Ravnivori Empire – Edges

And, with this, you should be able to make a fully compatible Ravnivori Empire Character.  Race, culture, skills, hindrances and now Edges.  I have some equipment I’ve worked up, so I guess there’s that but otherwise, if you’re playing along at home, you basically have the Character Creation guide for my campaign.

Speaking of characters, my document got up to 200 pages but I pulled out the pre-gen characters I’ve offered folks at cons and put them into their own document.  So I have some room under that entirely arbitrary number, again.


The following are Edges appropriate to the Ravnivori Empire.


These are edges that the character is either born with or begins play with. Many of them are a direct result of some unusual ancestor in the character’s bloodline or represent unusual characteristics for a member of his race.

Advanced Saurian

Requirements: Novice, Saurian

Saurian eggs hatched near suns produce Saurians who are quicker both mentally and physically. Saurians with this Edge lose the Slow Footed Hindrance and are capable of achieving a Smarts of d12, though they must still spend two points to raise their Smarts at character generation.

Giant Kin

Requirements: Novice, Vigor D6, Strength d6, Amazon, Dwarf, Elf, Human, Minotaur or Troglyn

One of your ancestors was some sort of giant. Though your stature cannot match theirs, you are noticeably larger than others of your type. However, your bulk also interferes with your dexterity. You gain a +2 to your size (and toughness) and can carry 8 times your strength in pounds with no penalty rather than 5 times. Unfortunately, it takes two steps to raise your agility at character creation, though it can be increased as normal with later advances.


Unusual Heritage

Requirements: Novice

Over the centuries, the more powerful and exotic sentient species have had a fascination with humanoids. Whether through love or simple lust, faeries, dragons and otherworldly creatures have interbred with the more mundane races of the Empire. One of your ancestors is one of these strange creatures and you have inherited some special ability from them. You gain a single Novice level power and five power points to use on this power. These power points refresh at a rate of one per hour and cannot be augmented in any way. In addition, you gain immunity to poison or disease, a +2 to checks against environmental effects or a +4 to checks against a specific type of environmental effect.





The below edges reflect the benefits provided to a character because of their training or association with one of the organizations in the Empire, or because of their expertise in a particular field.

Gray Heart

Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6, Streetwise d6

You are the Left Hand of the Emperor, the enforcement of his will. You have the power to arrest and punish any Imperial citizen who breaks the Emperor’s laws. Any Imperial citizen recognizes this power and defers to you, giving you a +2 to Charisma against them. Your extensive training also gives you a +2 to Investigation, Streetwise and Tracking rolls. You also gain a minor vow to uphold the laws of the Empire.

Member of a Military School

Requirements: Varies

Your character is a member of one of the many military schools, fencing academies or martial arts dojos that exist scattered throughout the Empire. Each of these schools of specialized learning provides its own advantages but they all provide members a +1 Charisma modifier to other members of the Academy.

Scion of the Tzhou Family

Requirements: Novice, Knowledge (Blackpowder) d6, Shooting d6

Although perhaps not, technically a member of the Tzhou Family, you have at least received that honorary status. You have been given the privilege of monitoring Black Powder weapons throughout the Empire. You’ve received extensive training both in the use and design of black powder weapons. You gain a +1 to hit with any black powder weapon, including cannons. You also gain a +2 to any Knowledge or repair rolls that involve black powder weapons. Finally, you gain a +2 to your charisma when dealing with Imperial merchants if the goods in question are black powder weapons due to the respect given your position.

Talon of Kahwen

Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8, Fighting d8, Knowledge (Religion) d8, Weapon of the 7 (Katar of Kahwen)

When wielding 2 Talons of Kahwen, you may gain both the parry bonus and attack capabilities of one of them. This allows you to make an attack with one of the weapons and get a +4 total parry bonus from the two weapons.

Improved Talon of Kahwen

Requirements: Veteran, Agility d10, Fighting d10, Knowledge (Religion) d10, Weapon of the Gods (Katar of Kahwen)

As above but you may use both Talons to attack and still receive their full parry bonus. Multiaction and off hand penalties apply as normal.

Weapon of the 7

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+, Strength d6+, Vigor d8+, Fighting, d8+, Knowledge (Religion) d6+

The militant arm of the 7 Lords of Thunder are men and women who are often not blessed with magical abilities. Instead, they are skilled warriors who have dedicated their lives to protecting the faithful of the 7 Lords.

A Weapon of the 7 gains a +1 to hit when wielding the favored weapon of their patron. In addition they get a +2 bonus to resist all negative environmental effects related to weather. Finally, the faithful have nothing but love and respect for Weapons of the 7 and they get a +2 Charisma bonus with any worshipper of any of the 7 Lords of Thunder.

The Weapons of the 7 for each Lord of Thunder go by titles based on their name and favored weapon as shown below:

Clenched Hand of Upi

Katar of Kahwen

Hammer of Grashk

Whip of Mu’Ab




These edges help you get along in the world. They help you win friends and influence people.



Requirements: Seasoned, Noble

Your character has holdings on multiple worlds. He gains an additional 500 marks a month in income from these holdings. He also gets a +1 to his Charisma when dealing with Imperials who know he is a Kronor. Additionally, his knowledge of all the worlds he has holdings on is exceptional and he gets a +1 to any Knowledge rolls directly related to those worlds. Of course, his duty to the Empire and the number of subjects he is responsible for also increases.



Weird edges reflect abilities that your character has that are outside the norm for members of your race, or average members of the worlds. Many of these are edges that apply only to certain races but, unlike background edges, they can be taken after character creation.

Combat Tail

Requirements: Novice, Draga, Naga

While the tails of most Draga and Naga are too slender at the tip to be effectively used as a weapon, a few are born with thicker appendages or even spikes or heavy knobs at the end that can be a threat. A Draga or Naga with this adaptation does Str + d6 damage with their tail and can strike with it at +1 Reach.

Enhanced Natural Armor

Requirements: Novice, Draga, Minotaur, Naga, Saurian or Troglyn

Whether it be thicker scales, armored plates, tougher hide or simply shaggy, protective fur, your character has skin that is naturally resistant to damage. Your character gains a +2 bonus to natural armor. This is in addition to any natural armor the character already has.

