Nuevo Tejas #3


All able bodied Nuevo Tejan men are given basic military training at the age of 18 (though by this time a large percentage of them already know how to shoot and survive in the wild.) Any able bodied woman is also allowed to volunteer for this training and approximately 60% do so. From the age of 18 to the age of 40, all people who take this training are considered part of the Nuevo Tejan Militia. Only disability will allow a man out of this service during this time, though a woman may opt out within two years of getting pregnant.

Militia service is generally far from an arduous task. Three days out of every month, each member of the Militia meets up at the local armory/base for training exercises and drills. Two weeks out of each year, each Militiaman serves a full shift at the armory/base on guard/repair/upkeep duty. Only a handful of men and women join the Militia full time, working as professional soldiers, usually in command, organization and bookkeeping roles. Of course, in times of emergency, every Militiaman is expected to report for duty and serve.

The Militia is the closest thing to a standard army that Nuevo Tejas has. They provide supply and support services, man the destroids, tanks, APC’s and aircraft of the army and work as communications engineers, paramedics and all the other “common” jobs needed to make a military force work. They also serve in emergency, disaster situations to help the community/civilians in need.

Three of the main cities in Nuevo Tejas have factories dedicated to producing hardware for the Militia. Fort North’s factory produces destroids and their replacement parts. Paso Grande has a modest aeronautics factory while San Teresa builds ground vehicles from personnel carriers and tanks to hovercraft.

However, there is also a special military unit for the colony known as the Nuevo Tejan Rangers. These men and women all pilot Veritechs and are the only people on the planet trained in their use. They are essentially the only professional soldiers in the colony. It is their duty to not only protect the skies and space of Nuevo Tejas, but also to escort the transport ships that carry on trade to other colonies. Most of their time is spent on these escort missions, fighting off raids by human pirates and fending off stray Rogue Zentraedi and Meltrandi fleets.

Although they are pledged to serve and defend Nuevo Tejas, the Rangers are fairly independent and each of them owns (or holds stock in) their fighter. There is only one production facility on the planet (in Neo Artemis) that can manufacture all of the complex parts necessary to produce a Veritech. Most of their work goes into producing spare parts and performing repairs on the 116 fighters already in the fleet. However, about once a year (depending on how heated the Ranger’s battles have been and how many repairs are necessary) they produce enough parts to construct an entirely new veritech. When this happens, the assembled mecha is put up for auction. Usually, it takes a consortium, powerful/rich family, or town to put together enough money to have a chance of winning, but occasionally, a very rich individual will be able to buy one. This person or group is then responsible for the upkeep of the veritech and providing it with a Ranger to pilot it. Afterwards, the Ranger is expected to put the needs of the colony above the needs of whoever bought the veritech and, though there have been a few exceptions, most of them do so.

The Rangers are technically not under the command of any official of Nuevo Tejas, though there has only been one case when they have denied a request of the President. They were asked to quell a rebellion against the President and, given the fact that the President was abusing his power and attempting a military coup, they declined just before helping to run him out of office. The Captain of the Rangers, much like any official with any power on the planet is elected. Every three years, each Ranger votes on who they would like to become the new Captain. Given the fact that the group is fairly tight, and that there are no term limits, most Captains serve from their first election until they are no longer capable of piloting their veritech.

It should be noted that the Rangers don’t have their own supply infrastructure. Rather they depend on special branches of the Militia to provide supplies, medical services and repairs. Thus, though they are a paramilitary force, they have close ties to the Militia, and other than some good natured ribbing, each group generally respects the other.

The Ranger’s mecha are a mixed bag. Three of the original VF-11 Thunderbolts that came along with the colonists are still in active service. Two VF-17 Nightmares that made the trip are also still in use. The remainder of the veritechs are VF-9 Cutlasses and a pair of VF-9 variants invented by the Nuevo Tejans.

The first, the VF-9B Bandit eliminates the shoulder mounted beam cannons and replaces them with a pair of the Gatling Gunpods designed and utilized by the VF-17 Nightmare. The combat computers for the Bandits have been specially modified so that these two gunpods can be used separately or in conjunction on a single target in any mode.

The second, the VF-9D Desperado makes a similar change, also replacing the beam cannons with the Nightmare’s special gunpods. However, these gunpods are the second kind that fire a single, devastating laser rather than solid shells. These gunpods are not capable of being used in conjunction and can only be fired separately.

The three variants occur almost completely equally in the Ranger forces and the weapons load out is the last thing added to the veritech so the buyer of a new mecha gets to choose which variant gets constructed.

Rangers are trained in hit and run tactics, surprise attacks and methods of using their veritech’s strengths to greatest advantage. They seldom engage in drawn out dogfights, but will whittle their opponents down and harass them over long periods of time before swooping in for a final, savage blow. They also closely follow wingman tactics. Every Ranger is paired with another, and sometimes groups of three are used. For obvious reasons, pairs of Desperadoes are never used, though they can be teamed up with either other variant and pairs of Cutlasses or Bandits or mixes of the two make up the remaining groups.


The Nuevo Tejan flag incorporates the two flags of the lands that the colonists originated from and emulate.

It consists of three equally sized vertical bars. From left to right the bars are colored Green, Red, and Blue. In the middle of the center, Red bar is a large, white Star.

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