Exiles #12 The Savage Beast

Ok, so I totally didn’t get away from the mutant thing.  But I am working on a robot…a robot closely related to mutants, I have to admit but still, a robot!

This week’s mutant came directly from one of the best crossovers Marvel has ever done.  It was also one of the first.  The earliest crossovers weren’t necessarily cross company but generally focused on the Mutants.  Honestly, in my opinion, they’ve slowly declined over the years with just a few bright spots.  The Mutant Massacre, The Fall of the Mutants, Inferno.  Best…Crossovers…Ever.  And ones that have repercussions that have flowed down to modern times.

I wasn’t actually reading X-Factor when the Fall of the Mutants came out and it would take years before I realized just how company spanning this character’s career was.  As far as I can tell, the only major Marvel Team he was never in was the Fantastic Four.

I was really fascinated by him at this point, too.  He’s gone through a lot of mutations, too.  This is one of my favorite versions.  The choice he had to make between having to use his boosted abilities and losing his intellect, which was basically another mutation was always interesting.

I also really liked Apocalypse.  Even now, if I was a mutant in the Marvel Universe, there is a not particularly small part of me that would want to sign up to be a Horsemen.  I’d flatline SOOO many flatscans.

The Infectia storyline didn’t last very long.  Just a couple of issues, not unlike Crimson and the Ravens.  I suspect they were just filler issues, though they both felt like they had a lot of room to run in.

Also, I want there to be a buddy cop style comic where the Beast and the Original Ant-Man team up and solve crimes with their scientific prowess.  It would be called “Hank and Hank.”

Also…I want to write a rap with the line “I’m a Beast, like the real McCoy.”

Savage Beast

Henry “Hank” McCoy

Fighting:     IN

Agility:      IN

Strength:     AM

Endurance: RM

Reason:       FE

Intuition:     EX

Psyche:       FE


Health:        160

Karma:       24

Resources:   RM (30)

Popularity: 0




Feet and Hands: The Savage Beast can use his feet as a second set of hands, giving him a +1CS when wrestling. Both are substantially larger than the human norm.


Climbing: The Savage Beast’s dexterity is so good and the muscles in his feet and hands are so developed that he can climb any wall or hang from any ceiling that can give him purchase (such as brick or concrete, but not smooth steel or glass) with Remarkable skill.


Balance: The Savage Beast’s balance is such that the can walk a tightrope automatically and a slack rope with an Agility FEAT roll. His sense of balance helps him to fall up to three stories (30 feet) without receiving damage, provided he lands on his feet (Agility FEAT roll). He can prevent damage from a longer fall by grabbing and swinging off protrusions in the fall’s path every 3 stories (flagpoles, lampposts, etc.), as long as the keeps making Agility FEAT rolls.


Leaping: The Savage Beast’s Strength is considered Monstrous for leaping purposes.

Hank has one power stunt he has developed with his leaping technique:

The Savage Beast can make a “banked shot” which allows him to bounce from several walls and stop his momentum by crashing into an opponent. When the Savage Beast performs this maneuver, he is considered to be Dodging with Remarkable Agility, and strikes on the Charging column with Incredible Endurance.


Lightning Speed: The Savage Beast’s ground speed should be considered Remarkable when sprinting. He must make a successful Endurance FEAT roll (modified by – 1 CS for every round of continuous sprinting) or suffer – 1 CS in all actions taken during the round in which he stops.


Bite: The Savage Beast’s elongated snout and razor sharp teeth allow him to do Incredible edged attack damage with a bite.


Talents: Though his intellect has been dramatically reduced, Hank McCoy retains much of his knowledge of Biochemistry, Genetics and Electronics. He uses Acrobatics, Tumbling and Martial Arts C in combat. His capacity for speech is highly limited but he understands French, Italian and Russian.


Contacts: The Savage Beast is a former member of the X-Men, X-Factor, the Avengers, and Defenders. His contacts with the Brand Corporation, his former employer, and with universities where he acted as a campus speaker, are tenuous at best.


Background: Henry McCoy is a mutant whose powers were in evidence since his birth. His oversized hands and simian feet were obvious even as a baby. As a youth, McCoy’s superhuman agility earned him recognition as a star football player. It was then that Professor Charles Xavier learned of him and invited him to join his School for Gifted Youngsters. As a member of Professor Xavier’s original X-Men, McCoy was given the code name “Beast.” Upon graduation from Xavier’s school, McCoy was hired as a genetic researcher at the Brand Corporation. There he isolated a chemical catalyst that triggered mutations and sampled the serum in hopes of changing his appearance enough that he could ferret out enemy agents at the facility. The serum caused fur to grow over his entire body, enlarged his canine teeth, and increased his already prodigious athletic ability. By remaining too long in this altered state, McCoy learned that he could not return to his former appearance. Over time, he learned to accept his more bestial appearance. Leaving Brand, he joined the Avengers and became a full-time adventurer. The Beast left the Avengers after a distinguished stint of service and joined the Defenders, which he decided to reorganize into a more formal and cohesive team. Still later he and the other members of Xavier’s first “class” of X-Men reunited to form the team known as X-Factor.

Early in his X-Factor career, McCoy was subjected to experiments by a former co-worker, Carl Maddicks, that inadvertently restored him to his original human form. As a member of X-Factor he also played the part of an “X-Terminator,” a cover identity that allowed the members of X-Factor to operate covertly as mutants. During a battle with Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen, the Beast was infected by Pestilence. As a result, his intellect decreased every time he pushed his strength.


Pestilence was slain in the conflict and Apocalypse took this as a sign of her weakness. He replaced her with another young mutant named Infectia.


The new roster of Horsemen attacked again, and Beast discovered the full extent of his affliction. In the course of the battle, he was forced to push his strength again and again, the virus steadily reducing his intellect until he was little more than a mindless animal. Infectia managed to touch him at this point and her own mutant ability further mutated him as well as placing him in her thrall.


The Horsemen were further augmented by Caliban and Infectia’s Antibodies as well as Apocalypse’s Alliance of Evil, and the heroes of New York were unable to stand against them. Apocalypse claimed Manhattan as his base of operations and began culling and experimenting on the human population in preparation for spreading his reign over the rest of the world.


The Exiles arrived and they and the native heroes made a final, desperate assault on Apocalypse and his minions. They narrowly managed to vanquish Apocalypse and, without his guiding vision, his followers fell into in fighting and disarray. Infectia was killed by Archangel in his guise as Death. His former friend viewed the Savage Beast with nothing but disdain and almost killed him as well. The Exiles managed to save him and swept them back to their headquarters in the hopes of eventually finding a cure for his affliction.

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