Enhanced Natural Weapon

Requirements: Novice, Natural Weapon

Your character has larger horns, sharper claws or fangs or a tail with a heavy knob or spikes at the end. The damage of all your natural weapons increases by a die type. Minotaurs may take this edge only if they have the Large Horns edge and Naga may only take this edge if they have the Combat Tail edge.

Large Horns

Requirements: Novice, Minotaur

In many sectors of Imperial society, The larger a minotaur’s horns, the stronger, better and more virile he is assumed to be. A long horned minotaur is able to charm his way through many situations and garners respect from many individuals even before he has had a chance to earn it. They gain a +2 to Charisma when dealing with Imperial citizens, though members of other societies generally do not share the same prejudice. Additionally, these horns are large enough to be used as weapons, though their position makes it somewhat awkward if the minotaur is not charging. These natural weapons do Str + d6 in damage, but with a -1 to hit unless the minotaur is charging headfirst, in this case, he must move at least 4” and does an extra +4 damage if he hits.


Poison Bite

Requirements: Novice, Draga, Naga, Saurian, Troglyn

You have a pair of long, sharp fangs attached to venom sacks. When you bite an opponent, you can inject them with poison from these glands. Your bite only does Str + d4 damage but any victim that suffers a Shaken result must make a Vigor role or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds.


Requirements: Novice, d10+ in any stat or skill

You are bonded to a spirit known as a Daemon.  This entity keeps you young and healthy, as long as you pay its price.  So long as you kill at least one sentient creature each year, you do not age.  Additionally, you gain a +2 to Vigor rolls to resist diseases.  You also gain a +2 to Charisma when dealing with members of the Ravnivori Empire.  However, you get a -2 to Charisma when dealing with outsiders who are particularly opposed to demons, devils or spirits.  Finally, you can always identify another Possessed if you can see them.  Ki’Li’Lee and undead cannot take this Edge. Having the Possessed Edge is a requirement for taking the Arcane Background (Super Powers) Edge in the Ravnivori Empire. It also allows a character to take any Racial edge even if he is not a member of the required race. He can also take any physical background edge even after character creation. Additionally, he has access to all Possessed Edges. He must meet all other requirements for these Edges, however.


Size Increase I

Requirements: Novice, Draga, Minotaur, Naga, Saurian or Troglyn

Several of the species within the Empire have highly variable sizes that are within the normal range. Many of them also continue to grow over the years, even after they achieve maturity. Any Draga, Minotaur, Naga, Saurian or Troglyn that takes this edge is considered one size larger and gains the corresponding +1 toughness.

Size Increase II

Requirements: Seasoned, Draga, Naga, Saurian, Size Increase I

Some members of certain species in the Empire grow truly huge as time goes on. Many of them continue to grow over the years, even after they achieve maturity. These titans can grow to be literally as big as a horse. Any Draga, Naga, or Saurian that takes this edge is considered one size larger and gains the corresponding +1 toughness.



Requirements: Novice

Mindless undead are not uncommon in the Ravnivori Empire. Whether through curses or intentional rituals designed to raise useful soldiers and workers, skeletons and zombies roam the world of Retra, sometimes under the control of living creatures, sometimes wandering free. More sentient, but common undead such as vampires, mummies, ghouls and liches also exist. However, there are also more unique undead. Created through passionate curses, twisted rituals, or even simply passion that death cannot extinguish, there are individuals who have managed to live on even after their bodies have failed them. Generally, they defy categorization beyond being called “undead.” Undead characters gain a +2 to their toughness, a +2 to recover from Shaken, do not suffer from Disease or Poison and take no additional damage from called shots. These benefits do not come without a price, however. Invariably, people find it difficult to ignore what an undead character truly is and they gain the Outsider trait. Additionally, they gain a Major Phobia, Habit or Vulnerability related either literally or symbolically to the way they were killed or raised. Note, that the character cannot take a Hindrance he already has to pay this price. Also note that Neither Mechanids nor Ki’Li’Lee can be made undead and no one can have both the Undead and Possessed Edge.

(Echoes of Death – The process of becoming undead is a traumatic one. Very rarely does someone go through it without being scarred either mentally or physically. Sometimes these changes are magically linked to the nature of the death. These generally present themselves as unusual weaknesses or mental disabilities. Most Undead go through a great deal of trouble to hide these weaknesses from their enemies and from people in general. Each character who takes the Undead edge must also take one of these Echoes of Death.

Vulnerabilities – Undead characters can be vulnerable to a number of things. This can range from things that are dangerous to everyone to things that are otherwise innocuous to normal individuals. Examples include fire, electricity, precious metals, herbs and plain wood. For weapons that are made out of this substance or types of energy that do damage, the damage is increased by a d6. For substances or energies that are not normally harmful to people, the damage is d6 for each round of contact or exposure.

These vulnerabilities can also be specific symbols or sites, as well. These are often holy symbols or holy ground but any common symbol or type of location could be a Vulnerability for an Undead. The symbol can be made of any sort of material but must come into contact with the undead to do damage. In the case of locations, they must actually be at one of the specified locations for it to have an effect. A fistful of dirt from the location will do no damage, though standing on the grounds or inside the building will do damage every turn.

Hungers – Sometimes when souls come back, they are filled with unnatural hungers. The most famous of these is the vampire’s need to drink blood but others exist as well. Invariably, these hungers are disturbing and could include raw meat or brains. The Undead must feed this hunger at least once a week or suffer a level of fatigue until it is satiated. This fatigue can incapacitate such a character but not kill them and if they reach the level of incapacitation, they must make a spirit roll each time a source of their food is available or attack it in a mindless frenzy. As these hungers are always disturbing, an undead suffers a -2 Charisma penalty with any NPC who has seen him indulge in it.)

Military Schools

Following are the descriptions and explanations of the various Military Schools common in the Empire. A character must have the “Member of a Military School” Edge to gain the advantages of one of these schools.

Sheetara’s Equestrian Academy

Requirements: Fighting d6, Knowledge: Animal Training d6, Riding d6, Shooting d6

Begun in the ancestral homeland of the Amazons, outposts of Sheetara’s Equestrian Academy have spread throughout the Empire. They all retain their dedication to several of the basic tenets of Amazon warfare, however.

