Plot Device #4

First things first.  The sequel to Island of Lost Forevers, The Crossroads of Frozen Eternity is now available for purchase.  You can (and should) pick it up here:

It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so, myself.  And I can without being arrogant because at least half the work (probably more) was done by my brilliant co-author Megan Cutler.

Now…on to the show.  A couple weekends ago, I went to an RPG retreat/mini-convention and played with 10 guys who I really like and who are really good gamers.  As usual, I only ran one game (I can’t muster much more at a convention.)  It was a part of my Ravnivori Empire setting.  Below are the notes I took with me as well as where things diverged from those notes thanks to the ungrateful actions of the players and their refusal to follow my brilliant plot.

Have to find some way to move the citadel. Requires new level of helm. <This adventure directly follows the adventure where my main group found the dwarven clan and the rock that would become the citadel.  In fact, one of the players at the con was one of the players from home.  His character is the dwarf that married the leader of the clan.>

Helm requires material that can only be found at the core of a gas giant. <I had a lot of ideas for that this would be.  In the end, I decided on a “wind gem.”  Basically solid air…don’t think about it too hard.  It’s magic!>

Must face a High Zethyrling riding a giant zethyrling and accompanied by several regular Zethyrlings who are attacking a Kindori and her calf. <Since I ended up with only 3 players, I cut this force waaay back to only a single High Zethyrling.  Also, I decided a High Zethyrling was basically the great white of Zethyrlings rather than making it the Deep One version of a Zethyrling.  A Zethyrling is a creature that is the front half of a shark with squid tentacles instead of a tail.  Most are sea going but there are also species that can survive in the Void and can fly.>

Kindori accidentally rams the ship in the haze. Notice roll @ -2 due to fog density to spot, Piloting roll to navigate @ -2 if notice roll was failed. 4d6 damage if piloting roll failed. If doubles are rolled the same damage is applied to a random crewmember. If double sixes are rolled same damage to character. Triples apply to two, etc. <This is the longest section of notes, but the party had no problems with this challenge.>

Wind Gem can be found on a cloud city run by Billadee. <I’ve wanted to include cloud giants in my campaign almost since the beginning but never could figure out how.  Someone suggested I make them occupy cities on Gel, which is a gas giant planet in the Imperial home system.  Seemed like a good idea to me so I went with it.  Also, the name of the city is “Rissian.”  Hopefully, my inspiration for the lead giant is obvious.  It certainly was to the players but then again, we had just played in a Star Wars game that had another Cloud City as a setting.>

“Littles” are servants. <This ended up being a big part of the plot.  I made Billadee really condescending to the party and so were all the other giants.  They are quite cultured and advanced (unlike many giants from many sword and sorcery games) and consider “normal” sized humanoids little more than children.  They were both bemused and befuddled by two ships full of Littles showing up on their doorsteps.>

They mine the stones and will be willing to set up trade. Billadee wants the party to do some activities for him before he agrees to the trade. First night is a drunken party (malt liquor.) (Windcolt 45 if party has caught on). <They totally had caught on but I just called it Malt Liquor so as not to go too overboard.>  Vigor check for all who drink or a fatigue level.

Next night is a dance. Vigor check or drunk, again. <I forgot this check.  But then, going back to the well would have been boring and/or redundant.>  Agility check to avoid getting stomped by dancing giant. <The dwarf missed this one can got Shaken by the experience.>

<I also had some activities between the parties – > Clam hunting. On a different island. Guarded by Blemmyae. <I pulled the stats for both the clams and Blemmyae from the Freeport book.>  Dramatic task to pry them off. Strength for actual task but Agility to do it without spooking the clams (snapping) and alerting the Blemmyae. <It actually wasn’t that dramatic.  They handled it handily.  And they would have massacred the Blemmyae, anyway if they would have come out since they had their ship’s guns aimed at the entrances to the creature’s homes.> Have to be alive or they’ll spoil.

Debate about relative advantage of Giants vs. Littles? <This one didn’t happen.  I couldn’t figure out a way to draw the players in.>

Billadee wants the groups’ help with an affair with Ganey. <Maho-Ganey.>  They need to serve as lookouts/stall the husband. Chase? <This is where one of the players broke.  I don’t know if he just found this personally offensive or if he’d had enough of Billadee’s superior attitude.  Either way, they refused to do it.>

Clearing out the vermin (flying lizards.) <I got the stats for the Flying Lizards from the Freeport Handbook, too.  During the set up for this, I mentioned they’d snatched a Little kid and the party tracked her down.  She wasn’t around much but I imagined her looking like Newt.>

Pirate is waiting for them outside the planet (Vertiliet the Buccaneer?) <I did not use Vertiliet.  Not that anyone know who that is, anyway…>

Another dramatic task to install it? Earth Elemental animated by breath? <None of this was necessary as we’d gotten to the end of the time slot.>

Royal Guard wields gold covered shields and helmets with plumes from exotic animal. <The gold covered shields are a biblical reference I always thought was a cool idea.  I mean, how rich are you that you cover your shield in gold?  And the plumes were from Zergans.>

<Here are the homemade stats I was using.  I worked up the Giants before I had the Fantasy Companion.>


Agility: d6, Smarts: d6, Spirit: d6, Strength: d12 +4, Vigor: d12

Skills: Fighting d8, Guts d8, Intimidation d10, Notice d6, Throwing d8

Pace: 8             Parry: 6            Toughness: 14 (2)

Size +4

Gear: Thick Hides (+2 Armor,) Massive Club (Str + d8), Rocks: (12/24/48 Str+d6)


Agility: d8, Smarts: d6, Spirit: d8, Strength: d12+2, Vigor: d10

Skills: Fighting: d10, Guts: d8, Intimidation: d10, Notice: d8, Shooting: d10, Swimming: d10, Throwing: d8

Pace: 7             Parry: 7            Toughness: 11(2)

Special abilities: Aquatic: Pace 10

Armor: +2

Bite/claws: Str + d6

Improved Frenzy

Size: +2


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