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First things first, the first chapter to the sequel to the book I co-wrote, Island of Lost Forevers, is up – .  It is called Crossroads of Frozen Eternity and it will be available at the end of the month.

I got a lot more of this done.  Once I started with the modifications, there were a lot running around in my head, both ones that I’d seen and toyed with in various locations before.  The original post with the ship classifications and their base stat blocks as well as the weapons that can be used to kit them out is here: .  I’m probably going to end up increasing the price on the weapons.  And maybe altering some stuff on the catapults.  They seem a bit overpowered and the cannons should kind of be the end all of weapons.  I’m working up the stats and descriptions of ships inspired by the source material and at least one original ship design.  I’ll throw those up soon.

Amphibious (1)

Most void runners are designed to land either on land or in water. When the ship is designed, either landing type can be selected for free. This mod enables the ship to perform both types of landing.

Mods: Half Size         Cost: 2500 x Size


Armor (Size)

The outer hull of the ship has been strengthened or replaced by sturdier materials. Each time this is taken, the ship’s armor value is increased by 2.

Mods: 1           Cost: 500 x Size


Autoloader (U)

Either through a series of clockwork mechanisms, magic or a combination of both, some of the work required to reload this weapon is automated. This reduces the number of crew needed to man the weapon by 1 but cannot reduce it below 1. A crewman must still be available to aim and fire the weapon.

Mods: 1           Cost: 100 x Weapon Mods


Cargo Hold (U)

While most Void Runners are capable of carrying some cargo, some vessels are designed specifically for that purpose. Each time this modification is taken, the ship gains 25 cargo spaces. However, it also subtracts 1 from the ship’s base toughness as having such an expansive hold compromises the vessel’s structural integrity.

Mods: 10         Cost: 10,000


Crew Decrease (U)

This ship is designed to be handled with fewer men. Each time this is taken, the number of Crew required to efficiently run the ship is decreased by 4 and the number of extra passengers is increased by 4. The required crew can never be reduced below 1.

Mods: 1           Cost: 5,000


Crew Increase (U)

The design of this ship is not as efficient as others and requires more manpower than normal. Each time this is taken, the number of Crew required to efficiently run the ship is increased by 4 and the number of extra passengers is decreased by 4. The number of extra passengers can never be reduced below 0.

Mods: -1          Cost: –


Enclosed Decks

While the upper decks of most Void Runners are left open to provide more operational space, this also leaves much of the crew exposed to danger in combat. Some vessels have all of their decks completely enclosed, providing protection to all crew members. Any crew member affected by a “Crew” hit critical can subtract the ships armor from the damage they take. Boarding attacks against a ship with Enclosed Decks are at a -2. Additionally, if someone tries to attack a crew member directly, he is considered to have heavy cover.

Mods: Quarter Size     Cost: 500 x Size


Grappling Ram (1)

Grappling rams are specialized weapons designed to hold an enemy ship in place for boarding actions. Ships can only affect vessels of equal or smaller. The attacker makes an opposed Piloting roll at -2 vs the defender’s Piloting. Once the target is grappled it may try to escape but this requires an opposed piloting roll at -4 to the grappled crew vs. the attacker’s piloting.

Mods: 3           Cost: 10,000


Handling Decrease (3)

This ship is particularly clumsy and unresponsive to the commands of the crew. Each time it is taken, the ship’s handling is worsened by 1.

Mods: -1          Cost: –


Handling Increase (3)

The ship’s hull and control plane designs are particularly efficient and effective. Each time this is taken, the ship’s handling improves by 1.

Mods: 1           Cost: 2,500 x Size


Landing Incapable (1)

While most ships are capable of either water or terrestrial landings, some are not designed for either. They are capable of both void and air travel but, because of their structures they are neither water tight nor capable of supporting their own weight on land. While the vessel can hover near any surface, it must be constantly manned with a full crew and any gusts of wind could potentially cause a crash.