Foremost of these ideals is that a rider and her mount should become one. Because the teachers of the school respect the animals that serve as steeds, they realize that these beasts are all individuals and that each has their own abilities, skills and personalities. As such the academy teaches its students that they should first and foremost learn everything they can about their steeds.

To gain the benefits of the school, the member must choose one particular mount and spend at least a month with it, forming a bond with the animal. While horses are the traditional choice for mounts, more exotic animals are certainly a possibility in the modern Empire. This mount may be replaced either if it is lost or simply because a more appealing mount appears but the benefits of the school are unavailable until the member has spent a month familiarizing herself with the new animal.

While riding her favored mount, a member of this school gains a +1 to Fighting, Riding and Shooting checks. They also reduce the unstable platform penalty for shooting to -1, but only while riding this particular mount.

Dojo of the Fiery Whirlwind

Requirements: Agility d6, Shooting d6, Fighting d6

Like many parts of Shan culture, the usage of firearms is a heavily divisive topic. Many people embrace them wholeheartedly and see them as a leap forward in warfare and combat. As such, they believe there is no need to rely on the old fashioned methods of combat and many Shan gun wielders refuse to learn even the rudiments of hand to hand combat.

Others believe that tradition is all important and refuse to touch the newfangled firearms. They instead, cling to their ancient forms of martial arts.

The Dojo of the Fiery Whirlwind was founded by a disgraced member of the Tzhou family who believed that the deadly power of firearms could be combined to lethal effect with the ancient forms of certain martial arts.

Students of the Dojo of the Fiery Whirlwind gain the following benefits.

As long as you are armed with a loaded pistol and have a hand free, you may make 2 attacks per round with no multi-action or offhand penalty. One of these attacks must be an unarmed Fighting attack or grapple attempt and the other must be a shooting attack. This shooting attack can be against any target within range but, if it is directed towards a target within melee range, the TN is the target’s Parry rather than the standard ranged attack TN’s.

When a student achieves the Seasoned Rank they can wield any one handed melee weapon rather than making an unarmed Fighting attack and still gain the above benefits.


Imperial Officer’s Training School

Requirements: Knowledge: Battle d6, Fighting or Shooting d6

Ravnivori leaders are expected to lead from the front. As such, they must be able to fight and command at the same time. While this was seldom a problem when the Empire was small, as time went on, leaders were expected to guide larger and larger groups into battle.

While not all Imperial Officers go through the Training School, many wear graduation as a badge of honor, and with good reason. The training regimen includes extensive training in both physical combat and in strategic and tactical doctrines.

Graduates of the Imperial Officer’s Training school enjoy a number of benefits when leading their men from the front lines. First, they don’t suffer any multi-action penalties for making Knowledge: Battle rolls if they take one or more additional actions, including performing heroic actions.

Additionally, a graduate of the Imperial Officer’s Training school may make a Persuasion, Fighting, Shooting, Throwing or arcane skill roll when first taking charge of an Imperial unit. This reflects the character demonstrating his combat skills to prove himself to his soldiers. The character gets no additional effect on a success but for each raise he receives, that unit gets a +1 bonus to Mass Combat morale checks. If he fails, he instead gets a -1. A bonus remains until the character loses a Mass Combat, either because his forces are forced to retreat or are completely destroyed. A penalty remains until he gains a victory, either forcing his opponent to retreat or completely destroying them. If the commander neither has a bonus or penalty, he may roll again after each Mass Combat and gets a +1 if he achieved a victory or a -1 if he lost. The bonus or penalty also resets if he takes leadership of a new force or gains new troops equaling half or more his existing force.

Ravnivori Empire Races – My Void Stuff

Here are a few races from my homebrew setting that are neither from the old Spelljammer setting or native to the Empire’s homeworld.  They’re original Void going races I’ve created, though obviously, Cyclopes, Sphinxes and even scorpion people have appeared in other settings.

The Cyclopes have an obvious Racial Hindrance that can be used for points when designing them as a race.  The Savage or Civilized part is inspired by the Greek legends where half of them seemed to be master craftsmen and half were vicious primitives.  And the size bonus with it’s need for extra food is my way of using the “Extra Rations” hindrance.  Basically, each extra level of size after the first costs only 1 point because of their need to eat and breath more, both issues when you’re traveling through space with limited rations.  I would make it where all Gellian giants are actually Cyclopes but I’ve already run 1 adventure where that was not true and I really hate retconning.

The Dromepodans are just kind of weird, but I’ve always like scorpions and centaurs so they were kind of an obvious combination.  The only unusual thing for them was that I made their armor only a 1 point advantage since it can be easily avoided and at least half their mass is just skin rather than carapace.

And the Void Sphinxes started as a purely feline race with humanoid faces.  I was toying with the idea of them not having opposible thumbs at all.  Then, it occurred to me that they could just be more comfortable walking on all fours but able to move about on their hind legs and use their hands, when necessary.


Also known as scorpion people, the only known Dromepodans are much like the Ravnivori in the earliest stages of their development as an empire. They have a well established empire that has its origins around a massive freshwater lake in the middle of a large desert. With this geographic advantage they were able to set up a trading and military empire that stretched beyond the desert. While they have not yet managed to conquer their entire world, they dominate two of its continents and, more importantly, have already had contact with void going nations and races. They very quickly set up deals with these nations and learned the secrets of void running, themselves. While they have not yet conquered their own world, they do have colonies on others and, in fact, have more off world territory than the Ravnivori.

Many Dromepodans have taken to the void even beyond the imperial dreams of their nation and it is not too uncommon to see them in large void ports. A few have even joined the Ravnivori empire and, since their contact a few years back, both empires have traded envoys and merchants.

There is even some discussion of a political marriage between Ravnivorous himself and one of the Grand Sultan’s daughters to forge a strong alliance and potentially unite the two empires as one.

Scorpion people have humanoid, dark skinned and haired torsos springing out of the body of a scorpion. Their scorpion portions can range in color from a cream or tan all the way to midnight black.

