Plant Planet

For any of you who have done gardening or landscaping, you know that plants are both impressive and kind of creepy.  Sometimes it seems completely impossible to keep up with the weeds.

They’re just kind of weird.  I mean, they get their energy from the sun and they grow from stuff they draw out of the air.  You can chop them down to the roots and they’ll grow back.  Given enough time, they can break down walls and burrow through foundations.  The oldest living things on the planet are plants.  Some of the biggest living things on the planet are plants.  And they’re everywhere.  Unless you live in the most urban or desert areas, you’re probably surrounded by plants.

The only reason why they’re not scary is because they don’t move and don’t seem to want to eat us.  But just imagine a Hitchcockian Birds scenario but with carnivorous plants.

So, I’m going to harness the power of the plant.  Here’s a little something for anyone out there who wants to play a plant or bring a plant race into your campaign.

Vegetons – A wildly variable species, Vegetons have a wide variety of appearances, abilities and traits.  In fact, their variety exceeds even that of humanity.  Most of them are human sized though there are individuals who are half the size of a man and there are individuals who are twice the size of a man.  Some look almost human but with green or brown skin and leaves for hair while others are entirely alien without any noticeably human features.  Some of them bloom with a variety of flowers while others will fruit from time to time.  Despite these wild divergences in their appearances and abilities, they are generally able to crossbreed.

The origin of Vegetons depends on your campaign.  In a fantasy campaign, they can be the creations of an experimenting wizard either in the ancient past or more recently.  They could be the creations of a god of nature.  They could also simply have evolved or been created the same way as any other of the races in your campaign.

In a sci-fi setting, they could be the products of genetic manipulation on plants or a scientific accident.  Or they could simply be a species that evolved on a distant, alien planet.

Their intentions also depend on your campaign.  It is entirely possible for them to be curious, peaceful isolationists who want only to be left alone and to occasionally interact with other races to study them.  Alternatively, they could be imperialistic conquerors who are intent on wiping out the animal world.

In any case, here are stats for Vegetons:

Plant Structure:  Vegetons, as plant creatures have very different metabolisms and body structures than animal based characters.  They do not suffer additional damage from called shots and so not suffer from diseases or poisons.  Their bodies heal more quickly than an animals and they get a +2 to vigor checks when checking for Natural Healing.

Unusual Metabolism: Vegetons do not need to eat, able to obtain sustenance from the sun and air.  They do still need to drink a normal amount of water and suffer fatigue as though starving for each day they do not get any sunlight.  They are exceptionally vulnerable to freezing and suffer a -4 penalty to resist cold environmental effects.

Vegetable Manner:  It is difficult to disguise what a Vegeton is.  It is impossible for them to completely imitate an animal.  The expressions and physical movements of even those who’ve studied animals are always just a little bit off.  They suffer a -2 to charisma when dealing with any animal based creatures and are often the subject of prejudice that ranges anywhere from simple negligence to active dislike.

I was planning on writing up some edges and hindrances for the Vegetons.  Unfortunately, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my game Non-Essential Personnel, so I didn’t get a chance to finish them up.  So tune in again next week for those edges and hindrances.

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