Exiles #18 – Speed Bump

This one was inspired by an old comic that I only had one issue of. It was the first issue, though and it was amazing. It was called Animax and I now realize it was awesome because it was written by Walt Simonson. In what was a pretty gutsy turn at the time, he killed the main character in the first issue. Of course, the character was brought back to life (sort of) before the end of the issue, but seeing such a character die in the first issue blew my young mind.

It was all the more impressive because it was embedded in a world and story that could have been incredibly cheesy. A little research has told me that it was originally meant to be a toyline that would be expanded into a cartoon and comic book series like so many other toylines from the 80’s. The toyline and cartoon died on the vine but Marvel let the comic series run for 4 issues.

The basic concept is that, in the far future, the Earth has suffered ecological catastrophe and stopped spinning so that one side is constantly in daylight and one is constantly in darkness. The only animals that still exist have become mechanical hybrids (mostly, maybe all vehicles.) Regular people live on the daylight side and mutants live on the night side. And, of course, the mutants want what the regular people have. A simple enough concept, simple enough for kids toys, but also kind of cool, if given the right treatment.

Since I’ve decided my Exiles don’t time travel, I figured I’d rewind the clock of the Animax story to the beginning and introduce a character from that time.

Speed Bump

Dylan Bowie

Fighting:     EX

Agility:      GD

Strength:     GD

Endurance: EX

Reason:       RM

Intuition:     EX

Psyche:       RM

Health:        60

Karma:       80

Resources:   EX

Popularity: 10


Animal Communication and Control: Dylan has the Remarkable ability to communicate telepathically with any animal. This ability is boosted to Incredible rank with Armored Dillo.


Pistol: Dylan carries a blaster pistol as a side arm. It does either Remarkable Force or Energy Damage.

Roadgear: Dylan’s suit provides Good protection and includes an air filter and supply that allows him to breath in toxic environments for up to an hour.

Armored Dillo: Dylan’s companion and partner, Armored Dillo is a biomechanical armadillo halftrack.

F          A         S          E          R         I           P

GD      TY       IN        AM      PR       TY       EX

Health: 106     Karma: 30

Armor: Armored Dillo’s body is covered with a thick hide and armored plates, providing Remarkable (30) protection from physical and energy attacks, and Poor (4) protection from heat, fire, acid and cold-based attacks.

Claws: Armored Dillo’s paws end in long, non-retractable claws which are capable of rending up to Remarkable (30) strength materials. In combat, Armored Dillo inflicts Incredible (40) Edged Attack Damage.

Tunneling: Using his powerful claws, Armored Dillo can burrow through soil and rock of up to Excellent (20) material strength. He may move in this fashion underground at a rate of 1 area per round (Feeble (2) speed).

Lightning Speed: Armored Dillo can reach speeds of 60MPH or 4 areas per round (Good (10)) speed.

Vehicle: Armored Dillo provides EX Protection to passengers inside him. He also has a Control of GD.

Talents: Dylan has the Guns talent. In the realm of Bio-Mechanics his reason is considered Incredible.

Contacts: Dylan can call upon his fellow members of Animax when in need.

Background: Dylan was born on an Earth that had suffered decades of ecological disaster and conflict that ended in a nuclear war. The combination of factors slowed the rotation of the Earth so that it took the equivalent of a month to turn a single time. To avoid the scorching sun, man was forced to take to enormous caravans that constantly traveled west.

The animals of the world were not so lucky. Many species went extinct while others managed to adapt, somewhat to their changed environment. It was widely believed that all animals would go extinct unless mankind did something to save them from the disaster they had wrought. A group of scientists banded together in the hopes of saving as many species as possible.

Unfortunately, the environmental pollution, radiation from the nuclear war and the increased UV rays from the sun had corrupted the DNA of almost every specimen found. Not willing to give up, they decided to utilize biomechanics to keep them alive and propagate the species until technology advanced far enough to cleanse and rebuild their damaged DNA. Given their nomadic lifestyle and limited resources, it was decided to enhance their subjects into vehicles.

These modified creatures soon came to be called Maximized Animals by the common public, but the people who actually dealt with the creatures revered and abbreviated the term, calling both the animals and themselves “Animax.”