Scorpion Body: Rather than humanoid legs, Dromepodans have a scorpion body below the waist. This provides them a +2 to armor but only for this portion of their body. Opponents can make a called shot with only a -1 penalty to strike the portion of their body without a carapace.

Snap and Sting: In addition to their hands and the weapons they can wield with them, Dromepodans have two claws and a stinging tail. All three of these natural weapons do Str+d4 damage and, if the stinger hits and causes a shaken or greater result, the opponent has to make a Vigor check or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds. Note that a Dromepodan is not necessarily more coordinated than members of other races and must take the ambidextrous and multi-attack edges to offset the penalties of attacking more than once per round. Even this only provides them a single additional attack at no penalty and they must take the multi-attack edge again for each additional attack up to 4 total times to be able to attack with both hands, both claws and their tail.

Desert born: Though they have spread throughout their world, Dromepodans trace their ancestry to a desert environment. As such, they are unaccustomed to extreme levels of cold and suffer a -4 penalty to resist cold environmental effects.

Scuttling: Though they have 8 legs, Dromepodans are relatively slow. They have a pace of only 5, though they still roll a d6 when running.

Void Sphinx

Void Sphinxes claim that their race was born in an asteroid field out of stardust and solar winds. While few other races believe this story, no one has ever discovered the actual world where they were born and many suspect that they are the results of a mage’s experiment that went awry.

In any case, Void Sphinxes are unusual creatures. They have humanoid faces, though with a distinctly feline cast. Their bodies are also quite feline though they have longer forelimbs than hind legs and there is something simian about their posture. These creatures can walk on their hind legs alone indefinitely but are generally more comfortable walking on all fours. Their hands are somewhat primitive and, while they are quite agile, they are not particularly dexterous.

Void Sphinxes cultivate an air of mystery and wisdom and often engage in battles of wits with those around them. Some are amused and delighted when they lose these battles while others grow quite angry and violent when they are defeated.

Wise and Nimble – Void Sphinxes are known for both their mental and physical puissance. They begin with a d6 in Smarts and Agility

Simian Gait: Void Sphinxes have a pace of 6” when walking on all fours but roll d10’s for running. When walking on only two legs their pace reduces to 4” and they roll only d4’s when running. They may carry items while walking on all fours but if they run, they must make an agility check (with no multi-action penalty) or drop whatever they are carrying.

Simple Hands: Void Sphinxes hands are somewhat primitive. While they have opposable thumbs, they are not as dexterous as most other races. They suffer a -2 to any skill check that requires fine manipulation. Any Lockpicking and Repair check would suffer this penalty though Fighting, Shooting and Throwing checks would not, unless using a complex device. Other checks are up to GM discretion. Likewise, if the Void Sphinx rolls a 1 on the skill die while using any delicate item or complex piece of machinery, it is broken. Repair takes 1d6 hours and a check at -2.

Claws: Void Sphinxes fingers end in razor sharp retractable claws. They do Str + d6 damage with these natural weapons.

Cat’s Eyes: Void Sphinxes’ eyes are well adapted to darkness. They suffer no penalties for dim or dark lighting.


Ravnivori Empire Cultures and Skills

More from my homebrew handbook.  I like the concept of cultures in the game.  It is a nice little way to give some added mechanics to the flavor.  In fact, with settings where humans are the only character race, it’s the only mechanics influenced by the flavor of characters potentially being from different backgrounds.

I’m not even sure where I first saw it but when I did, I knew I had to add it.  I actually need to expand it.  I only have the rules for the 3 main cultures of Retra one of their colony worlds and a group of their allies.  I should work something up for each place where they have enough of a presence that it’s actually likely a character could come from there.

Skills, both new ones and modified ones are another excellent mechanic for flavor.  They can help show where the focus of a game is going to be and what sorts of knowledge and abilities are going to be useful.  Of course, some of the skills in Savage Worlds are so broad that there is some limit in what sorts of focus you can do.  In fact, I only have one unique knowledge skill for my campaign. This should also be expanded.  I can see a Knowledge: Astrogation and Knowledge: Offworld Cultures or their equivalent as obvious options.

I’m going to throw in the Hindrances here, too.  Again, good mechanics to influence flavor, Both for the setting in general and characters in particular.  At some point I’m going to write up a system to buy off hindrances.  I’m the kind of player who doesn’t like flawed characters.  I’d rather my character be average than to have him be great at something but very bad in another are, but it’s hard to create a character without taking hindrances and the associated benefits in Savage Worlds.  Being able to get rid of them later, is, therefore, very appealing to me.

And, as I think I’ve mentioned, I borrow heavily from other games and settings.  There are many skills and hindrances from other Savage World products that I allow in my game, especially ones from settings that have sailing, imperialism or steampunk space travel.


The following are the major cultures of the Ravnivori Empire and the benefits they provide to characters. Each native of the Ravnivori Empire should select one of these cultures during character creation and apply the benefits.

Ravnivori: Ravnivori are a very aggressive, straightforward race. They prefer to face their problems head on in both social situations and battle. No matter the species, Ravnivori are generally tall with broad shoulders and long legs. Their hair is generally straight or wavy and blond or red. Their eyes are usually a pale color such as blue or green. Most Ravnivori have pale skin though some are tanned from exposure to sun and others have a distinct red undertone. Because of the straightforward way in which they approach life, Ravnivori start with a free d4 in Fighting or Intimidation.

Almatians: Almatians are a very social, athletic people. They know how to make deals and influence people but also enjoy the visceral joy of measuring their skill in throwing a javelin or discus against someone else. Almatians are generally stout with powerful builds but only moderate height. Their hair is usually wavy or curly and auburn, brown or black in color. Their eyes are generally dark, ranging from green to brown but even being so dark as to be black. Their skin is similarly dark running the gamut from an olive tone to a deep brown. Because of their friendly nature and athletic prowess, Almatians start a free d4 in Persuasion or Throwing.

Shan: Shan revere learning and careful skill above all. They leave petty things like threats and crude weapons like axes to others, preferring to learn about their world and prove their superiority with more elegant weapons. Shan are generally relatively short with slender builds. They are often described as delicate and graceful. Their hair is almost invariably straight and dark, either deep brown or ranging to midnight black. Their eyes are likewise dark and usually have epicanthic folds. Their skin can be quite pale but usually has a golden or dusky tone. Because of their love of learning and focus on skill in combat, the Shan receive a free d4 in Shooting or any 1 Knowledge skill.

