN

Psyche:       IN


Health:        220/265

Karma:       90/155

Resources:   GD



Known Powers:




Invulnerability: Heat and Flame, Cold, (Disease, Toxins, Radiation)


Flight: UN(SX)


(Cosmic Energy Manipulation: IN)


(Life Support: SX)


(Body Armor: EX)


Talents: Martial Arts B and E. Blunt Weapons


Contacts: Exiles, Olympian Eternals, (Defenders, Avengers, Fantastic Four of his home dimension)


Background: Born to Thena and an unknown father, Azara was the only Eternal of his generation. Even from a young age, he dreamed of carrying on the mantle of his mother and grandfather in eventually becoming Prime Eternal. In quest of this dream, he followed in the footsteps of Sersi and Gilgamesh, moving out into the mortal world and taking on the role of a costumed hero.


Unlike his fellow Eternals, Azara did not view this as a temporary endeavor, at least not after spending a short time in the larger world. He became enamored of not only humanity but the life of a super hero in general. He proved himself to his world’s version of the Defenders during the Dragon of the Moon incident, managing to help them find a way to defeat the entity without being turned to stone. He gladly joined the group but it eventually disbanded and he was sponsored to join the Avengers by his old team mate Henry McCoy, the Beast.


He slowly proved himself to be a pillar of the team, remaining a member through many iterations of the team. He was even a founding member of the West Coast Avengers and then the Gulf Coast Avengers when it was formed. During this time, he also partnered with Spider-Man on occasion, filled a position in the Fantastic Four for a few months and even aided the X-Men.


Azara likely would have simply continued acting as an Avenger and super hero were it not for the day he died. Death holds little fear for an Eternal as it requires a phenomenal amount of damage and power to actually destroy an Eternal. In fact, scattering the atoms of such a being across a vast amount of space is the only real way to truly destroy them. Killing them in a more temporary manner is much easier.


There came a point in a conflict with Thanos (who is his first cousin once removed) where the mad Titan annihilated his chest. Eventually, he would have recovered even from this damage but Azara was very confused when he awoke in a dimension that was clearly not his own. He found himself on an Earth under the dominion of the Shi’ar Empire with Professor Xavier as regent and the X-Men his super powered police force.


While the alien tech enhanced Earth was a Utopia, it was created at the expense of the free will of most of the inhabitants. Professor X had enslaved Jean Grey, Betsy Braddock and Emma Frost and incorporated them into an enhanced Cerebro that allowed them to monitor and pacify the general populace. Only those with the strongest wills were able to fight their influence. Azara’s natural mental fortitude and the training he received from his mentors allowed him to overcome their mental power.


Of course, the X-Men had more physical ways of dealing with dissenters and it was only the fact that the Marauders, the only remaining rebels on the planet found him first that kept him from being killed again. In a daring, desperate raid, they managed to destroy Cerebro, unintentionally crippling Professor X’s mental powers in the process. This freed the populace and was the start of a worldwide rebellion.


In the meantime, however, Azara’s unique ability to cheat death had come to the attention of Opal Luna Saturnine, the Universal Majestrix and her organization. Much to their surprise and confusion, a search of their databases failed to find Azara. Every other individual in the Omniverse, including the Universal Majestrix had at least one alternate reality counterpart. Many had an alternate version in almost every dimension. But not Azara. As far as they could determine, he was unique.


Though the exact significance of this fact was unknown, it was obvious that it was significant. Thus, Saturnine took a personal interest in the Eternal and appeared before him to recruit him into her service.

Though Azara feared that there was much more to do where he was, the Universal Majestrix assured him that he could do much more good throughout the multiverse with her guidance than he could righting the wrongs on this single world. The possibility of travelling between dimensions fighting for goodness, order and peace on a planetary scale instead of a local or national one appealed to Azara.


With the help of Saturnine, he quickly recruited her first batch of Exiles from several dimensions, Azara, Scott Lang Ant Man, Dazzler, Namorita, Quasar, and Red Wolf. Ant Man quickly decided that the life of an interdimensional peacekeeper was not appropriate for a father and he settled in a “corrected” dimension with his daughter. An alternate version of Wasp replaced him. Likewise, Quasar settled in another dimension to serve as Kismet’s paramour and the protector of her offspring. He was replaced by a water generating induced mutant named Cascade.


Azara and his Exiles have “corrected” more than a dozen universes, nudging the path of one here, eliminating a tyrant there, and pushing back an invasion in another, always guided by the Universal Majestix and her agency.


They are on constant look out for replacement Exiles, though, for some reason, they remain at a membership of 6.