Plot Device #3

So, the Writing Renaissance is over. I don’t know if it’s because my day job has gotten busier so I have less time to inappropriately use corporate resources, if the stress from it has killed my creativity or if I’ve just naturally run out of writing energy. In any case, and I hardly believe the pretentiousness of what I’m about to say, but now comes the part where I have to act like what I think a writer to act like. Namely, I have to keep writing even though I don’t particularly feel like it. Time for the perspiration instead of the inspiration. This is where the rubber meets the road. Have to put my nose to the grindstone. That dog won’t hunt. Can’t put all my eggs in one basket. If there’s grass on the field, play ball. What were we talking about?


Oh, right. So writing may not be fun for a bit but because I think it’s important, I have to keep doing it.


Anyway, me and my group finished another one of the prescripted adventures I came up with. As usual, the stuff in [brackets] is stuff I came up with on the fly/additional notes.


Working as a troop transport when temporary air refresher breaks down & must refresh at nearby planet. [They weren’t working as a troop transport. Their air got fouled because they went to a wizard’s void based workshop that had been blasted apart by one of his experiments (a lava golem) and its air was completely smoke filled. When their air envelope intersected with the workshop’s theirs became smoke filled, too.] Find a village that has been decimated. Is being attacked by the Blood of Fenris. Remaining villagers are also secretly Blood of Fenris, awaiting chance to betray the party and convert them. Worship Fenris. Trying to make an army to conquer world. [This was all the same except I left one guy unchanged by the curse. A one handed Viking named Tyw. Actually, they were all Vikings which lead to some confusion because the core culture of my Empire started as Vikings and evolved into knights so I was trying to describe them as “like ancient Ravnivori” which just made my players think they were some kind of long lost colony until I dropped the attempt at immersion and just explained things.]


Blood of Fenris

Agility: d8, Smarts: d6, Spirit: d6, Strength: d10, Vigor: d10

Skills: Climb d8, Fighting d10, Guts d8, Intimidations d8, Notice d10, Swimming d10, Stealth d8, Tracking d8

Pace: 8             Parry: 7            Toughness:8

Special abilities: Claws: Str + d6

Infravision: Halve penalties for bad lighting when attacking living targets.

Size +1


[These guys were a little more dangerous than I thought and the party came very close to getting wiped out. In fact, one of the character’s lost an eye and they lost a whole bunch of their skeleton guards. But, in the process, one of the skeleton guards got so many raises on a recover from shaken roll that I decided the whole ordeal of narrowly avoiding death (redeath?) had given it sentience. In the end, the party had to retreat as the double fistful of Blood of Fenris in the longhouse where they’d bedded down was almost enough to kill them, let alone the dozens more coming in to attack.]


[After a short recovery and some ingenious use of the white benny by the player who’s character lost its eye, they had Tyw lead them to the lair of Fenris, which is where he lost his hand in the first place. (Don’t think too hard about a one handed Viking and a wolf named Fenris. You’ll see right through me.) This whole adventure took place on a planet that, as far as anyone can tell, is plant all the way down to the core, it is just plants growing on and off of ever larger plants so the cave entrance was at the base of a giant tree and was made up of a hollow in some of the massive intertwining vines and roots that make up Zyga. A fact that the Hadozee used to great effect as he brachiated his way across said cavern to retrieve the spear that could kill Fenris.]



Agility: d8, Smarts: d8, Spirit: d8, Strength: d12 +2, Vigor: d10

Skills: Climb d8, Fighting d12 + 2, Guts d10, Intimidation d10, Notice d12, Swimming d10, Stealth d10, Tracking d10

Pace: 8             Parry: 9            Toughness: 9

Special Abilities: Bite: Str + d8

Fear: -2

Infection: Anyone slain by Fenris becomes a Blood of Fenris

Invulnerability: Can only be shaken by weapons other than Spear of the Gods, not Wounded.

Infravision: Halve penalties for bad lighting when attacking living targets.

Size: +2


[And here’s the spear that could kill Fenris that they kept though did not give to the NPC who actually used it to kill him.]

Spear of the Gods: This weapon is rumored to have been created directly by the gods themselves and to be utilized against their brethren who have gone rogue. The weapon appears to be made of some unknown wood and metal and is covered in intricate scroll work that many claim is actually some ancient language.

Dam: Str + d6 + d6(electricity), Fighting +1, Parry +2, Reach 1, 2 Hands, Range 6/12/24 5lbs.


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