Vellian: Vellians come from a primitive society when compared to that of the native cultures of Retra. They work iron and bronze and craft impressive tools from stone, wood and bone but have not developed the art of blacksmithing. Nonetheless, they have a deep understanding of the natural world around them and have a warrior/hunter culture. Vellians are of average height though often more slender than Almatians. Their hair ranges from sandy blonde to dark brown and their eyes range from light blue to green to light brown. Their skin is generally tan or dark and often has a coppery sheen. Because o their warlike nature and close link with nature, Vellians receive a d4 in Fighting or Survival.

Yoltsov: The Yoltsov clan is a very small contingent of the Ravnivori Empire. However, their culture is completely independent of Retra and even the Ravnivori system and they are spreading, slowly. They are masters of Void Runners in all forms, knowing both how to create and fly the vehicles. Yoltsovs are approximately the same height as Shan dwarves but have proportions like Ravnivori dwarves. Their coloration is also more like Ravnivori dwarves and they almost invariably have eyes that are some shade of blue. Their hair is usually lighter even than the Ravnivori and range from white or silver to sandy blonde. As a Void Running culture, the Yoltsov gain a free d4 in Piloting or Knowledge (Void Runners.)

Knowledge Skill




Knowledge: Voidrunners

Your character understands the process for designing and building Voidrunner ships. This skill is required to build a Voidrunner or Voidrunner Drive and to modify Voidrunners. It also allows a character to identify most Voidrunners and estimate tonnage, modifications and armaments.


Following are hindrances that are suitable for characters in the Ravnivori Empire.


Code of Honor: Weapon of the 7 (Major)

The following is the Code of Honor by which each Weapon of the 7 is expected to live. Though there are those in the order who do not follow this code, there are also many who are not part of the order who aspire to it, either in hopes of eventually becoming a Weapon of the 7 or simply out of respect for the 7 Lords of Thunder and the code. Many of the other religions have similar codes for their parishioners, as well.

Obedience – Obey the commands of those who have been duly chosen by the 7 Lords of Thunder to lead.

Service – Serve the faithful to the best of your ability and aid the non-faithful when possible to show them the glory and beneficence of the 7 Lords of Thunder.

Defense – Defend the faithful even with your life, if necessary.

Honor – Show all honor that the 7 Lords of Thunder deserve for the blessings they provide the faithful and non-faithful alike.

Respect – Just as the 7 Lords of Thunder are brothers, so all gods are cousins. Give the proper respect to other gods and their worshippers.

Strike – Just as the 7 Lords of Thunder do not strike unless they must, so must you withhold your fury. Yet, just as with the 7 Lords of Thunder, when violence is necessary, strike hard and fast, for no one benefits by half measures when action must be taken.

Extra Rations (Minor)

Whether due to your large size or simply because of your voracious appetite, you require more rations to keep you going than the average person. You must eat twice as much food, drink twice as much liquids and breathe twice as much air as a regular human. If you consume normal rations for a human, you get a -2 on your vigor checks to avoid fatigue from hunger. If you consume less than normal rations for a human, you get a -4 to those checks.

Indentured (Minor)

Whether to pay off a crime you have been convicted of or simply as a means to earn extra money for a stake once you’re freed, your character has sold his services to someone else for a set period.  You must obey any orders from this other person so long as they pertain to whatever services you have sold to them.  The three general categories of Indentured servants are: General Labor, Professional and Combat.  General Laborers can be commanded to do any sort of simple work from hauling barrels to assisting in building houses.  Professionals have only one specific area of expertise, usually one that requires skill or knowlege (accounting or architecture, for example.)  Combat servants can be ordered to fight anyone or anything at any time for any reason (though if they commit a crime in the process of obeying the order, by committing murder, for example, it is their master who is charged with the crime rather than them.)  An indentured servant is under no obligation to perform any task for which they were not contracted. A master is free to punish an indentured servant for refusing to perform some task related to their area in any way they wish, though scarring and maiming are frowned upon (and reduce the time of the service) and killing is strictly forbidden.

Lecherous (Major)

Your character’s libido is quite powerful. In fact, it is so powerful that he is helpless in the face of whatever gender(s) might tickle his fancy. In addition to the possible embarrassments and problems that come from trying to seduce possible paramours, your character suffers a -2 to any opposed social roles with members of the gender to which he is attracted. This penalty is modified by an additional negative modifier equal to the opposing characters positive charisma. Opposing character’s negative modifiers to charisma have no effect and do not add a bonus or negate the standard penalty for this hindrance.

Life Slave (Major) 

Your character has been convicted of one of the three capital crimes; murder, rape or treason and thus, his life is forfeit.  Rather than simply being executed, your life has been sold to someone else (and the profits pocketed by the Empire.)  The master of a Life Slave can command them to do anything, from shine their boots, to work 18 hour days in a coal mine to “distract” a dragon while the master gets away.  Disobedience can be met with any sort of punishment the master desires, up to and including death, and, the master doesn’t actually need an excuse to abuse or kill a Life Slave.


Semi-Vestigial Limb(s) (Minor)

To take this hindrance, the character must be a member of a race that has limbs in addition to legs and the normal 2 arms. A character with this hindrance has stunted extra limbs. If they have extra arms, they take either a -2 to strength or agility based checks, including damage done with these arms. A prehensile tail takes a -2 penalty to all agility based checks using it and a combat tail takes a -2 to damage done.

Small Horns (Minor)

Though no one discusses it, there is a certain belief that the larger a Minotaur’s horns, the stronger, better and more virile he is. Conversely, minotaurs with smaller horns are considered weaker, inferior and even stupid. A certain social stigma follows them, and they often find their paths to power and privilege blocked, and even in everyday interactions, they sometimes find their lives more difficult. Minotaurs with small horns suffer a -2 Charisma penalty when dealing with any Imperial citizens. For obvious reasons, only Minotaurs may take this hindrance.

Exiles – Script #2

I can’t believe I didn’t post this last week!  I had it ready and everything.  Just got busy going to PAX South.  It was awesome, btw.

