Exiles #7 – Moon Raptor and Devil Boy

Did anyone remember that Devil Dinosaur wasn’t actually from the Savage Land? He’s from some weird planet that’s basically a planet sized Savage Land, which means that he’s actually probably not a dinosaur but rather some sort of alien species that just looks like a dinosaur.

Although, as research for this, I was looking up the races in the Savage Land and I think that it must actually be a planet. In addition to the Fall and Sun People, which the X-Men encounter again and again, there are also at least 3 types of lizard people, 2 groups of Ape Men and several types of pteranodon men. Plus the Zebra people and two types of feather winged people and…well, given how many different tribes live in the place and how many areas they want us to think are wild, it seems like there should be no room for anything on the world’s largest continent other than the primordial world of the Savage Land. It’s a prime example of too many writers thinking of a place as a good idea and a blank canvas when it’s actually a good idea with an enormous continuity to mine. I mean, there can be no need to create a 3rd group of lizard people when there are already 2.

In my opinion, that is the problem with Marvel’s continuity and getting in new readers. The answer is not to ignore the continuity because it’s too complex, the answer is to actually pay attention to the continuity so that it doesn’t get too complex. If the writers can’t be bothered to do a little research and care about what’s been established, you can’t expect the readers to. The Marvel universe is a ridiculously rich world and part of what makes it great is that complexity. Instead of ditching that, they should capitalize on it.

Ok…soapbox put away. Back to the task at hand. I went ahead and flipped the species on these two. Part of the reason was just to make them different from the 616 versions. But most of the reason was, how much cooler is a tiny dinosaur running around with a giant ape man than vice versa?


Fighting:     GD

Agility:      RM

Strength:     TY


Reason:       GD

Intuition:     GD

Psyche:       PR


Health:        56

Karma:       24

Resources:   FB





Bite:   Moon-Raptor’s bite does Typical Edged damage


Talents: Moon-Raptor can ride Devil Boy with Amazing ability. He can also communicate with Devil Boy on a basic level through unknown means. He has the Acrobatics and Tumbling talents. His vocal cords are not suited to speaking human languages but he can understand English.


Contacts: Ka-Zar, Shana the She-Devil


Devil Boy

Fighting:     GD

Agility:      TY

Strength:     MN


Reason:       TY

Intuition:     PR

Psyche:       FE


Health:        191

Karma:       12

Resources:   FB





Stomp:   Devil Boy can stomp in one of two ways. He can stomp with one leg into any adjacent area, causing Monstrous damage. He can also leap up to 2 areas away and stomp with both legs, causing Unearthly damage. The leaping stomp is so unpredictable that anyone trying to Dodge it receives a -1CS.


Movement: Devil Boy can move at Remarkable Land Speed or Leap up to 3 areas.


Tracking: Devil Boy can track prey by smell at Incredible rank.


Body Armor: Devil Boy’s natural hide acts as Monstrous body armor against physical attacks and Amazing against most energy attacks. He has Class 1000 resistance to heat and fire.

Background: Moon-Raptor and Devil Boy come from the Savage Land. Moon-Raptor was a member of the Small Claws, a pack of intelligent Deinonychus. He received his name from his superstitious pack mates because of his lack of fear of nighttime.

During one of his nocturnal wanderings, he was captured by a tribe of Gorankians. The savages planned to sacrifice him along with one of their own young. The Gorankian child was a mutant throwback and was covered in fur, the reason why he was being sacrificed.

Moon-Raptor managed to escape, but not before his fellow sacrifice was dipped into the odd red lava that the Gorankian’s worshiped as a symbol of their gods. Surprisingly, the young Gorankian was still alive, thanks to his mutation and the two managed to flee together.

The odd energies in the lava continued to interact with the boy’s strange metabolism and made him grow and grow and grow until he reached a height of 25 feet. Moon-Raptor started to refer to his travelling companion as “Devil.” The two engaged in a number of adventures in their Savage Land, coming into contact with their version the Sun People, the Fall People and many other tribes and even becoming regular allies of Ka-zar, Zabu and Shana the She Devil.

The five of them joined forces when they discovered that their realm had been invaded by outsiders. These outsiders were members of Roxxon’s Nth Command and were exploiting this Savage Land for their own alternate reality. The Savage Land Defenders attacked but were beaten back by the Nth Command’s Serpent Society who were acting as guards for the installation. The timely arrival of the Exiles tipped the balance in their favor, however and the Nth Command was forced to flee back to their own reality.

When the Exiles returned to Otherworld, Moon-Raptor and Devil Boy tagged along, sneaking through the portal with them. Rather than banishing them back to their world, the Exiles adopted the pair.

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