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Here are a few races from my homebrew setting that are neither from the old Spelljammer setting or native to the Empire’s homeworld.  They’re original Void going races I’ve created, though obviously, Cyclopes, Sphinxes and even scorpion people have appeared in other settings.

The Cyclopes have an obvious Racial Hindrance that can be used for points when designing them as a race.  The Savage or Civilized part is inspired by the Greek legends where half of them seemed to be master craftsmen and half were vicious primitives.  And the size bonus with it’s need for extra food is my way of using the “Extra Rations” hindrance.  Basically, each extra level of size after the first costs only 1 point because of their need to eat and breath more, both issues when you’re traveling through space with limited rations.  I would make it where all Gellian giants are actually Cyclopes but I’ve already run 1 adventure where that was not true and I really hate retconning.

The Dromepodans are just kind of weird, but I’ve always like scorpions and centaurs so they were kind of an obvious combination.  The only unusual thing for them was that I made their armor only a 1 point advantage since it can be easily avoided and at least half their mass is just skin rather than carapace.

And the Void Sphinxes started as a purely feline race with humanoid faces.  I was toying with the idea of them not having opposible thumbs at all.  Then, it occurred to me that they could just be more comfortable walking on all fours but able to move about on their hind legs and use their hands, when necessary.


Also known as scorpion people, the only known Dromepodans are much like the Ravnivori in the earliest stages of their development as an empire. They have a well established empire that has its origins around a massive freshwater lake in the middle of a large desert. With this geographic advantage they were able to set up a trading and military empire that stretched beyond the desert. While they have not yet managed to conquer their entire world, they dominate two of its continents and, more importantly, have already had contact with void going nations and races. They very quickly set up deals with these nations and learned the secrets of void running, themselves. While they have not yet conquered their own world, they do have colonies on others and, in fact, have more off world territory than the Ravnivori.

Many Dromepodans have taken to the void even beyond the imperial dreams of their nation and it is not too uncommon to see them in large void ports. A few have even joined the Ravnivori empire and, since their contact a few years back, both empires have traded envoys and merchants.

There is even some discussion of a political marriage between Ravnivorous himself and one of the Grand Sultan’s daughters to forge a strong alliance and potentially unite the two empires as one.

Scorpion people have humanoid, dark skinned and haired torsos springing out of the body of a scorpion. Their scorpion portions can range in color from a cream or tan all the way to midnight black.

Scorpion Body: Rather than humanoid legs, Dromepodans have a scorpion body below the waist. This provides them a +2 to armor but only for this portion of their body. Opponents can make a called shot with only a -1 penalty to strike the portion of their body without a carapace.

Snap and Sting: In addition to their hands and the weapons they can wield with them, Dromepodans have two claws and a stinging tail. All three of these natural weapons do Str+d4 damage and, if the stinger hits and causes a shaken or greater result, the opponent has to make a Vigor check or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds. Note that a Dromepodan is not necessarily more coordinated than members of other races and must take the ambidextrous and multi-attack edges to offset the penalties of attacking more than once per round. Even this only provides them a single additional attack at no penalty and they must take the multi-attack edge again for each additional attack up to 4 total times to be able to attack with both hands, both claws and their tail.

Desert born: Though they have spread throughout their world, Dromepodans trace their ancestry to a desert environment. As such, they are unaccustomed to extreme levels of cold and suffer a -4 penalty to resist cold environmental effects.

Scuttling: Though they have 8 legs, Dromepodans are relatively slow. They have a pace of only 5, though they still roll a d6 when running.

Void Sphinx

Void Sphinxes claim that their race was born in an asteroid field out of stardust and solar winds. While few other races believe this story, no one has ever discovered the actual world where they were born and many suspect that they are the results of a mage’s experiment that went awry.

In any case, Void Sphinxes are unusual creatures. They have humanoid faces, though with a distinctly feline cast. Their bodies are also quite feline though they have longer forelimbs than hind legs and there is something simian about their posture. These creatures can walk on their hind legs alone indefinitely but are generally more comfortable walking on all fours. Their hands are somewhat primitive and, while they are quite agile, they are not particularly dexterous.

Void Sphinxes cultivate an air of mystery and wisdom and often engage in battles of wits with those around them. Some are amused and delighted when they lose these battles while others grow quite angry and violent when they are defeated.

Wise and Nimble – Void Sphinxes are known for both their mental and physical puissance. They begin with a d6 in Smarts and Agility

Simian Gait: Void Sphinxes have a pace of 6” when walking on all fours but roll d10’s for running. When walking on only two legs their pace reduces to 4” and they roll only d4’s when running. They may carry items while walking on all fours but if they run, they must make an agility check (with no multi-action penalty) or drop whatever they are carrying.

Simple Hands: Void Sphinxes hands are somewhat primitive. While they have opposable thumbs, they are not as dexterous as most other races. They suffer a -2 to any skill check that requires fine manipulation. Any Lockpicking and Repair check would suffer this penalty though Fighting, Shooting and Throwing checks would not, unless using a complex device. Other checks are up to GM discretion. Likewise, if the Void Sphinx rolls a 1 on the skill die while using any delicate item or complex piece of machinery, it is broken. Repair takes 1d6 hours and a check at -2.

Claws: Void Sphinxes fingers end in razor sharp retractable claws. They do Str + d6 damage with these natural weapons.

Cat’s Eyes: Void Sphinxes’ eyes are well adapted to darkness. They suffer no penalties for dim or dark lighting.


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