Anyway, here’s this week’s blog.

It’s another set of layouts for part of an issue of Exiles and the plotting around it. Ragnarock has already happened in the 616 and didn’t actually change anything. I think it would be interesting to see what would happen if it actually took place the way the Norsemen envisioned it and truly was the end of the world (as we know it.)

I’m not sure who the Exiles in this team would be. Azara is key to the story (and would probably be in the team the whole time, anyway) but I’m not sure who else should be in the group. Thunderstrike is an obvious choice and perhaps Ballista and Unicorn. But it would also need a down to earth scrapper or two. Perhaps Knight Errant. A flyer would be useful, too. Hmm…How about just Hemogoblin. There you go. That’s a good group. For whatever reason, I feel like the Exiles should always have 6 members in the group. Maybe I’ll define why that is sometime…but not now.

If I was actually doing this, I might change Magni and Modi to the 3 daughters they’ve created for the Marvel version of Thor. Although, I like the traditional Norse Myths for this version of Ragnarok, too, so maybe not.

Page 1 Panel 1 A long, establishing shot on a bridge with the NYC skyline in the background. There is activity on the bridge but it is hard to see what it is. Lightning parts the skies.

Text Box: The Place: New York City of Reality 216

The Time: Ragnarok

Page 1 Panel 2 The focus draws in closer showing that there is a massive battle taking place on the bridge. One side is trolls, dark elves and other villainous Asgardians. On the other side are police and army, even civilians fighting them. Lightning continues to light the skyline.

Page 1 Panel 3 Focus draws even closer and the Exiles come into view fighting against the invading Asgardians.

Page 1 Panels 4 – 6 Close ups of various members of the Exiles whipping up on the baddies.

Page 2 Panel 1 Zoom back out, long panel showing the Asgardian horde gaining the upper hand.

Page 2 Panel 2 Long panel panning around to show the battle.

Unicorn: There’s too many of them. They’re overrunning us!

Thunderstrike: Keep fighting! We have to hold them here.

Page 2 Panel 3 Ballista looking over his shoulder. In the background are the figures of Norse warriors approaching.

Ballisa: It’s the einherherjer…einjererer…dead Viking guys!

Page 3 Panel 1: A small panel inset in the next Panel showing then einherjar breaking into a charge.

Page 3 Panel 2: A full page showing the einherjar crashing into the trolls, etc.

Page 4 Panel 1: Cut to the Manhattan skyline. A figure stands atop one of the buildings, silhouetted and wreathed in lightning.

Page 4 Panel 2: Zooming in on the figure, close enough that the silhouette can be clearly discerned as Thor.

Page 4 Panel 3: Still zooming in. Thor is clearly displayed now and seems to be in battle with someone but they’re not apparent.

Page 4 Panel 4: Azara looking up in the midst of battle.

Azara: I’m going to help him!

Page 4 Panel 5: Thunderstrike and Azara in panel in battle.

Thunderstrike: No! You’re not meant to help him!

Azara: Then why are we here?

Page 4 Panel 6: Thunderstrike and Azara still debating and fighting.

Thunderstrike: To do this. To help the Midgardians fight off the invasion.

Azara: No. I can help. And if I save Thor then he can help us fight.

Page 5 Panel 1: Azara tossing off his opponents to break free, Thunderstrike still fighting in the background.

Azara: I’m going!

Thunderstrike: No!

Page 5 Panel 2: Azara flying with lightning in the background

Page 5 Panel 3: A close up on Thor, standing ready to take on his opponent’s next attack.

Page 5 Panel 4: Half page panel. Reverse shot showing Thor’s back. He’s small, even in the foreground. His opponent is in the background and is huge – the Midgard Serpent.

Page 6 Panel 1: Zoom in on the Midgard Serpent looming closer with jaws gaping open.

Page 6 Panel 2: Azara slamming into the Midgard Serpent’s head and knocking him away.

Page 6 Panel 3: Azara hovering, looking pleased and proud of himself, looking down at the Midgard Serpent off panel.

Page 6 Panel 4: Azara from the back having been struck, head knocked to the side. A close examination of the side of the panel shows the handle of Mjolnir flying off panel.

Page 7 Panel 1: Azara looking in the direction of his attacker, his helmet shattered on the side where he was struck.

Page 7 Panel 2: View of his attacker. It’s Thor, he’s catching his hammer as it returns to him.

Thor: Enow, mortal! Your place is not here!

Page 7 Panel 3: Pan out, long panel that shows them facing each other.

Azara: Mortal? I’m less mortal than you are, Thor. I’m an Eternal! My people are just as long lived and don’t depend on Golden Apples to keep them alive. And I don’t have this predestined death hanging over my head.

Page 7 Panel 4: Another long panel, the two figures have barely moved but Azara is tossing his ruined helmet away.

Thor: Aye, Eternal but not Asgardian. You may be long lived and you may be a powerful warrior but you are not born of the Golden Realm so your place is not in the annals of Ragnarok.

Page 8 Panel 1: A close up of a furious Azara’s face.

Azara: So that’s it then? I’m not part of your special club so you’d rather die than take my help?

Page 8 Panel 2: Close up of Thor’s face. He has a stoic expression with just a hint of condescension.

Thor: Correct. This is the fate of Asgard and her sons. You cannot help me in this except for as mortals can.

Page 8 Panel 3: Back to Azara, no longer angry but desperate.

Azara: I’m here to help you, Thor!

Thor: I need not thy help, mortal.

Page 8 Panel 4: A split panel of Azara’s face and Thor’s face.

Azara: Thor, listen…

Thor: Nay, mortal. Listen thou. No man or god can deny his Fate. It is folly and cowardice to try. My Fate is here. Your Fate is there. Go to thy place.

Page 9 Panel 1: Azara hovering, beseeching

Azara: But I can…

Page 9 Panel 2: Thor hefting his hammer.

Thor: Must I strike thee again? I swear that I shall not be gentle this time as I was the last.

Page 9 Panel 3: A close up of Azara’s face. He looks dejected but understanding.

Page 9 Panel 4: Long shot showing Thor still on the building and Azara flying away. Lightning continues to wrack the sky in the background.