There was some debate about whether all animals found should be saved. Dylan was on the side who argued that they should and, when an armadillo was discovered, he used the machinery to alter the creature without permission. They were both almost kicked out of the program and exiled until they discovered a rival group and warned of an impending attack.

Not every human had escaped the genetic pollution that afflicted the animals of the world and many had mutated, often into strange animal/human hybrids. Some of these mutants had managed to steal one of the Animax’s research vehicles and created their own biomechanical vehicles. Calling themselves Motor Mutants and their animal vehicles Car-nivores, they survived by raiding other caravans.

Thanks to Dylan’s warning and the actions of Animax, this attack was stymied. But a larger horde was approaching. Only the arrival and assistance of the Exiles turned the tide of battle. When they departed, Dylan chose to go with them in the hopes of finding and bringing back the technology needed to save his world.

Exiles #17 – Electra

Admittedly, this one is mostly a play on words/pun.  That being said, it was interesting refocusing the romantic interests of a woman who has, traditionally, been drawn to one emotionally wounded man to a different one.  Also, I’m starting to realize that the Exiles is very much a series of redemption stories.  But then, why would anyone abandon everything they know, literally, to run across the multiverse looking for trouble?


Elektra Natchios

Fighting:     IN

Agility:      RM

Strength:     EX

Endurance: IN

Reason:       GD

Intuition:     IN

Psyche:       RM

Health:        130

Karma:       80

Resources:   TY

Popularity: -10


 Electrical Generation: Electra has the abilty to generate and channel upwards of 100,000 volts, delivering Incredible damage to grounded targets, Good damage to insulated or otherwise ungrounded targets.   Electra’s range is 5 areas, and she enjoys a +1CS to hit. Electra can also discharge her attack at closer range, increasing her damage. Her bolts do Amazing (or Excellent) damage to characters in the same area and if Electra manages to actually grapple her opponent, she can deliver Monstrous damage, against which no opponent is ungrounded. Electra has developed a number of power stunts.

Electra can ride lines of high electro-magnetic potential (such as power lines) with Monstrous ground speed (9 areas/round). She has recently demonstrated the ability to ride bridges of electricity that she herself creates, allowing her to fly in the same way that Iceman uses his ice-slides, at Excellent ground speed (5 areas each round). This mode of travel once exhausted Electra rapidly, but she can now travel in this manner for a half hour at a time (at 75 miles per hour) without tiring.

Electra can “feel” the course of electricity through the circuitry of any electrically-powered device. By succeeding in an Amazing-intensity power FEAT against the rank of Reason required to build the device (or against the Endurance of the device if the machine has an Endurance), Electra can take control of the device. Her control is not capable of fine manipulation: she can disconnect alarm systems, overload a subsystem, or perhaps control a computer in a very limited fashion. Producing a recognizably human voice over telephone wires would be beyond Electra’s skills.

Electra can channel her powers into her own muscle tissue, producing galvanic responses. By these means, he can temporarily increase her Strength to Remarkable, but doing so causes Electra Typical damage, and his body would never be able to endure extended feats of strength (such as supporting a great weight) at that intensity. On the other hand, if Electra is somehow drained of power, her Strength drops to Good, with a corresponding drop in Health.

Electra can use electricity to keep herself in good health. Her recuperative powers are astonishing, and with a sufficient power source (such as the power generators at Niagra), Electro can “burn out” virtually any disease from her body, up to and including cancer.

Invulnerability: Electra has Class 1000 Resistance to all forms of Electrical energy, and Excellent Resistance to other forms of Energy.


 Sai:   Electra’s preferred weapon is the sai, a three-pronged dagger, which she could throw up to 2 areas away. In combat, the sai is considered an Edged Weapon which does Excellent Damage. Electra can channel her electrical powers thorugh the weapon.

 Talents: Electra has the Weapons Master skill and is a Weapon Specialist with the sai. She has Martial Arts A and E, Acrobatics, Tumbling, and speaks both Greek and English fluently.

 Contacts: Electra can call on Spider-Man for assistance, if need be and could likely ask Kingpin for a favor, as well.

Background: Elektra Natchios, the daughter of a Greek ambassador, studied martial arts as an adolescent. While in the United States with her father, she began to study political science at Empire State University in New York City. It was here that she met another Empire State Student, Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man. He had just lost his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy and the two struck up a friendship, Elektra drawn to his vulnerability.

