Exiles #2 – Copperhead

And now for the other half of Nightwing Restorations/Daughters of the Dragon/the core of the All Cleavage Version of Heroes for Hire in my Serpent Society Alt Universe, Colleen Wing.  I wonder if those words have ever been strung together in a sentence…

Did anyone out there know that Colleen Wing is Asian?  I didn’t.  The reddish brown hair and green eyes threw me.  This one isn’t as detailed.  I didn’t get as much inspiration as with my Bushmaster.  And I kind of took an easy out by making her related to the most famous Japanese family of all in the Marvel Universe.


Colleen Wing

Fighting:        EX

Agility:          EX

Strength:      GD

Endurance:  EX

Reason:         GD

Intuition:       RM

Psyche:          GD


Health:          70

Karma:          60

Resources:     GD

Popularity:   10


Known Powers:


Viper Sting: Copperhead employs a pistol that can fire a burst of Remarkable electrical Energy damage or a barrage of three blasts of Good Energy damage. Copperhead receives a +2 CS for each blast when firing a burst of three.


Body Armor: Copperhead’s metallic costume provides her with Excellent Body Armor against physical and electrical attacks.


Katana: Copperhead wields a katana, a traditional Japanese samurai long sword. The weapon does Excellent Edged Attack damage. Wing has Incredible ability with this weapon as well as with other traditional samurai weapons, such as the dai-kyu (long bow).


Talents: Wing has Martial Arts A and E. She has Excellent Reason as a Detective. She also has Exellent knowledge of the Occult and Oriental mysticism.


Contacts: Sisters of the Serpent


Background: Despite her red hair and blue eyes, Colleen Wing is actually more than half Japanese. Her father was Professor Lee Wing, a scholar on Japanese culture and history who is of Japanese descent, and Takio Yashida, a cousin of Mariko Yashida and full blooded Japanese. She was raised in the mountains of Northern Honshu by her grandfather after her mother was assassinated by a rival clan when Colleen was still a child.


Her grandfather raised her in the ways of the samurai, teaching her both the ways of honor and weapons with the sole purpose of eventually hunting down and gaining revenge on the people who killed her mother. Calling herself the Viper, she set off on her quest for vengeance when she was barely an adult. Her path lead her to New York and she was almost killed in a shoot out with her target’s bodyguards. Only the intervention of police officer Misty Knight kept her from her quest ending almost before it began.


The two became friends as the two women followed different paths to justice. Wing’s quarry managed to stay one step ahead of her for years but finally fled back to Japan. The leaders of the Yashida clan decided to help ensure her success and partnered her with the Silver Samurai. Together, the two made short work of the assassin.


Left with her life’s goal completed well before she was 30, Wing had to re-evaluate her life. After months of meditation, she decided to use her skills to better the world in general. Since the Viper identity had been taken by another woman who partnered herself with the Silver Samurai, Wing renamed herself “Copperhead,” keeping the snake theme but also acknowledging her red hair.


Not one to follow convention, her method of helping the world was rather violent and bloody and involved not a little assassination and actions that could easily be termed “terrorism.” She clashed several times with heroes in her questionable actions but was careful never to harm of kill an innocent.


Eventually, the new Viper decided to infiltrate and take over the Serpent Society and recruited Copperhead to assist her. Much to Wing’s surprise, she found an old friend in the Society. Knight and Wing or Bushmaster and Copperhead happily renewed their friendship, including Knight’s friend Rachel Leighton, Diamondback in their trio. The three watched each other’s backs on their missions, more loyal to each other than the Serpent Society as a whole.


When Paul Destiny showed up to stage his own coup, he eliminated the Viper, a woman who had Copperhead’s loyalty and attempted to force Diamondback to become his unwilling concubine. Bushmaster, Copperhead and Diamondback along with Asp and Black Mamba rebelled and fled, forming their own group, the Sisters of the Serpent with the express purpose of defying and destroying their former comrades.


It was not until the arrival of the Exiles that they managed this and afterwards, the Sisters of the Serpent became agents of the Omniversal Majestrix with Bushmaster and Copperhead even becoming Exiles.

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