Exiles #20 Princess Python

For someone who doesn’t like snakes, I’m hitting the Serpent Society a lot.  I do find them fascinating, though.  And they’re a lot of low to mid-level characters with a lot of potential.

Here’s another.  I never realized she was Southern until I did the research for this.  I partnered my Princess Python with my altered Griffin.  I didn’t know that her abilities weren’t a power, either so I went ahead and made it one.

I have to say, my favorite version…other than mine, is the one from the Marvel cartoons who doesn’t have a giant snake as a pet but rides a giant robot snake…like a Harley.  Pretty awesome. And not a bad idea for something in my Savage Spelljammer game…maybe a society that has domesticated giant snakes and ride them into battle…

Princess Python

Zelda DuBois

Fighting:     TY

Agility:      EX

Strength:     GD

Endurance: GD

Reason:       GD

Intuition:     GD

Psyche:       GD

Health:        46

Karma:       30

Resources:   TY (6)

Popularity: -3


Body Armor: Princess Python’s scaly skin provides her with Typical protection from physical attacks.

 Snake Charming: Princess Python has a natural talent for training snakes. She has Good control over the creatures and can give the animals either verbal or non-verbal cues. She instills such a feeling of loyalty in her snakes that they will attempt to protect her even if she is unconscious.

 Talents: Princess Python is a talented dancer and has the Performer skill.

 Contacts: The Princess is a senior member of the Circus of Crime. She was expelled from the Serpent Society for treachery and is no longer looked upon with favor by that group.

Background: A founding member of the Circus of Crime, Princess Python eventually convinced the group to turn on Ringmaster. They appointed the Clown the leader and changed their name to the Masters of Menace. A confrontation with Spider-Man ended in defeat and they were sent to prison. Later, they decided to return to the Ringmaster’s leadership and participated in several missions together, battling such heroes as the Avengers, Thor and Iron Man. During their battle with Iron Man, her pet snake was thrown into a vat of chemicals and killed. Princess Python was so distraught over the creature’s death she jumped in after it. She likely would have died as well, but Iron Man saved her.

Nonetheless, she was made quite ill by the chemicals and was hospitalized for several months. When she finally recovered, she was changed, her skin and eyes becoming reptilian and her affinity for snakes strengthening into the ability to communicate with them, though in a rudimentary way.

She was invited to join the Serpent Squad under the Viper’s leadership and found a new snake to serve as her partner. Eventually, she returned to the Circus of Crime and battled other heroes including Luke Cage, Howard the Duck and the Hulk. Later, she joined the Serpent Society and helped in their hunt for MODOK, though she was not in the group that found him. She remained with the Serpent Society through its leadership changes, welcoming back Viper when she took over. She remained with the group when Sidewinder left and King Cobra assumed leadership. But, when Cobra demanded Diamondback betray Captain America, she joined with Black Mamba, Asp and Sidewinder to rescue her.

King Cobra did not appreciate what he considered a betrayal and sent the other members of the Serpent Society to hunt down and punish them. Princess Python fled with the rest back to the Circus of Crime and they, with the Circus’ and Captain America’s help were able to defeat the assassins sent after them.

Later, as the Circus was traveling through the Adirondack mountains, they discovered the Chimera, his intellect little more than that of an animal, wandering aimlessly. He had enough snake DNA by this time for Princess Python to communicate with him almost as well as she did ordinary snakes. She, and the Circus of Crime took him in, using him as an attraction to their sideshow most of the time.

However, their criminal ways were not behind them and, during a caper in Oregon, they were confronted by the West Coast Avengers. Princess Python set the Chimera on Wonder Man and he was able to go toe to toe with the ionically powered Avenger. A piece of stray debris thrown up by their conflict struck Princess Python, though and she was knocked unconscious. Worried only about her, the Chimera broke off combat with Wonder Man and abandoned the Circus to their fate to flee with her.

Without them around to aid them, the rest of the members of the Circus of Crime were easily captured and, though Princess Python’s injury was slight and she quickly recovered, her companions were already in custody before she could take the Chimera back to aid them.

Left to her own devices, she used the Chimera to engage in a few minor crimes, clashing with Luke Cage again as well as She-Hulk and War Machine. Though they were never particularly successful, they managed to retain their freedom and garner the notice of the leaders of Roxxon. The Roxxon company offered her a position and, after proving herself in a mission against a transport going to Project: Pegasus, she was inducted into the Nth Command.

Princess Python and the Chimera traveled through several dimensions and performed a number of missions but she grew ever more uncomfortable with what the group was doing. The Nth Command eventually clashed with the Exiles and Princess Python’s doubts came to the fore. She and the Chimera changed sides in the middle of the battle and the Nth Command’s activities were stymied. Princess Python and the Chimera joined the Exiles as they departed and she now works to make amends for her past actions.

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