A year later, Elektra and her father were held hostage by Doctor Octopus and several of his henchmen. Spider-man, aided by Elektra, defeated the kidnappers. However, a policeman outside the building, thinking he was aiming at one of the terrorists, shot Elektra’s father dead. Emotionally shattered, she decided that she could no longer believe in the law and wanted to withdraw from the world. Thus, she left America.

She eventually studied martial arts with a sensei in Japan. She left to attempt to join the secret organization of martial artists headed by Stick, who also served as Daredevil’s teacher. During the year she spent in Stick’s order, Elektra greatly developed her martial arts prowess, but Stick told her to leave the group since she was still filled with pain over her father’s death and hatred for the world which she blamed for it.

Elektra returned to her previous sensei. Determined to prove herself to Stick, she infiltrated a secret Japanese order known as the Hand which was devoted to assassination and domination by fear with the intent of subverting their activities. Instead, they tricked her into killing her sensei. Following this, Elektra served the Hand, becoming corrupted by them.While on a mission in New York City, she crossed paths with Spider-man and managed to learn he was Peter Parker. Spider-man vehemently disapproved of her career as an assassin but the two of them found themselves drawn to each other. Elektra began to question her path, especially when she was ordered to kill Spider-man. She rebelled and they fought members of the Hand together. Soon afterwards, Elektra was killed by Bullseye, who sought to reclaim his position as the Kingpin’s chief assassin. The Kingpin was enacting a coup against the Hand, to force them into his organization. Bullseye did not realize that Elektra had turned on the Hand and believed killing the Hand’s top assassin would prove his worth. Elektra died in Spider-man’s arms.

Desperate to stymie the Kingpin’s ever increasing pressure, the Hand resurrected Elektra and placed her fully under their control though a mystical ceremony. She was sent to assassinate the Kingpin and managed to penetrate his defenses.

Spider-man barely managed to stop her and not before she had seriously wounded Kingpin. In the course of their battle, Elektra was knocked into an electrical transformer that was being used by one of Kingpin’s scientists for his weapons experiments. It appeared that Elektra died again and an infuriated Spider-man crippled the Kingpin for his part in her death but stopped himself before killing the man.

Elektra was not dead, though and the mystic ceremony that brought her back to life interacted with the electricity and granted her extravagant powers. The Kingpin, never one to pass up an opportunity, enslaved the altered Elektra, who now called herself Electra and put her to work as his personal assassin. It was not long before Electra, with her superhuman abilities, was able to conquer the Hand for the Kingpin and they were soon under his thumb.

Electra continued to be his head enforcer for quite some time, often working alone but, occasionally as the leader of various incarnations of the Sinister Six, an ever changing roster of superhuman villains and thugs employed by the Kingpin. She clashed with a number of New York based heroes.

It was not until Stick came to rescue his protégé and teamed up with Spider-man, who declared his love for Electra that she broke the spell that held her ensnared her. While she teamed up with Spider-man often, she always doubted herself and felt guilt over the things that she’d done. The arrival of the Exiles and their promise of potential redemption appealed to her and she volunteered to join them.

Notes From Mancon

Mancon 2015, like the Fear the Cons before it was a time of great creativity for me.  I was inspired to write a lot of things, many of them inspired by Thistledown John.  I’ve finally gotten around to writing them all up and here they are below.

First, Tlanpapquetzel, a blood goddess that was only mentioned in his Chill game but who seemed worthy of a place in the Ravnivori Empire:


A minor goddess, Tlanpapquetzal was unknown to the Ravnivori Empire until they arrived on Vel. Even on that world, she is not universally worshipped. Her religion dominates one of the continents and has a few adherents on the others but, for the most part, the major gods of the Ravnivori system are worshipped on the rest of the world.

Tlanpapquetzal is a goddess of blood and darkness. Her favored creatures are bats and she is most powerful during the many eclipses that occur during the complex rotations of the Vellian continents. She promises her followers a great deal of power though they must engage in bloody sacrifices to claim them. These rituals are most powerful when enacted during the many and various eclipses that occur due to the unusual nature of Vel and her priests often study the motion of not only the other continents but the other worlds in the system as well. Much of their magic goes into studying these movements.