Mods: – Half Size        Cost: –


Life Support (1)

While all Void Runners have an air envelope that keeps breathable air available for the crew for a certain amount of time, some vessels require longer term life support. This can be accomplished, usually through magical, but occasionally through mechanical means. A Void Runner equipped with a life support system can sustain a normal sized crew indefinitely, supplying fresh air, clean water and edible food. If a vessel is overloaded, the life support system continues to provide enough supplies for the normal crew but anything extra taxes the air envelope and provisions as normal.

Mods: Half Size          Cost: 1000 x Size


Living Artillery

Space, air, food and water are always at a premium on a Void Runner. As such, unliving creatures such as undead and automata are used as often as possible and as often as a captain can afford. Living Artillery is the ultimate example of this. These automata are essentially animated versions of ship weapons. They often have fanciful designs and resemble dragons, centaurs, giants or other creatures. No matter what they look like, they combine the effects of a turret and autoloader in their design as they are capable both of walking and reloading themselves. They require no additional crew to load, aim or fire. Though their quality varies widely they are even capable of aiding in repelling boarders.

Mods: Weapon Mods +1       Cost: Weapon Cost + 300 x Weapon Mods + 50 x Shooting die + 50 x Fighting die


Agility: d6, Smarts: d4 (A), Spirit: d6, Strength: Varies, Vigor: Varies

Skills: Fighting varies, Shooting varies

Pace: 5             Parry: varies    Toughness: varies

Special Abilities:

Inherent Weapon: Str + d6 All Living Artillery have melee weapons incorporated in their designs.

Artillery: Each piece of Living Artillery has a ranged attack based on its type as found on the ship weapons table.

Variable Abilities: Each piece of Living Artillery has a number of abilities with various levels as noted below –

Fighting skill = to 50 x die type

Shooting skill = to 50 x die type

Parry – Calculated as usual based on Fighting Skill.

Toughness – Calculated as usual based on Vigor, Size and Armor as shown on table below.

Strength, Vigor, Size and Armor are calculated based on number of mods for the base weapon as shown on the table below:

Mods               Strength          Vigor               Armor              Size

1                      d6                    d6                    1                      0

2                      d8                    d8                    2                      1

3                      d10                  d10                  3                      2

4                      d12                  d12                  4                      3


Passenger Decrease (U)

There is less space on this vessel for passengers, both in actual berths and cabins and in how many people the air envelope can support. Each time this is taken, the number of extra passengers the chip can comfortably carry is reduced by 4. This number can never be reduced below 0.

Mods: -1          Cost: –


Passenger Increase (U)

Extra cabins and berths have been added to the ship and the air envelope has been enhanced. Each time this is taken the number of extra passengers the ship can comfortably carry is increased by 4.

Mods: 1           Cost: 5,000


Ram (1)

The prow of the vessel has been reinforced and shaped to both protect it from damage caused by collisions and enhance the damage inflicted. A vessel equipped with a ram takes only half collision damage when making a ramming attack. Additionally, the ship does an extra d6 damage and the ramming attack has an AP of 4.

Mods: 2          Cost: Size x 500


Reinforced Hull (3)

The skeleton of this vessel has been reinforced and it is particularly durable. Each time this is taken the vessel’s toughness is increased by 2.

Mods: 1           Cost: 500 x Size


Targeting System (U)

Whether a series of lenses and cross hairs, stabilizing mechanisms or illusory marks, the weapon that has a targeting system attached is more accurate than others of its type. The weapon has a bonus from +1 to +3 depending on how fine the targeting system is. This modification has to be assigned to each weapon individually.

Mods: 1          Cost: 500 x Bonus.


Turret (U)

Normally, a ship may only fire half its weapons at a target and only when it has Advantage. Each weapon may be mounted on a 360 degree turret, however. As these weapons can be turned to face an attack from any direction, they may be fired on any round that they are loaded.

Mods: 1           Cost: 250 x Weapon Mods


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