Hello world!

A blog.  A public forum for all my thoughts.  Seems kind of like a bad idea.  Nonetheless, there is plenty going on around my game making undertaking to merit putting some of it out on digital paper.  Don’t expect the kind of updates you get from evil hat productions.  I admire their openness and have nothing to hide but such extensive transparency seems exhausting.

Instead, I’m going to use this as a place to update progress on the various things that I’m writing and formatting and editing and publishing.  And, when inspiration hits me, I’ll likely drop some game content in here.  Probably for Savage Worlds as that has become my game of choice of late.

Right now, I’m just going to list out the things that I’m almost ready to publish, what I’ve written and just need to get some art for, and what is nothing more than an idea in my head.

Almost ready to publish:  My game.  It doesn’t have a name yet, as I am horrible at coming up with titles and one of the rewards of the Kickstarter project that got it off the ground is to help in naming it.  I’ve already got art lined up, and everything’s written.  I’m just finishing up the Kickstarter rewards and waiting for the funding to come through so that I can pay Jake Ekiss for his wonderful art.

A novel.  It does have a name, The Becoming.  It’s a sort of Techno-Romantic-Thriller.  It’s been written and edited and I’ll likely digitally publish it as soon as I figure out how to do that.

Written:  I have several supplements for the d20 system that would be appropriate for either D&D 3rd edition or Pathfinder.  These are completely written and edited but all need art, so as money becomes available to pay Jake (or other artists) for their work, I’ll be putting them together into a publishable form.

What I’m working on:  Another d20 Supplement which features Lycanthropic giants.  Yes…I said lycanthropic giants.  A werewolf is scary enough.  A 15′ tall werewolf is terrifying.

Another novel.  This one is titled Lost Temple of the Soulless world, which I find delightfully pulpy and is a fantasy/sword and sorcery novel.  And it’s got Zombies!  I’ve written the first draft and I’m about a third of the way through editing it.  Again, it will be e-published once I get it all edited and figure out how to e-publish.

Just ideas:  I have ideas for a couple of Savage Worlds One Sheets, the two page adventures that are put out as supplements for Savage Worlds.  I’m actually not at all sure if this is even legal so I have to do some research about how to do this.  There’s also another novel I have in mind but this is only in the planning stages.

So, there you go.  The future of Black Guard Press is bright but I’ve just begun.  Stick around and watch us grow!

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