As open minded as the Empire tries to be towards other religions, the worship of Tlanpapquetzal is the only one that they actively repress. This is something of a defensive measure, however, as the vengeful Tlanpapquetzal finds the blood of the interlopers most delicious and exhorts her followers to give her more. Many Imperial citizens have lost their lives to feed the goddess bloodlust and she seems particularly fond of priests of other gods.

There is one group of Imperials who have embraced the worship of Tlanpapquetzal. Many vampires find her to be a sort of kindred spirit and an inspiration. A small offshoot of her cult is made up of Imperial vampires who are already actively trying to organize and guide her worship under their icy thumbs.

Symbol: The silhouette of a bat against a backdrop in the shape of one of the continents of Vel.

Trappings: Darkness

Knowledge Skills: Anatomy, Astrology

Appearance: Tlanpapquetzal can take on several appearances. Perhaps the most mundane is a swarm of bats. Made of dozens of the creatures, she hardly seems dangerous in this form until one realizes that the bats move with unnatural coordination and that they are vampire bats. More than one victim has found himself swamped by the swarm that is Tlanpapquetzal and completely drained of blood within seconds.

Her most frightening aspect is that of an enormous bat. The size of some smaller Voidrunners, in this form, she flies on silent wings, so big that they often form their own bloody eclipse. In this form, she is the greatest of predators on Vel and even the largest of mundane hunters attempt to flee at her approach.

Perhaps just as frightening in a different way is when the goddess takes the form of a woman. In this shape, she appears as a spectacularly beautiful and voluptuous Vellian woman with dusky skin, a lustrous mane of hair, bright red eyes, ruby lips and sharp fangs. A pair of large bat wings extend from her back in this shape. Clothing in this form seems optional and at the goddess’ whim, though when she does appear clad it is in the finest garments of the majority of the mortals viewing her.

Rituals: All of Tlanpapquetzal’s rituals involve blood. Most of them include sacrifices. Perhaps the least cruel of these involves cutting the heart out of the victim while they are still alive. These organs are eaten raw by the gathered worshippers of the bloody goddess. The rest of the body is generally left for the wild beasts and altars to Tlanpapquetzal are often favored locations for scavengers of all sizes. In a similar vein, but more cruel, victims are tied, spread eagle between two trees, left hanging a few feet off the ground. These sacrifices are not killed outright but suffer several shallow cuts, each worshiper present inflicting one of the wounds and drinking some of the blood that flows from it. This rarely kills the victim and, in fact, Tlanpapquetzal’s worshippers consider the ritual a failure if they do die at this point. Instead, they are left alive and in agony until the goddess’ chosen, vampire bats, find the sacrifice. These creatures swarm the victim, often covering him with their furry bodies as they drain the blood from him. It often takes hours for a sacrifice to die this way. Though it is not appreciated by the goddess, and worshippers who are forced to resort to such measures are looked upon with disfavor by her, these rituals can use animals as the sacrifices rather than sentient beings. The final ritual to Tlanpapquetzal involves self sacrifice. A worshiper goes to one of her sacrifice sites and opens up their own vein, offering their own blood to the goddess through her chosen. This ritual is highly dangerous as the vampire bats who haunt these locations are often highly aggressive and a worshipper is expected to sacrifice as much of their blood to the creatures as they desire. Generally, if only one of the creatures arrive, the worshipper is safe and it will be sated without taking too much blood. But, it is almost as likely that a swarm will arrive and the worshipper will be drained of blood just as thoroughly as a sacrifice would be.


Days of Night: Any day that includes an eclipse is considered a holiday to followers of Tlanpapquetzal. Given the complex motions of the continents of Vel, these are fairly common. Followers are expected only to celebrate while they are in the shadow of the eclipse, though they are expected to offer up some sort of sacrifice for even the briefest of eclipses.

Day of Darkest Night: Very rare, occurring only every few years, the movements of planets and continents periodically line up so that all of the planets with closer orbits to Poryx are in a line between the star and Vel and two of the other continents of the planet are also between them and the star. The continent is cast into pitch blackness for hours and followers of Tlanpapquetzal consider this the holiest of times, engaging in an orgy of sacrifice that offers up the souls of dozens, if not hundreds of victims to the goddess.

