Exiles Script 1

So, the Misty Knight McIver Bushmaster obsessed me so much that I even came up with a scene between her and Quincy McIver. In keeping with my desire to eventually write comics, I figured I would try to script it up. You’ll have to use your imagination on how it will look and who the artist would be. I don’t have anyone in mind.


Page 1


1st Panel – Should be a long short one. It’s a big screen or series of screens that have images of one or more Bushmasters (Quincy ones) from different dimensions. There is a silhouette of a man sitting at the control console in front of it.


2nd Panel – Reverse angle showing that the person at the console is Quincy. He looks haggard and haunted. Over his right shoulder you can see part of the wheels of Misty’s wheelchair.


3rd Panel – A close up of one of the alternate Bushmasters (Quincy version) doing a very bad thing.


Remaining Panels – there should probably be at least two more but can be as many as you like. They should be reverses back and forth between Quincy’s face with Misty getting closer and close over his shoulder and the alternate reality Quincy Bushmasters on the screen.


Page 2


1st Panel – Middle shot of Quincy and Misty side by side at the console. Misty is wearing sleep clothes. Quincy is obviously surprised and a little guilty by her presence and getting caught.


Misty – What’re you doing, Babe?


2nd Panel – Same shot but Quincy is calmer and facing Misty.

Quincy – I have to get around to building you legs.


3rd Panel – Misty alone, flexing her flesh and bone arm an tapping the muscle with the pointer finger of the other hand.

Misty – Why? I’ve got my tail when I need it and wheeling myself around keeps my body strong. I don’t want to depend on machines too much.


4th Panel – Reverse angle, Quincy and Misty still facing each other but with the big screen beyond them.

Quincy – It just doesn’t seem right.

Misty – You’re avoiding the question, Babe. Why’re you’re up so late.


5th Panel – long, thin panel similar to 1st panel of first page but with both silhouetted against the screen.

Quincy (small) – I think I might be bad.

Misty – What’re you talking about?


Page 3


1st Panel – Close up of Quincy, frantic and haunted.

Quincy – I think I’m bad. I looked myself up in this database from all these different realities and in every one, I’m a criminal.


2nd Panel – Same shot but panned out a little and with Misty in frame, her arm around his shoulders.

Misty – So? I’m sure there are some where I’m a criminal, too.


3rd Panel – Back to Quincy alone, even more frantic as he works the controls.

Quincy – No, you’re not. No matter, what you always seem like a good guy.


4th Panel – Shot of Misty during the Civil War fighting beside Captain America on the screen.

Quincy (off panel) – Even when you’re a criminal, you’re still good.


Page 4


1st Panel – Misty is using her impressive upper body strength to climb out of her chair and into Quincy’s lap.

Misty – Ok, so I’m good even when I’m bad. You already knew that, Babe. But I know you’re good, too.


2nd Panel – Misty is in Quincy’s lap but he looks resistant.

Quincy – No, I’m not. Every time, I have the accident then I get the arms and tail and I become a bad guy.


3rd Panel – Close up on their faces

Misty – Well, there you go. That could make anyone go bad.


4th Panel – Quincy is drawing away, noticeably.

Quincy – Not you. You’re still good. And all these others lost their arms but didn’t go bad.


Page 5


1st Panel – Misty is holding his face with both hands.

Misty – Whatever, I don’t care. I know you, Babe. You’re not bad. Whatever happened to the other ones didn’t happen to you and you’re not bad.


2nd Panel – Quincy is hugging her close but there is still a troubled expression on his face.

Quincy – Yeah, I guess you’re right.


3rd Panel – Misty has drawn away again. They are smiling at each other.

Misty – Of course I am. Now, take me back to bed. It’s too late to think about this foolishness.

Quincy – I’m not going to argue with that.


4th Panel – Shot of Quincy’s back as he is walking away with Misty in his arms. His face cannot be seen because of the angle but she is looking back over his shoulder and is clearly worried and uncertain.

Misty – That’s my man.


5th Panel – This one should be a tall thin one down the right side of the page. It shows the scrren with the 616 Bushmaster in full, lethal fury.

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