Minotaurs and Amazons. The Battle of the Sexes

I’ve previously mentioned races from my homebrew campaign.  The reptilian Naga and Saurians form an important part of the Ravnivori Empire.  Here are two more.  To outsiders, it seems fairly likely that Amazons and Minotaurs are actually the two genders of the same species that split long ago.  Mentioning this in the presence of either an Amazon or a Minotaur is a sure way to get a black eye, split lip or broken bone.

Amazons are a race native to the lands of the Almati. They revere strength, cunning, endurance and skill, but more specifically, they respect these traits in women. Amazons consider women the pinnacle of all things and men little more than dumb brutes. They are loath recognize even obvious accomplishments by men. Amazons reproduce by breeding with human, elven, or, occasionally minotaur males and produce both male and female children. Amazons consider giving birth to male children a sign of weakness and somewhat embarrassing and will often leave this children out to die from exposure or trade their male children for the female children of neighboring non-Amazon communities. Males in Amazon society are treated as second class citizens at best. Most believe that the Amazons broke away from one or more human tribes in the distant past and developed their culture as a way of protecting themselves from the predations of male dominated tribes around them. Amazons believe that they were created by their goddess, Amaz to represent and protect all that is good in women. Amazons are tall, ranging in height from 5’6” to over 6’ tall. They have powerful, lean builds with very little body fat. Amazons favor weapons that accentuate their skill and speed such as spears, and thin bladed swords. They are also excellent shots with thrown weapons and bows. They prefer to wear light or no armor and often use shields of all kinds.  Amazons have a close link with horses and are some of the finest cavalry in Almatia and the Emire in general.

Graceful:  Amazons are naturally lithe and start with a d6 in Agility

Martial Training:  Due to the training Amazons receive in their youth they start with a free d6 in shooting or riding.

Loyal:  Amazons are loyal to a fault.  They will not abandon a comrade and will fight for a friend’s safety until the end.

Cultures: Amazons are native to both Almatia and Ravnivori and may choose either culture.


Minotaurs are the opposites of the Amazons in many ways. They respect strength, endurance, size and brutality and they respect them even more in males. They consider males superior to females in all ways and treat the women in their society as second class citizens at best. Minotaurs reproduce by breeding with human, elven, or, occasionally, Amazon women. Male children produced by these unions are always Minotaurs while female children retain the stock of their mothers. Minotaurs view producing female heirs as something of a failure and will at times kill or sell these children, especially if they are the Minotaur’s firstborn. Almatian and Ravnivori myth hold that Minotaurs are the result of a man who was cursed by the gods because of his mindless temper. Minotaurs, of course, have a different belief. They believe that they were handcrafted by their god, Tauronus as paragons of masculinity. Minotaurs are invariably huge, towering over the other races at 7’ to 8’ in height with powerful, thick builds. They have the heads of bulls and fur covered bodies. Their fur can be white, brown, gray or black, and spotted coats are not uncommon. Their eyes are generally yellow, brown or red. Horns are considered a sign of strength and fertility amongst Minotaurs and the bigger they are, the better. Minotaurs prefer to use weapons that accentuate their size and brutal strength such as massive axes and hammers. Their armor is often light, as it is a point of pride and courage for them to enter battle with little or no protection.

Massive:  Minotaurs are naturally larger and more powerful than most other races.  They start with a d6 in Strength.  They can also carry 8 times their strength score unhindered rather than the 5 times normal for most races.

Bullheaded:  Minotaurs are extremely arrogant.  They routinely underestimate the prowess and abilities of not only females, but other races and even other minotaurs.  A Minotaur will argue his point to the death once he’s made up his mind and will often attempt to defeat his enemies in the most contemptuous ways, relying on his strength to pummel his foes into submission rather than thinking through the consequences.

Cultures: Minotaurs originated in Almatia, but a large colony of them now live in Shan. Thus, they may chose either Almatian or Shan for their culture.


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