The next inspiration came after we played the new Edge of the Empire game and then a session of Savage Worlds.  It occurred to us that all those extra raises from a hit in Savage worlds went wasted unlike advantage from Edge of the Empire.  So, I whipped this up to have something to do with them:

Dynamic Fighting –

On a hit and a single raise on a fighting roll, the rules remain the same as the core rulebook. However, to take into account the spectacular success involved in multiple additional raises and to make combat more interesting, each additional raise can be “spent” for a special effect using Dynamic Fighting. Listed below are several special results that can be “bought” with these extra raises on an attack roll. No matter how many raises are obtained, the same result cannot be bought twice, nor do their results stack. For instance, an attacker could spend one raise to lower the target’s parry only for himself or two to lower the target’s parry for everyone but would only gain a 1 point parry reduction for his own attacks if he bought both. (Much better to buy the parry reduction for everyone and a hit increase for himself.) In all cases, these results are temporary and last only until the end of the attacker’s next turn.

For one raise an attacker may –

Add +1 to fighting rolls against the target for the attacker, only.

Lower the target’s parry by 1 against the attacker, only.

Add +1 to his parry against the target for the attacker, only.

Add +1 to damage rolls against the target for the attacker, only.

Lower the target’s cover bonus against the attacker, only by one level.

Increase the die type of a bonus damage die by 1 against the target for the attacker, only.

For two raises an attacker may –

Add +1 to fighting rolls against the target for everyone attacking the target.

Lower the target’s parry by 1 against everyone attacking the target.

Add +1 to the parry of everyone against the target.

Add +1 to damage rolls against the target for everyone attacking the target.

Add +1 to his parry against everyone attacking him.

Lower the target’s cover bonus against everyone attacking the target by one level.

Push the target back 1” (6’)

Reduce the target’s pace by 2 and lower his running die by one type.

Eliminate any gang up bonuses against the attacker.

Finally, NOT inspired by Mancon but rather by Expendables 3, here’s a neat little Edge:

Gun Fu

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8, Fighting d8, Shooting d8

As long as you are armed with a loaded pistol and have a hand free, you may make 2 attacks per round with no multi-action or offhand penalty. One of these attacks must be an unarmed Fighting attack or grapple attempt and the other must be a shooting attack. This shooting attack can be against any target within range but, if it is directed towards a target within melee range, the TN is the target’s Parry rather than the standard ranged attack TN’s.

Improved Gun Fu

Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d10, Fighting d10, Shooting d10

As above but you can wield any one handed melee weapon rather than making an unarmed Fighting attack. Additionally, you can use any pistol or submachine gun for the Shooting attack.


Plot Device #4

First things first.  The sequel to Island of Lost Forevers, The Crossroads of Frozen Eternity is now available for purchase.  You can (and should) pick it up here:  http://www.drivethrufiction.com/product/147991/Crossroads-of-Frozen-Eternity

It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so, myself.  And I can without being arrogant because at least half the work (probably more) was done by my brilliant co-author Megan Cutler.

Now…on to the show.  A couple weekends ago, I went to an RPG retreat/mini-convention and played with 10 guys who I really like and who are really good gamers.  As usual, I only ran one game (I can’t muster much more at a convention.)  It was a part of my Ravnivori Empire setting.  Below are the notes I took with me as well as where things diverged from those notes thanks to the ungrateful actions of the players and their refusal to follow my brilliant plot.

Have to find some way to move the citadel. Requires new level of helm. <This adventure directly follows the adventure where my main group found the dwarven clan and the rock that would become the citadel.  In fact, one of the players at the con was one of the players from home.  His character is the dwarf that married the leader of the clan.>

Helm requires material that can only be found at the core of a gas giant. <I had a lot of ideas for that this would be.  In the end, I decided on a “wind gem.”  Basically solid air…don’t think about it too hard.  It’s magic!>

Must face a High Zethyrling riding a giant zethyrling and accompanied by several regular Zethyrlings who are attacking a Kindori and her calf. <Since I ended up with only 3 players, I cut this force waaay back to only a single High Zethyrling.  Also, I decided a High Zethyrling was basically the great white of Zethyrlings rather than making it the Deep One version of a Zethyrling.  A Zethyrling is a creature that is the front half of a shark with squid tentacles instead of a tail.  Most are sea going but there are also species that can survive in the Void and can fly.>

