Savage Jamming

This one’s going to be short guys.  So, the Savage Worlds Sci Fi companion has inspired me to revamp how I do the ships in my homebrew Spelljammer/Savage Worlds hybrid game.  I always wanted to be able to build things a little more modularly and the mod system from the sci fi companion does that for a different genre.  This is just the beginning, the ship categories and the main weapons but there’ll be mods that can customize everything soon.  I’m trying to decide if I’m going to make my players recreate their ship using these rules.  Or even offer them the chance to.

Ship rules

Size: Refers to the size of the vessel relative to others and affects some mod rules.

Acc/TS: How quickly the ship picks up speed and the maximum speed the ship can attain.

Handling:  The modifier applied to all piloting rolls.  A measure of how maneuverable the vessel is.

Crew:  The minimum crew needed to handle the ship followed by the maximum number of people the ship can comfortably carry.

Toughness:  The toughness of the vessel with the ship’s armor in parenthesis

Wounds: How many times the vessel can be damaged before being destroyed.

Mods: The number of mod points the ship has.

Cost:  The base cost of the vessel without any mods or weapons.

Small (Skiff/Sloop) –

Size 8 Acc/TS 4/10 Handling +2

Crew 2 + 7 Toughness 13(2) Wounds 1

Mods 25 Cost 15,000 Cargo

Notes Heavy Armor


Medium (Frigate/Galley) –

Size 12 Acc/TS 2/10 Handling +0

Crew 10 + 22 Toughness 15(2) Wounds 2

Mods 30 Cost 20,000 Cargo

Notes Heavy Armor


Large (Brigantine) –

Size 16 Acc/TS 2/10 Handling -1

Crew 15 + 30 Toughness 16(4) Wounds 3

Mods 40 Cost 25,000 Cargo

Notes Heavy Armor


Huge (Dreadnought) –

Size 20 Acc/TS 2/8 Handling -2

Crew 25 + 45 Toughness 19(4) Wounds 4

Mods 50 Cost 70,000 Cargo

Notes Heavy Armor


Gargantuan (Galleon) –

Size 24 Acc/TS 2/8 Handling – 3

Crew 35 + 30 Toughness 24(4) Wounds 5

Mods 70 Cost 125,000 Cargo

Notes Heavy Armor




Type Range Damage ROF Cost Mods Notes

Light 25/50/100 2d12 1 150 1 Heavy Weapon (Reaction Fire)

Medium 25/50/100 3d8 1 200 2 Heavy Weapon

Heavy 50/100/200 4d8 1 450 3 Heavy Weapon


Type Range Damage ROF Cost Mods Notes

Light 50/100/200 2d12 1 200 1 AP 5, Heavy Weapon MBT

Medium 50/100/200 3d8 1 300 2 AP10, Heavy Weapon, MBT

Heavy 75/150/300 4d8 1 700 3 AP20, Heavy Weapon


Type Range Damage ROF Cost Mods Notes

Light 75/150/300 2d6+2 1 1 300 2 AP2, Heavy Weapon

Medium 75/150/300 3d6+1 1 500 3 AP4, Heavy Weapon

Heavy 100/200/400 3d8+1 1 1000 4 AP8, Heavy Weapon

The crew required to man a weapon is equal to the number of Mods it takes up. For each crew member the weapon is short, it takes an additional round to reload it.


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