Exiles #11 Knight Errant

I actually wasn’t planning on writing this character up.  He was just going to be a plot device.  But then, the conjunction between his dad and teleporting and his swashbuckling nature was just too compelling.  I might play around with the relative times and ages.  I think it would be really interesting if there was an Amanda Sefton in the Otherverse waiting for him to fall in love with again.

Also, I need to write up a robot.  I’ve hit all the other classes of character from the Old Marvel Super Heroes game and I’m missing that one.  And when I think about it, there actually aren’t that many robots in the Marvel Universe…Maybe a version of Nimrod.

Knight Errant

Kurt Szardos

Fighting:     EX

Agility:      AM

Strength:     GD

Endurance: IN

Reason:       GD

Intuition:     EX

Psyche:       RM


Health:        120

Karma:       60

Resources:   GD

Popularity: 4




Teleportation: Knight Errant can transport himself across Feeble distances (2-3 miles) with ease. Exceeding his normal range limits is possible, but requires an Endurance FEAT. Failing this roll indicates disorientation or even unconsciousness for 1-10 turns. Teleporting with 1-2 passengers causes everyone’s Abilities and Powers to drop by 2CS for two turns after the transfer. As a Power Stunt, Knight Errant can teleport away with part of a non-living target, severing it and causing Amazing damage.


Prehensile Tail: Knight Errant’s tail can be used to attack a foe with Good Fighting rank.



Teleport Disc: This mystical symbol can be used in conjunction with his mutant teleportation power to teleport himself and others through time and space. After a successful Psyche FEAT roll, the disc teleports him to the desired destination. A failed roll indicates a misjump, either in distance (up to one-quarter mile away) or in time. If the FEAT fails, the final destination could be 1-10 days, weeks, months, or years in the past or future. Also using his Psyche FEAT roll, he can make the disc appear beneath other characters and teleport them involuntarily. The target may Dodge if warned. When using the Teleport Disc, Knight Errant negates the penalties normally incurred when teleporting passengers.


Soulsword: Knight Errant can automatically summon a Soulsword, a physical manifestation of his status as protector of his realm. It causes Monstrous damage to any magical creature it strikes, using the Edge Weapon column. If swung through a character or item that is magically controlled, possessed, or transformed, Knight Errant is allowed a Psyche FEAT roll with a +2 CS bonus to break the spell and return the being or item to its original state without otherwise damaging it. The Soulsword has SX material strength and does Knight Errant’s strength in damage against non-magical creatures, machinery, or robots.


Body Armor: If Knight Errant uses his Soulsword in combat, magical body armor appears on him. Its protection begins with Excellent strength and improves by one rank each time he uses his Soulsword in combat, to a maximum of Monstrous. It remains for up to five rounds after the final time he has used the Soulsword.


Weakness: Whenever Knight Errant teleports he produces a loud BAMF, a puff of smoke, and a strong smell of brimstone (sulphur). He is currently barred from teleporting into Limbo.


Talents: He is an Olympic-class athlete. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and fencing.


Contacts: Margali and Jimaine Szardos


Background: Kurt Szardos is Mystique’s unwanted child by the demon lord Belasco. Happy to be free of the curse that went along with her pregnancy and eager to forget the torment that surrounded his conception, Mystique abandoned the baby almost immediately after he was born.


Kurt was placed in the care of the hospital staff but only for a few days. It was at that point that the baby’s mutant ability manifested and he teleported for the first time. His demonic heritage came into play as well and, rather than teleporting across space, he teleported across dimensions, Limbo calling its errant scion home.


But time passes differently in Limbo and what was only a few weeks on Otherworld was months in Limbo. In the time since Mystique had left, the demonic denizens of the realm rose up in rebellion against Julia Carpenter, woman known as the Spider Queen and the de facto ruler left in the wake of Belasco’s death. She had little skill or knowledge in the mystic arts and within days it became obvious that she was going to be overwhelmed.


Fortunately for her, a woman named Margali Svardos, a gypsy fortune teller from Earth fled to Limbo. The woman and her newborn daughter were being chased by a group of superstitious villagers and used her magical abilities to desperately create a portal to a random dimension. Without Belasco or any other powerful magic wielders in Limbo, Margali was instantly transformed into the Sorceress Supreme of the pocket dimension. Carpenter knew she was out of her depth and happily stepped down as ruler of the dimension. She continued to use her powers to help defend the realm, though.


It was into this conflict that Mystique’s newborn son teleported. Svardos and Carpenter were suspicious of the demonic appearing child, at first, especially given that Margali sensed who his father was. But, she could not put aside her maternal feelings and raised the boy alongside her own daughter.


It proved to be the right choice as the boy, who they named Kurt, was incredibly loyal to not only Svardos and Carpenter but his adopted sister Jimaine Svardos and Julia’s daughter, Rachel, as well. The human denizens of Limbo managed to reach a balance with the demons who lived there, though there was constant unrest under the surface.


Though they were raised almost like brother and sister, by the time they were teenagers, Kurt and Jimaine had developed romantic feelings for each other. They secretly courted each other, though Margali, with her supernatural perceptions was able to easily ferret it out. As she trusted and liked Kurt, she found little need to curb the relationship and actually fostered it.


She and Julia also fostered the superhuman abilities of all three young people. Jimaine was trained in her inherent mystical abilities while Kurt was drilled in his mutant abilities and both he and Rachel were taught swordplay and hand to hand combat.


As she grew older Jimaine proved to be a more powerful spellcaster than her mother and by the time she was in her late teens, Limbo chose her to replace Margali as Sorceress Supreme. The demon population knew that if Jimaine was allowed to grow into her newfound position, they would never be able to overtake her and rose up under the command of a demon named N’asym.


A savage war broke out and Margali was slain early on. Remorseful as they were, her death only steeled their resolve and the humans started to turn the tide. At least until N’asym managed to ambush Knight Errant, as Kurt had begun to be called. The demon lord managed to sabotage the teleport disc that Margali and Jimaine had created for him and the next time he used it, it teleported him out of Limbo and barred him from returning. Without being able to teleport to his desired destination, he instinctively teleported to his next closest relative.


Mystique was quite surprised and less than pleased to discover that she had an adult son. Knight Errant was desperate to return to his realm to ensure that his loved ones won their war but N’asym had planned too well and closed the dimension off from any incursions.


He fell into a depression as he discovered that he could not return but was the sort of person who could not leave people in need without helping them. He joined the Exiles, an action that caused Mystique more than a little discomfort and lead her to leave the team.


Far more unusual than being reunited with the mother he never knew, he discovered that the woman who had cared for him when he was a newborn was a doppelganger for his adopted mother, Margali Svardos. Even more unsettling for him is the fact that the version of Jimaine that he is now around is only a toddler.

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