Savage Jamming #3

Crossroads of Frozen Eternity, the sequel to Island of Lost Forevers will be available for purchase next week!  In case you’re not sure how awesome it’s going to be you can read the first three chapters for free here:

Now, on to less important things…

Below are some ships I worked up using the Savage Worlds/Spelljammer mash up I whipped together.  The post with the basic ship frames and weapons is here and all the other cool modifications you can make to them to make them your own is here

Most of the ships below will be familiar to fans of Spelljammer, though with slightly different names and there is one I put together for my own game.  I put them all in context of my homebrew campaign, actually.  I’ll probably make even more as time goes by so keep an eye out for more, later.

Oh, and I’d like to point out that I could NOT find a list of sailing warships by size, anywhere.  I guess it’s probably because, when sailing ships were being made, they were each basically unique.  It’s not like there were universal parts or someone could whip together several in a day or week or even months.  The classifications had to be broad to describe such diverse vessels.

Dragon Brigantine

Size     12        Acc/TS 2/10   Handling +0    Landing Water

Crew   18 + 30            Toughness 19(6)         Wounds 2

Mods   22        Cost     57,400             Cargo 22

Notes Armor x2, Crew Increase x2, Heavy Armor, Passenger Increase x4

Weapons Medium Ballistas x2

Range: 25/50/100        Dam: 3d8                    ROF: 1                        Crew: 2           Notes: Heavy Weapon

This ship design first came to the Ravnivori Empire as a gift to Sokune Shenzen. The ruler of one of the cultures she encountered during her explorations was so taken by her love of knowledge that he gifted one of the ships, as well as a copy of the blue prints to her. Shenzen was grateful but not arrogant about her prize and quickly filled its hold up with new specimens, tomes and scrolls before returning to her home planet.

Her return with a new ship caused a great deal of turmoil as His Most Esteemed Exaltedness the Enlightened Soul and Mind of the Empire, the Shan Emperor immediately demanded that the ship and blueprints be handed over to him. Only the fact that Ravnivorous stepped in and forbade the Shan Emperor from confiscating the ship kept it in Shenzen’s hands, though he did request that she share the blueprints. As Shenzen was always happy to share knowledge, she had no compunctions about obeying this request.

Ravnivorous had the blueprints publicized and the Shan Emperor was quick to begin building his own Dragon Brigantine. The Almatian Senate, fascinated by the design, did so as well with a few notable changes. First, they altered the design to appear more like a western dragon, specifically, Sunchaser. Second, they changed the pagoda on the ship to a parthenon. Finally, they added a cannon to the mouth of the dragon as an additional weapon.

Only Shenzen’s ship and the Emperor’s ship are completed while the Almatian ship, the Eternal Journey, is still in production.

Hammerhead Frigate

Size     16        Acc/TS 2/10    Handling -1     Landing Water

Crew   23 + 36            Toughness 22(6)         Wounds 3

Mods   24        Cost     94,600             Cargo  24

Notes Armor, Crew Increase x2, Heavy Armor, Passenger Increase x4, Ram, Reinforced Hull x2


Weapons Heavy Catapults x2

Range: 75/150/300      Dam: 4d8        RoF: 1             Crew: 3           Notes: AP20, Heavy Weapon

Heavy Ballista

Range: 50/100/200      Dam: 4d8        RoF: 1             Crew: 3           Notes: Heavy Weapon, Turret


The other ship delivered to the followers of Zyrith in prophesy and dreams, the Hammerhead Frigate is a larger, more durable and dangerous vessel than the Squid Corvette. They are the largest ships in the Ravnivori fleet and serve as the core of most military expeditions.

In addition to serving as dreadnoughts, patrol craft and the spearheads of invasions, Hammerhead Frigate, with their large cargo holds and crew capacities also serve as supply ships and troop transports.

Due to the expense and complexity of creating Hammerhead Frigates, there are only 3 currently in service in the Empire, though a fourth the Wrath of the Emperor was built and has recently been lost under mysterious circumstances.

