Ravnivori Races: The Weird Stuff

As promised, here is some more of my homebrew setting document.  These are the final playable races that are available from the homeworld of the Ravnivori Empire.  There are a couple powerful races that aren’t playable.  Maybe I’ll post one of them next.  The other is centaurs and there are stats for NPC centaurs available in Savage Worlds, anyway.

If I ever run the setting again, I may pull the Ki’Li’Lee from the available options.  I like the idea of them and they are important to the Empire, serving as a sort of psychic radio network, but I have an idea of them in my head that I can’t quite convey to get the right feel for players.  That and the fact that they are a hive intelligence means that it’s hard to let a player go without providing them too much guidance.  I would, at least, make them small…just because of their inspiration from the Grays and the fact that there is only one small race available out of the dozen or so, now.  Oh, I guess I should mention they’re inspired by Gray aliens and mind flayers.

Speaking of the small race; Troglyns originally started as my version of Kobolds then morphed into a sort of shrunken down version of Tieflings, though without actually having an infernal background.

Without further ado…

Ki’Li’Lee are perhaps the most unusual of the races from Retra. They are also the only one whose arrival is alluded to in the annals of history. The most ancient Almatian texts speak vaguely of several stars that fell one night and the discovery of the Ki’Li’Lee in a previously uninhabited part of the continent soon after. It is now assumed that the Ki’Li’Lee were a void running race and that their arrival on the planet was the result of some crash that left them stranded. The Ki’Li’Lee themselves, in their usual inscrutable ways refuse to speak of it or answer any questions about where they came from. All Ki’Li’Lee are psychically connected and, a Ki’Li’Lee within 10 miles of another is automatically in constant mental contact with it. With effort they can boost this to hundreds of miles and with the appropriate devices they can reach out across the distance between stars. This is not an ability they can block and they exist in a constant hive mind. This gives them an a point of view that the other races of the Empire find exceptionally alien as Ki’Li’Lee have not sense of themselves as individuals and consider themselves extensions of the greater whole. Ki’Li’Lee are also the strangest looking inhabitants of the Ravnivori empire. Their skin is pale to the point of being bluish grey and almost completely smooth with no hair or scales anywhere on their bodies. Their heads are large and round with huge, black eyes. They have no noses, only a pair of nostrils and anywhere from 3 to 9 tiny, fleshy feelers around their mouths. Ki’Li’Lee have four arms but each of their hands has only three fingers. These fingers are totally opposable and form a triangle on their hands. Ki’Li’Lee are as slender as elves, though a bit taller. They range in height from 5’6” to just over 6’ tall. Ki’Li’Lee weapons often seem strange in the hands of other races. They favor the use of spiked chains and kamas and katars. Their armor is light, but sturdy, providing surprising protection.

 Four Arms: Ki’Li’Lee possess four fully functional arms. These extra limbs allow the Ki’Li’Lee to take one additional non-movement action per turn with no penalty.

Telepathy:  Ki’Li’Lee are naturally psionic.  They are in constant communication with each other and can communicate telepathically with any intelligent creature they can see.

Outsider:  Ki’Li’Lee are unusual creatures with a strange appearance and a bizarre way of thinking.  They receive a -2 to their charisma scores when dealing with people of other races and many people simply refuse to deal with them.

Cultures: Although the Ki’Li’Lee nation is in Almatia, they hold themselves separate so they receive no culture bonus.

Troglyns inhabit and rule the vast cavern and tunnel complex that lies under much of both Almatia and Shan. Their society nominally follows that of the Shan humans with a single mandarin ruling all of them and that mandarin nominally reporting to the Shan Emperor. A complex bureaucracy with even more complex rules defining it flows down from this mandarin. Unfortunately, the rules have become so complex that no one really understands them fully anymore and Troglyn society and government is nothing more than thinly veiled anarchy. Anyone from any class or caste can attain any position, though it is determined more by their skill at subterfuge and deception than any true ability. Any Troglyn who gives a straightforward reason for doing anything is hiding a particularly subtle and complex deception. Troglyns are the smallest of the species under the domain of Ravnivorous. They seldom rise to 4’ in height and can be as short as 3’. Their builds are small and flexible. Their skin is usually a grey or dull brown color though black is a rare possibility that is considered particularly exotic and attractive to other Troglyns. They are completely hairless and their heads feature horns in a variety of shapes and large, bulbous, green or red eyes. Their tails are long and thin.  Troglyns almost exclusively use missile weapons. They use a variety of bow and crossbows, both of their own manufacture and those they can procure from other races. Even their melee weapons can be used at range, with throwing axes, javelins, spears and throwing knives being most popular. They seldom wear armor, though they will occasionally carry shields.

 Fast Healing:  Troglyns heal much faster than other creatures.

Thermal Vision:  Given their home environment, the ability to see in the dark is vital to Troglyns.  They can detect heat signatures as easily as light.

Combat Tails:  Troglyns can use their tails as weapons.  When hitting someone with their tail they deal Strength + d6 damage.

Small:  As the smallest of the sentient species on Retra, Troglyns are not as durable as the larger races around them.  They take a -1 to their toughness.

Cultures: Troglyns inhabit the lands under both Almatia and Shan. They may choose either culture. Both sides believed they were working for them in the long wars between the two nations and the Troglyns quickly changed allegiances to the Ravnivori when it became evident that the Empire was going to defeat them both.


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