Exiles #17 – Electra

Admittedly, this one is mostly a play on words/pun.  That being said, it was interesting refocusing the romantic interests of a woman who has, traditionally, been drawn to one emotionally wounded man to a different one.  Also, I’m starting to realize that the Exiles is very much a series of redemption stories.  But then, why would anyone abandon everything they know, literally, to run across the multiverse looking for trouble?


Elektra Natchios

Fighting:     IN

Agility:      RM

Strength:     EX

Endurance: IN

Reason:       GD

Intuition:     IN

Psyche:       RM

Health:        130

Karma:       80

Resources:   TY

Popularity: -10


 Electrical Generation: Electra has the abilty to generate and channel upwards of 100,000 volts, delivering Incredible damage to grounded targets, Good damage to insulated or otherwise ungrounded targets.   Electra’s range is 5 areas, and she enjoys a +1CS to hit. Electra can also discharge her attack at closer range, increasing her damage. Her bolts do Amazing (or Excellent) damage to characters in the same area and if Electra manages to actually grapple her opponent, she can deliver Monstrous damage, against which no opponent is ungrounded. Electra has developed a number of power stunts.

Electra can ride lines of high electro-magnetic potential (such as power lines) with Monstrous ground speed (9 areas/round). She has recently demonstrated the ability to ride bridges of electricity that she herself creates, allowing her to fly in the same way that Iceman uses his ice-slides, at Excellent ground speed (5 areas each round). This mode of travel once exhausted Electra rapidly, but she can now travel in this manner for a half hour at a time (at 75 miles per hour) without tiring.

Electra can “feel” the course of electricity through the circuitry of any electrically-powered device. By succeeding in an Amazing-intensity power FEAT against the rank of Reason required to build the device (or against the Endurance of the device if the machine has an Endurance), Electra can take control of the device. Her control is not capable of fine manipulation: she can disconnect alarm systems, overload a subsystem, or perhaps control a computer in a very limited fashion. Producing a recognizably human voice over telephone wires would be beyond Electra’s skills.

Electra can channel her powers into her own muscle tissue, producing galvanic responses. By these means, he can temporarily increase her Strength to Remarkable, but doing so causes Electra Typical damage, and his body would never be able to endure extended feats of strength (such as supporting a great weight) at that intensity. On the other hand, if Electra is somehow drained of power, her Strength drops to Good, with a corresponding drop in Health.

Electra can use electricity to keep herself in good health. Her recuperative powers are astonishing, and with a sufficient power source (such as the power generators at Niagra), Electro can “burn out” virtually any disease from her body, up to and including cancer.

Invulnerability: Electra has Class 1000 Resistance to all forms of Electrical energy, and Excellent Resistance to other forms of Energy.


 Sai:   Electra’s preferred weapon is the sai, a three-pronged dagger, which she could throw up to 2 areas away. In combat, the sai is considered an Edged Weapon which does Excellent Damage. Electra can channel her electrical powers thorugh the weapon.

 Talents: Electra has the Weapons Master skill and is a Weapon Specialist with the sai. She has Martial Arts A and E, Acrobatics, Tumbling, and speaks both Greek and English fluently.

 Contacts: Electra can call on Spider-Man for assistance, if need be and could likely ask Kingpin for a favor, as well.

Background: Elektra Natchios, the daughter of a Greek ambassador, studied martial arts as an adolescent. While in the United States with her father, she began to study political science at Empire State University in New York City. It was here that she met another Empire State Student, Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man. He had just lost his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy and the two struck up a friendship, Elektra drawn to his vulnerability.

A year later, Elektra and her father were held hostage by Doctor Octopus and several of his henchmen. Spider-man, aided by Elektra, defeated the kidnappers. However, a policeman outside the building, thinking he was aiming at one of the terrorists, shot Elektra’s father dead. Emotionally shattered, she decided that she could no longer believe in the law and wanted to withdraw from the world. Thus, she left America.

She eventually studied martial arts with a sensei in Japan. She left to attempt to join the secret organization of martial artists headed by Stick, who also served as Daredevil’s teacher. During the year she spent in Stick’s order, Elektra greatly developed her martial arts prowess, but Stick told her to leave the group since she was still filled with pain over her father’s death and hatred for the world which she blamed for it.

Elektra returned to her previous sensei. Determined to prove herself to Stick, she infiltrated a secret Japanese order known as the Hand which was devoted to assassination and domination by fear with the intent of subverting their activities. Instead, they tricked her into killing her sensei. Following this, Elektra served the Hand, becoming corrupted by them.While on a mission in New York City, she crossed paths with Spider-man and managed to learn he was Peter Parker. Spider-man vehemently disapproved of her career as an assassin but the two of them found themselves drawn to each other. Elektra began to question her path, especially when she was ordered to kill Spider-man. She rebelled and they fought members of the Hand together. Soon afterwards, Elektra was killed by Bullseye, who sought to reclaim his position as the Kingpin’s chief assassin. The Kingpin was enacting a coup against the Hand, to force them into his organization. Bullseye did not realize that Elektra had turned on the Hand and believed killing the Hand’s top assassin would prove his worth. Elektra died in Spider-man’s arms.

Desperate to stymie the Kingpin’s ever increasing pressure, the Hand resurrected Elektra and placed her fully under their control though a mystical ceremony. She was sent to assassinate the Kingpin and managed to penetrate his defenses.

Spider-man barely managed to stop her and not before she had seriously wounded Kingpin. In the course of their battle, Elektra was knocked into an electrical transformer that was being used by one of Kingpin’s scientists for his weapons experiments. It appeared that Elektra died again and an infuriated Spider-man crippled the Kingpin for his part in her death but stopped himself before killing the man.

Elektra was not dead, though and the mystic ceremony that brought her back to life interacted with the electricity and granted her extravagant powers. The Kingpin, never one to pass up an opportunity, enslaved the altered Elektra, who now called herself Electra and put her to work as his personal assassin. It was not long before Electra, with her superhuman abilities, was able to conquer the Hand for the Kingpin and they were soon under his thumb.

Electra continued to be his head enforcer for quite some time, often working alone but, occasionally as the leader of various incarnations of the Sinister Six, an ever changing roster of superhuman villains and thugs employed by the Kingpin. She clashed with a number of New York based heroes.

It was not until Stick came to rescue his protégé and teamed up with Spider-man, who declared his love for Electra that she broke the spell that held her ensnared her. While she teamed up with Spider-man often, she always doubted herself and felt guilt over the things that she’d done. The arrival of the Exiles and their promise of potential redemption appealed to her and she volunteered to join them.

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