Dwarven Starcutter

Medium (Frigate/Galley) –

Size     12        Acc/TS 2/10   Handling +0    Landing: Land

Crew   10 + 22            Toughness 27(8)         Wounds 2

Mods   9          Cost     69,800             Cargo  9

Notes Armor x3, Autoloader (Heavy Cannon) Enclosed Decks, Heavy Armor, Reinforced Hull x3, Targeting System (Heavy Cannon)

Weapons Heavy Ballista x2

Range: 50/100/200      Dam: 4d8        RoF: 1             Crew: 3           Notes: Heavy Weapon

Heavy Cannon

Range: 100/200/400    Dam: 3d8+1    RoF: 1             Crew: 3           Notes: AP8, Autoloader, Heavy Weapon, Targeting System +1


An old dwarven design brought by the Yoltsov clan when they were inducted into the Empire, the Dwarven Starcutter is a light warship. It has little cargo space, though room for a fair amount of crew, usually marines. As with most dwarf constructions, it is highly durable and can take an incredible amount of damage.


There is only one Dwarven Starcutter, a vessel Vonka provided to her husband to use as a patrol vessel while the Will of Ravnivorous is constructed and to serve as an escort vessel for supply ships to their asteroid home.

Squid Corvette

Size     12        Acc/TS 2/10   Handling +0

Crew   10 + 34            Toughness 20(6)         Wounds 2

Mods   5          Cost     75,850             Cargo  30

Notes Armor x2, Cargo Hold, Heavy Armor, Passenger Increase x3, Ram, Reinforced Hull, Turret (Heavy Catapult)

Weapons Heavy Catapult

Range: 75/150/300      Dam: 4d8        RoF: 1             Crew: 3           Notes: AP20, Heavy Weapon, Turret

Medium Ballista x2

Range: 25/50/100        Dam: 3d8                    ROF: 1                        Crew: 2           Notes: Heavy Weapon

The Squid Corvette along with the Hammerhead Frigate was originally designed by a seafaring race who worshiped Zethyr. Both ships were designed as an homage to their god. Of course, these people were master ship builders and the designs of both ships proved so efficient and capable that they were soon adopted by others. The inspiration for these ships were given to worshipers of Zethyr on Retra when the Empire developed Void Running capabilities and Imperial forces were quite surprised to discover similar vessels in the Void.

The design and size of the squid corvette make it an excellent trade ship, exploratory vessel, supply vessel and troop transport. It lacks the durability and offensive capabilities to serve as a ship of the line like its sibling Hammership but makes an excellent support vessel for a fleet.

Squid Corvettes are one of the most common ships in the Ravnivori fleet with a full 5 of them currently in service. An additional ship that was heavily damaged when it was captured from a group of pirates and that is little more than a hulk now, orbits Retra’s sun closely, serving as an incubator ship for advanced Saurian eggs.

Tradesman Caravel

Size     12        Acc/TS 2/10   Handling +0    Landing: Water

Crew   10 + 22            Toughness 17(4)         Wounds 2

Mods   24        Cost     32,150             Cargo  23

Notes Armor, Heavy Armor, Turret x2

Weapons Light Catapult

Range: 50/100/200      Dam: 2d12                  ROF: 1                        Crew: 1           Notes: AP 5, Heavy Weapon, MBT, Turret

Medium Ballista

Range: 25/50/100        Dam: 3d8                    ROF: 1                        Crew: 2           Notes: Heavy Weapon, Turret

The Tradesman Caravel is the most common ship in the Void. As such, it is little surprise that it was the first ship that the Ravnivori encountered when they first left their home planet. One was quickly confiscated and it was used as a template to build many more.

As the name implies, the most common use for the Tradesman Caravel is as a trading vessel. Most Ravnivori interested in mercantile ventures utilize one or two Tradesman Caravels, sometimes escorted by a larger, more dangerous ship, usually a Squid Corvette, but occasionally a Hammerhead Frigate. They also commonly serve as supply ships, ferrying supplies between Retra and any of the many worlds where Imperial colonies have been established or where the Imperial army is waging war.

Because of its useful design and simple construction needs, the Tradesman Caravel is the most common ship in the Ravnivori fleet. Almost one per year has been created since it was first discovered and the seventh one in the fleet has just left dry dock.


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