Plot Device #5

Ok…so my non-existent oath to myself to post every week has not worked out.  I haven’t even been able to do every month, obviously.  It may just continue to be whenever I get enough inspiration, time and access to the full interwebs to post.

All that being said, this one’s not too big but another good example of how you can take the barest idea in Savage Worlds and work with players to come up with something pretty entertaining.

I’m not sure if it’s come up before, but my new home campaign is Savage Worlds using their new The Last Parsec setting.  I’ve already run my players through the two published adventures The Enigma Equation and Pranac Pursuit.

And, in true Savage Worlds form, I like to be able to use all the other published settings.  I use the end of the Enigma Equation to give the players the choice between the Dogs of Hades and Necropolis settings.  They picked the Dogs of Hades setting, though, honestly, the plot point campaign in that one is a little more high drama and social rping than my players really like or their characters are suited for.  Granted, I didn’t give them a lot of description to begin with.  Basically “do you want to go see the space Greeks or do you want to go fight space zombies?”

In my campaign both planets were settled by generation ships that were sent out before FTL travel was available and FTL travel requires a leapfrogging effect to get to places so they’ve been separated from the main society for centuries.

Anyway, I started an adventure or 2 in Dogs of Hades but didn’t start the real campaign.  I did set up for the below adventure using the Omega World setting.  As usual, stuff in <brackets> is what was added on the fly during the session, or an expansion of my notes, since you guys aren’t telepaths who know what I’m thinking.  Are you?  Wait, do you know what I’m thinking right now?  No…no, of course you can’t.  Can you?

Dr. Zarin comes up with a device that can drain radiation to be used as a power source.  Party has to take device into heavily irradiated area.  (Radiation dangers.)  <The Omega World setting is a planet in the Dogs of Hades area of space and was one of the ones that was settled by a generation ship.  After developing normally for a while, they suffered a thermonuclear Armageddon.  This is unusual because the main society of the universe no longer uses nuclear energy for anything.  The Radiation sink is kind of useless most places so Omega World is one of the few places where there is enough ambient radiation to be used.>

Area is being fought over by Badders (anthropomorphic badgers) and Hissers (anthropomorphic snakes.)  <Before they even got to this part, one of the players decided that he wanted to explore one of the ruins.  And this is what’s nice about Savage Worlds.  Omega World had some random adventure generator tables and I was able to use that and the stuff in the book to get something together on the fly instead of taking hours to figure out an encounter.  It ended up being an old retail store that had been converted into a stable.  The animals in the stable are Hoppers.  As those are not aggressive creatures, they ended up just stampeding because they were afraid.  The only real danger was that they would trample the party.  And then the Hoppers’ owners, a group of Arks attacked because the party had let their animals free.  And, for treasure, one of the party members got a riding Hopper.>

<When they got to the area where the radioactive sink was ready to be deployed, the Badders attacked while the Hissers watched.  After the party had done away with the Badders, the Hissers talked to the party.  Although it should be “talked” because it was all by telepathy so only 2/3rds of the party could hear them as one is just a robot.  The Hissers didn’t want to fight and just watched as the sink began to deploy.>

<I made the sink break down and forced the party to Repair (a skill 2 members have) as a Dramatic Task.>  Blaash is in area, too.  <The Hissers bolted when they realized the Blaash were coming.  For some reason, I thought they were bigger than they were and didn’t realize they didn’t’ have a direct attack.  The party killed the Blaash pretty quickly and got the machine repaired quickly, as well.>

<The Hissers returned after the Blaash was destroyed and just as the party was leaving.  They asked why the party wasn’t taking their machine.  The party explained that they were leaving it and the Hissers said they would have to ask their queen.  So, the organics went with the Hissers to meet the queen.>

<The Hisser colony was in an abandoned subway.  They came boiling out in a creepy way but only the queen spoke to them telepathically.  It took a while but they came to an agreement where the Hissers would allow the device to stay if they found some way to guard it.  Again, it took a little while but the party came up with leaving the robots they rescued from Pranac Pursuit as guards.  The Hissers found this acceptable and the party left, getting back to their point of departure to find that it was already working.>

Radioactivists as well? <Didn’t use these guys but maybe I’ll do a later plot where they are worshipping the sync/trying to destroy/trying to draw power from it.>

Party has to lay cable using a specific vehicle open to environment rather than their skimmer.  <I turned this into a primitive robot that they had to walk with.>

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