Exiles #13 Nimrod

I told you I would get to a robot, eventually.  Granted, he’s a very mutant-centric robot, but he’s a robot, nonetheless.

I, like pretty much everyone else who’s read a comic book, really enjoyed the Days of Future Past storyline and even though Nimrod was not in it, he is directly related.

I, unlike pretty much everyone else who’s read a comic book, was never that impressed by the original Phoenix.  Jean Grey never appealed to me, though, strangely enough, her clone Madelyne Pryor did.  Maybe it’s because, by the time I started reading, the Phoenix Saga had already been bastardized.

Who I did like was the second Phoenix.  In fact, Rachel Summers, more than any other character was the reason I picked up Excalibur.  And, she was one of the prime movers in what is one of the best miniseries ever.  X-Men Vs. Alpha Flight is a highly underrated book.  In fact, you should all try to get a hold of a copy of the Asgardian Wars TPB, right now.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

Back?  Ok.  So, Before she was in Excalibur, Rachel was part of the X-Men…sort of.  She was in a sort of no man’s land between New Mutants and X-Men.  But her story in Uncanny and with the Hellfire Club was awesome.  And this guy played an important part, though only at the end.

What was most fascinating about him was the way he was slowly becoming…human.  Nimrod started to surpass his programming to become more.   This was a story explored even further when he got merged with with Master Mold…but this version comes from before that.



Nicholas Hunter


Fighting:     AM

Agility:      AM

Strength:     AM

Endurance: ShX

Reason:       RM

Intuition:     RM

Psyche:       EX


Health:        300

Karma:       80

Resources:   IN

Popularity: 10




Body Armor: Amazing Resistance to physical and energy attacks.


Disintegrator: Incredible rank.


Energy Beam: A variety of Monstrous intensity beams that can be fired from his eyes, hands, and chest. Maximum range is 4 areas. Known rays included Radiation, Light, Lasers, Magnetism, and Heat.


Force Field Generation: Incredible protection from physical and energy attacks.


Hypersensitive Senses: Class 1000 sight, hearing, and radio links. He does not suffer extra damage from sensory attacks.


Neural Manipulation: Upon contact, a target must make an Endurance FEAT or be stunned for 1-10 turns. If Nimrod grabbed them, they must make a Red Endurance FEAT or remain unconscious until let go.


Power Detection: Excellent rank and range.


Power Negation: The ability to temporarily negate all mental or psionic powers within 1 area. Affected people must make a Red FEAT to retain their powers.


Self-Repair: Good ability to repair himself if he has 10% of his Health left and enough time to make repairs (15 Health points are returned every half hour.) For each 20 points restored, the repairs temporarily lower at least one power -2CS.


Shapechange: Nimrod can transform himself into appearing human.


Shockweb: Remarkable Intensity energy field that can be created up to 2 areas away. The Shockweb has the equivalent of Amazing Material Strength and Remarkable Stunning.


Teleportation: Feeble range (5 miles)


Tractor Beam: Monstrous Telekinetic power to either repel or attract a target. It propels a target 1 area for each rank exceeding Good level. Targets suffer power rank damage.


Contacts: If it can make contact, Project Nimrod can supply aid. Modern Sentinels might assist Nimrod if they were convinced of Nimrod’s connection to them.


Background: After Project: Wideawake came online in the early 21st Century, the Sentinels were quickly able to overtake the United States and eliminate all resistance. Even an attempt by rogue mutant elements to travel back in time to stop the program before it was even started was thwarted.


International condemnation and even internal dissent was ignored by the Sentinels who had subverted their original programming and were keeping the human citizens of the US under their metal alloy thumbs. With their base country well in hand, the Sentinels turned their mechanical eyes out, following their programming to its next logical conclusion.


Mexico, Central and South America fell relatively quickly, as they had neither the super powered population nor high technology level necessary to stem the robotic tide of destruction. Pockets of resistance remain, though they are few and far between.


Canada would likely have followed suit but for one, surprising development. The mutant named Madison Jeffries was able to reshape and manipulate Sentinels as easily as any other machinery. Codenamed “Arsenal X” Jeffries not only stopped the Sentinel invasion dead in its tracks when they attempted to cross over into Canadian territory but, with the aid of various Flights (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Psi, Omega, etc.) pushed them back, steadily liberating pieces of America. Even the special metal free Sentinels created to slay Magneto were ineffective against Arsenal X.


Growing increasingly desperate, the Sentinels started Project: Nimrod in the hopes of killing the Canadian mutant and pushing their grip over the entire world. The Sentinel created by this program was easily the most advanced ever made. One of the innovations used was a disguise system that gave Nimrod the ability to appear human.


But the Sentinel itself was only half the Project. The other half involved theoretical physics. As Arsenal X made a final push to destroy the Sentinels powerbase, Nimrod was sent back in time. After all, what better way to destroy your enemy than to do it before he is your enemy.


Nimrod began hunting his quarry immediately, but, without knowing exactly where Jeffries was, it was a slow process. He used his disguise ability to blend in with the human society surrounding him.


But other aspects of his programming, namely the need to protect normal humans, came to the fore in the meantime. Nimrod actually became and adventuring hero and even joined the Avengers while trying to find a good angle from which to attack Jeffries.


As time passed, Nimrod started to think less and less about his primary programming and even began questioning his purpose. By the time he finally encountered Jeffries in one of those random meetings between super hero teams that involved the Avengers, Alpha Flight and the Exiles, he no longer believed killing the man was for the best.


Still, his primary programming was strong and the longer he lingered near Jeffries the more powerful it became. Desperate not to obey, he followed the Exiles as they returned to Otherworld. Not knowing that he was a potential timebomb and a danger to any Jeffries they encountered going forward, and knowing just how powerful and effective he was, the Exiles happily welcomed him to the Team.


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