Adios Amigo!

Assume that the appropriate Queen song is playing in the background of this post:

If you’re reading this, it means that my best friend has moved away.  This is not the first time that this has happened to me.  My best friend from elementary school moved away at the beginning of junior high, my best friend from junior high moved away half way through high school and my best friend in college moved away right after graduation.


You’d think I’d be used to it, but Josh going to Austin is the first time it’s happened since college.  In fact, I’ve been friends with the same basic group of people for more than 15 years, now.


And Josh is the coolest of them.  (Almost) everything I like, he likes a little more or a little better.  I like RPG’s, he likes RPG’s and is always looking to try new ones.  I like Legos, he’s part of TEXLUG, the Texas Lego Users Group which is basically the Lego fan club in this state.  I like comics, he likes the comics that are making comics new and fresh.


He’s been my travelling companion to all but one of Fear the Cons since it began.  For that matter, he introduced me to Fear the Boot and Fear the Con.  From that beginning I started listening to the Podgecast, the Bear Swarm and the Walking Eye and he turned me on to the Nerdist.


As Phur Stade (say it out loud) he was one of the core members of my almost decade long 3E game and even played one of the prestige classes I created.  As M’Zashi, he’s taken the role of a commander and helped make the NPC’s in the game as important as I would like them to be.


And he introduced me to lots of games, Fiasco, Shab Al Hirri Roach, and many more.


He’s also cast a critical eye on the games I’ve created.  Josh’s name should be listed as an editor on Adventuring! Company, the upcoming Restaurant at the Other End of the Universe and the potentially never to be published One True Thing. This has been a painful process from time to time because I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my stuff.  But while he has been faintly brutal in his efficiency, his advice has made my work better and it has not been done maliciously.


With Josh moving, my game group goes down to 4 players (with a possible 5th) which seems moderately unstable.  I’m hoping we can continue, though I don’t know if the current campaign can continue.  I also cannot imagine not playing, so I may have t seek another source for my weekly gaming fix.


I know Austin is only about 3 hours away but then so is my Mom’s house, though not in the same direction.  I definitely do not see her as often as I should so I don’t have any illusions about how often I’ll see Josh.  Still, he’s more savvy about the interwebs so I may just have to continue our friendship digitally.


Good luck in Austin, Josh!  Don’t be a stranger.


It’s not good-bye, it’s See You Soon.

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