Page 9 Panel 5: Long shot showing Thor battling the Midgard Serpent once more.

Page 10 Panel 1: Inset in top left of next panel. Azara is rejoining the fight and Thunderstrike is in the frame, again.

Thunderstrike: I told you. Your place is here.

Page 10 Panel 2: A full page panel showing a long shot of the Exiles and einherjar and regular people fighting against the villainous creatures of Asgard on the bridge. Manhattan is in the distance but the Midgard Serpent, massive and clearly visible is still fighting Thor, who can barely be seen as a small silhouette illuminated by masses of lightning.

Page 10 Panel 3: Inset in bottom right of previous panel. Azara looking up toward the fight between Thor and the Midgard Serpent.

Azara: It didn’t have to be.

Page 11 and 12: Several panels showing the deaths of various Asgardians, both from classic descriptions of Ragnarok and dealing with the deaths of Asgardians who were created for and during the comic series – Thor, poisoned, collapsing next to the Midgard Serpent. Tyr being devoured by Fenris and avenged by the Warriors 3 who also die in the process. Odin falling to Surtur. Loki and Hel dying as well.

Text boxes scattered across the pages: Over the following days and weeks, the Asgardians are proven right. Ragnarok is their Fate and they all perish in exactly the ways that were foretold thousands of years earlier.

Page 13 Panel 1: Amora and Magni in action poses! Magni has the Executioner’s axe.

Text box: Not all Asgardians were doomed to die, though. Fate left hope in the form of two young gods

Page 13 Panel 2: Pan out to show they are facing Malekith and Kurse. Malekith and Amora are already exchanging mystic blasts while Magni and Kurse are charging at each other.

Malekith: I am surprised Amora. I would have expected the cunning Enchantress to have found some way out of Ragnarok. Should I offer you the chance to join the winning side?

Page 13 Panel 3: Close up of Amora’s torso, her hands in arcane gestures, magical energy flowing from them, a magical explosion from Malekith striking her shield, her body lit in strange colors.

Amora: I am surprised that the mighty Malekith, with all his mystical knowledge does not know that there is no way out of Ragnarok and that there is no winning side. This is the end of everything.

Page 13 Panel 4: A similar view of Malekith.

Malekith: Not everything. Not everyone. And Fate is fickle. It can be changed. It can be fooled. It can be stolen.

Page 13: Panel 5: Pan back out to see Magni and Kurse trading blows and both Amora and Malekith looking at Magni.

Amora: No!

Page 14 Panel 1: Kurse has managed to grapple Magni and Malekith is approaching him. Amora is in the background, bound by Malekith’s magic.

Page 14 Panel 2: A closer view of Kurse and Magni with Malekith right next to them.

Malekith: Your Fate will be mine, son of Thor and my Fate will be yours.

Page 14 Panel 3: Amora bursting through the mystical bonds.

Page 14 Panel 4: Malekith reaching out a diabolically glowing hand toward a struggling Magni still in Kurse’s grip. Amora’s arm only is visible coming from off panel to grip Malekith’s shoulder.

Page 14 Panel 5: Amora forcing a kiss on Malekith. He looks surprised.

Page 14 Panel 6: Close up on Malekith, now released. He’s surprised and slightly horrified.

Page 15 Panel 1: Same view but Malekith is smirking and wiping his lips.

Malekith: Release me from your enchantment and I will reverse my curse before it destroys you, Amora.

Page 15 Panel 2: A similar view of Amora but close. Fiendish looking runes glow on her lips.

Amora: What have you done?

Page 15 Panel 3: Malekith and Amora facing each other, he with a victorious smirk, her with a troubled expression.

Malekith: Your ways are well known, my love. Only a fool would not prepare for them. Much as it pains me to end your beauty and radiance, the kiss that has bewitched me has cursed you and you will die in minutes if you do not allow me to remove the curse.

Page 15 Panel 4: Now Amora is smirking. Kurse and Magni can be seen still wrestling in the background.

Amora: Fool you are, Malekith, if this was your preparation. You have said it yourself, I am your love. You cannot let your love die. End this curse and I will be eternally grateful.

Page 15 Panel 5: Close up of Malekith. He has tears in his eyes.

Malekith: I cannot, my love. I can only end the curse if I am under no compulsion. I knew this might happen and I entwined that requirement with the spell. Please, release me so that I may save you.

Page 16 Panel 1: Back to Amora. She has a sad, chagrined look. The magic of Malekith’s curse has begun to spread from her lips to the rest of her face.

Amora: And if I free you, you will never save me.

Page 16 Panel 2: Long shot of the two of them facing each other, both of them knowing Amora is going to die. She is taking it stoically, he appears hysterical.

Malekith: What can I do? What can I do for you, my love?

Amora: Die.

Page 16 Panel 3 (small): Malekith has a surprised, stricken expression.

Page 16 Panel 4 (small): Malekith with a determined look.

Malekith: As you wish.

Page 16 Panel 5: Full body shot of Malekith, his body and face full of pain and determination and lit with strange, sinister magic light. There is smoke coming off him.

Page 16 Panel 6: The same shot but more smoke and his skeleton can be seen.

Page 16 Panel 7: Only the magical light remains and it is fading.

Page 17 Panel 1: Amora standing with a satisfied look over a pile of ashes that were once Malekith. Magni and Kurse can be seen battling in the background.

Page 17 Panel 2: Same view, Amora is collapsing.

Magni: “Amora!”

Page 17 Panel 3: Zoom in on Magni and Kurse.

Magni: Enow, fiend! Your vexations have lasted long enough and kept me away from my love too long!

Page 17 Panel 4: Magni breaks free.

Page 17 Panel 5: Magni decapitates Kurse with his axe.

Page 18 Panel 1: Magni kneeling next to Amora, her head in his lap, Kurse’s decapitated body in the background.

Magni: What has he done to you, my love?

Page 18 Panel 2: Same view but closer, Amora has a hand up, touching Magni’s face.

Amora: I fear he has slain me.

Page 18 Panel 3: Magni has lifted Amora’s body up to his chest.

Magni: No! No, there must be something I can do.

Amora: There is nothing, my heart. I can feel the power of his curse. Odin himself could not break it, if he yet lived.