Kindori accidentally rams the ship in the haze. Notice roll @ -2 due to fog density to spot, Piloting roll to navigate @ -2 if notice roll was failed. 4d6 damage if piloting roll failed. If doubles are rolled the same damage is applied to a random crewmember. If double sixes are rolled same damage to character. Triples apply to two, etc. <This is the longest section of notes, but the party had no problems with this challenge.>

Wind Gem can be found on a cloud city run by Billadee. <I’ve wanted to include cloud giants in my campaign almost since the beginning but never could figure out how.  Someone suggested I make them occupy cities on Gel, which is a gas giant planet in the Imperial home system.  Seemed like a good idea to me so I went with it.  Also, the name of the city is “Rissian.”  Hopefully, my inspiration for the lead giant is obvious.  It certainly was to the players but then again, we had just played in a Star Wars game that had another Cloud City as a setting.>

“Littles” are servants. <This ended up being a big part of the plot.  I made Billadee really condescending to the party and so were all the other giants.  They are quite cultured and advanced (unlike many giants from many sword and sorcery games) and consider “normal” sized humanoids little more than children.  They were both bemused and befuddled by two ships full of Littles showing up on their doorsteps.>

They mine the stones and will be willing to set up trade. Billadee wants the party to do some activities for him before he agrees to the trade. First night is a drunken party (malt liquor.) (Windcolt 45 if party has caught on). <They totally had caught on but I just called it Malt Liquor so as not to go too overboard.>  Vigor check for all who drink or a fatigue level.

Next night is a dance. Vigor check or drunk, again. <I forgot this check.  But then, going back to the well would have been boring and/or redundant.>  Agility check to avoid getting stomped by dancing giant. <The dwarf missed this one can got Shaken by the experience.>

<I also had some activities between the parties – > Clam hunting. On a different island. Guarded by Blemmyae. <I pulled the stats for both the clams and Blemmyae from the Freeport book.>  Dramatic task to pry them off. Strength for actual task but Agility to do it without spooking the clams (snapping) and alerting the Blemmyae. <It actually wasn’t that dramatic.  They handled it handily.  And they would have massacred the Blemmyae, anyway if they would have come out since they had their ship’s guns aimed at the entrances to the creature’s homes.> Have to be alive or they’ll spoil.

Debate about relative advantage of Giants vs. Littles? <This one didn’t happen.  I couldn’t figure out a way to draw the players in.>

Billadee wants the groups’ help with an affair with Ganey. <Maho-Ganey.>  They need to serve as lookouts/stall the husband. Chase? <This is where one of the players broke.  I don’t know if he just found this personally offensive or if he’d had enough of Billadee’s superior attitude.  Either way, they refused to do it.>

Clearing out the vermin (flying lizards.) <I got the stats for the Flying Lizards from the Freeport Handbook, too.  During the set up for this, I mentioned they’d snatched a Little kid and the party tracked her down.  She wasn’t around much but I imagined her looking like Newt.>

Pirate is waiting for them outside the planet (Vertiliet the Buccaneer?) <I did not use Vertiliet.  Not that anyone know who that is, anyway…>

Another dramatic task to install it? Earth Elemental animated by breath? <None of this was necessary as we’d gotten to the end of the time slot.>

Royal Guard wields gold covered shields and helmets with plumes from exotic animal. <The gold covered shields are a biblical reference I always thought was a cool idea.  I mean, how rich are you that you cover your shield in gold?  And the plumes were from Zergans.>

<Here are the homemade stats I was using.  I worked up the Giants before I had the Fantasy Companion.>


Agility: d6, Smarts: d6, Spirit: d6, Strength: d12 +4, Vigor: d12

Skills: Fighting d8, Guts d8, Intimidation d10, Notice d6, Throwing d8

Pace: 8             Parry: 6            Toughness: 14 (2)

Size +4

Gear: Thick Hides (+2 Armor,) Massive Club (Str + d8), Rocks: (12/24/48 Str+d6)


Agility: d8, Smarts: d6, Spirit: d8, Strength: d12+2, Vigor: d10

Skills: Fighting: d10, Guts: d8, Intimidation: d10, Notice: d8, Shooting: d10, Swimming: d10, Throwing: d8

Pace: 7             Parry: 7            Toughness: 11(2)

Special abilities: Aquatic: Pace 10

Armor: +2

Bite/claws: Str + d6

Improved Frenzy

Size: +2