Page 18 Panel 4: Zoom in on their faces close together.

Amora: Do not weep for me, my heart. Though I have not always behaved like one, I face my Fate like a true Asgardian.

Page 18 Panel 5: Zoom back out. Magni is holding Amora’s clearly lifeless corpse. Despite her request, she is weeping.

Page 19 Panel 1: The Exiles in the suburbs, gathering up survivors.

Ballista: I still can’t believe that, after all that, we abandoned New York.

Unicorn: What were we supposed to do, Babe? There were just too many of them. If we would have stayed, they would have just overrun us.

Page 19 Panel 2: Enemy troops coming over the horizon and the Exiles going to face them to protect the survivors.

Hemogoblin: Heads up. Looks like we’ve got company.

Page 19 Panel 3: Magni, carrying the Executioners axe still, cuts his way through the dimensions near the Exiles. Modi is behind him in the rift carrying Mjolnir.

Modi: Leave these malcontents, friends. Bring your charges with us to safety.

Page 19 Panel 4: Azara and Hemogoblin are watching the newcomers dubiously, Ballista and Unicorn uncertainly and Thunderstrike and Knight Errant are already ushering the civilians toward the Asgardians.

Azara: We’re just going to trust these guys?

Thunderstrike: It’s Magni and Modi. Thor’s sons. And Modi has Mjolnir. He must be worthy. We can trust them.

Page 19 Panel 5: Closer view of Unicorn and Thunderstrike, with civilians passing them on their way toward the rift.

Unicorn: So what, he can carry a hammer and we just assume he’s a good guy?

Thunderstrike: It’s Mjolnir! You can’t pick it up unless you’re worthy!

Unicorn: I hate magic.

Page 20 Panel 1: The other side of the rift. Magni and Modi are there and the civilians are passing through as are some of the Exiles. They’re arriving in a ruined cityscape.

Page 20 Panel 2: Pan out to show some iconic New York Landmark, that is also ruined. The Exiles, civilians and Asgardians are small against it.

Unicorn: Happy?

Ballista: Thrilled.

Page 20 Panel 3: Close up view of Ballista and Magni.

Ballista: What happened here? Where are all the giants and trolls?

Magni: Once the foul varlets massacred all the innocents they could find and looted all the valuables they could carry, they destroyed what was left until they grew bored and went to find other entertainments.

Page 20 Panel 4: Azara and Modi in view.

Azara: So, we’re just moving back in and waiting for them to attack us again?

Modi: Nay. Ragnarok draws to a close. The enemies of Asgard are all but gone and only my brother and I remain of the Golden Realm. It is time to rebuild.

Page 21 Panel 5: Long shot of Grand Central Station. It has been recrafted by the Asgardians as an enormous, glorious Long House, though you can still see the remains of what it was.

Magni: And here is where the foundations of the new world will be built.

Knight Errant: Whoa.

Page 22 Panel 1: Half page panel a sort of cosmic view of the 9 realms. Yea, verily, they be wrecked. The charred, scarred husk of Yggdrasil runs through them.

Text box: 1 Just as the prophecies foretold, it was not just Asgard and Midgard that suffered from the conflict.

Text box: 2 Every realm from Alfheim to Jotunheim, was devastated in the war with the Asgardians and their allies meting out bloody and fiery retribution for the wounds that they suffered.

Text box 3: Those who instigated Ragnarok were just as aware of the prophecies as those who they attacked. They knew their own realms would suffer as much as any.

Text box 4: But the hatred and desire for vengeance and violence in the hearts of some beings cannot be measured and they are willing to sacrifice all if it will harm their enemies.

Page 22: Panel 2: A distant view of the mangled roots of Yggdrasil. They have clearly been chewed on. The Exiles and Magni and Modi are standing around them.

Text box: But all hope is not lost. There is still life and where there is life there is a future.

Page 22: Panel 3: Magni kneeling next to a tiny sapling that is nonetheless extremely healthy looking that is springing up out of the remains of Yggdrasil. The lower legs of those he’s with are evident in the background, surrounding him.

Magni: Good, it’s healthy. As it always is, the new grows out of the old.

Page 22: Panel 4: Pan back slightly and up so that everyone’s face is visible. They’re all looking down at the sapling off panel.

Hemogoblin: Too bad the old had to be completely destroyed before the new could grow out of it.

Page 22: Panel 5: Modi cutting a rift in space and everyone starting to go through.

Modi: Is that not the way of all things? Is it not the way of things in your world? There are no true beginning or endings. Just changes. Life grows out of death, then that life dies and new life grows out of it.

Page 23: Panel 1: The Exiles and Asgardians stepping out the other side of the rift on a balcony of the long house.

Azara: Of course. Nothing is ever really created or destroyed, it’s all just transformation. But if that’s the case, I don’t know why we’re here. We didn’t change anything.

Page 23: Panel 2: A large panel with a panoramic view of the space below the balcony. It is a thriving village in the heart of the ruins of New York city.

Magni: No? The Fate of each Asgardian was written, my friend. There was no changing that. The Fate of Humanity was written as well, but that you have changed. There were only supposed to be 2 mortals to survive Ragnarok. Thanks to you and your companions, there are thousands.

Page 23: Panel 3: Back in on the Exiles and Asgardians.

Azara: Saving lives is always good, but if Fate determined that two would be enough to repopulate, why did we need to save thousands?

Page 23: Panel 4: Cut to a shot of the Earth with a large ship approaching.

Magni (Unseen): Perhaps something unforeseen threatens this world.

And that will lead us into the next story, where the Kree attack while the Earth is vulnerable. The Exiles will fend off the attack with a daring raid on the ship. During this raid, Thunderstrike remains behind to hold off oncoming troops. (“It’s suicide!” “I have fought alongside my heroes to stop the end of the world, there is nothing more I want to do.”) This causes trouble in the next arc because it is helping the Kree in another reality when the Celestials come to their world to seed it with Eternals and Deviants as they did in Earth’s ancient past. One of the Exiles is not interested in helping the Kree because they killed Thunderstrike.

And as usual, if you’ve read this far (or just skipped to the end)…you can buy my novels and games at blackguardpress.com