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And, with this, you should be able to make a fully compatible Ravnivori Empire Character.  Race, culture, skills, hindrances and now Edges.  I have some equipment I’ve worked up, so I guess there’s that but otherwise, if you’re playing along at home, you basically have the Character Creation guide for my campaign.

Speaking of characters, my document got up to 200 pages but I pulled out the pre-gen characters I’ve offered folks at cons and put them into their own document.  So I have some room under that entirely arbitrary number, again.


The following are Edges appropriate to the Ravnivori Empire.


These are edges that the character is either born with or begins play with. Many of them are a direct result of some unusual ancestor in the character’s bloodline or represent unusual characteristics for a member of his race.

Advanced Saurian

Requirements: Novice, Saurian

Saurian eggs hatched near suns produce Saurians who are quicker both mentally and physically. Saurians with this Edge lose the Slow Footed Hindrance and are capable of achieving a Smarts of d12, though they must still spend two points to raise their Smarts at character generation.

Giant Kin

Requirements: Novice, Vigor D6, Strength d6, Amazon, Dwarf, Elf, Human, Minotaur or Troglyn

One of your ancestors was some sort of giant. Though your stature cannot match theirs, you are noticeably larger than others of your type. However, your bulk also interferes with your dexterity. You gain a +2 to your size (and toughness) and can carry 8 times your strength in pounds with no penalty rather than 5 times. Unfortunately, it takes two steps to raise your agility at character creation, though it can be increased as normal with later advances.


Unusual Heritage

Requirements: Novice

Over the centuries, the more powerful and exotic sentient species have had a fascination with humanoids. Whether through love or simple lust, faeries, dragons and otherworldly creatures have interbred with the more mundane races of the Empire. One of your ancestors is one of these strange creatures and you have inherited some special ability from them. You gain a single Novice level power and five power points to use on this power. These power points refresh at a rate of one per hour and cannot be augmented in any way. In addition, you gain immunity to poison or disease, a +2 to checks against environmental effects or a +4 to checks against a specific type of environmental effect.





The below edges reflect the benefits provided to a character because of their training or association with one of the organizations in the Empire, or because of their expertise in a particular field.

Gray Heart

Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6, Streetwise d6

You are the Left Hand of the Emperor, the enforcement of his will. You have the power to arrest and punish any Imperial citizen who breaks the Emperor’s laws. Any Imperial citizen recognizes this power and defers to you, giving you a +2 to Charisma against them. Your extensive training also gives you a +2 to Investigation, Streetwise and Tracking rolls. You also gain a minor vow to uphold the laws of the Empire.

Member of a Military School

Requirements: Varies

Your character is a member of one of the many military schools, fencing academies or martial arts dojos that exist scattered throughout the Empire. Each of these schools of specialized learning provides its own advantages but they all provide members a +1 Charisma modifier to other members of the Academy.

Scion of the Tzhou Family

Requirements: Novice, Knowledge (Blackpowder) d6, Shooting d6

Although perhaps not, technically a member of the Tzhou Family, you have at least received that honorary status. You have been given the privilege of monitoring Black Powder weapons throughout the Empire. You’ve received extensive training both in the use and design of black powder weapons. You gain a +1 to hit with any black powder weapon, including cannons. You also gain a +2 to any Knowledge or repair rolls that involve black powder weapons. Finally, you gain a +2 to your charisma when dealing with Imperial merchants if the goods in question are black powder weapons due to the respect given your position.

Talon of Kahwen

Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8, Fighting d8, Knowledge (Religion) d8, Weapon of the 7 (Katar of Kahwen)

When wielding 2 Talons of Kahwen, you may gain both the parry bonus and attack capabilities of one of them. This allows you to make an attack with one of the weapons and get a +4 total parry bonus from the two weapons.

Improved Talon of Kahwen

Requirements: Veteran, Agility d10, Fighting d10, Knowledge (Religion) d10, Weapon of the Gods (Katar of Kahwen)

As above but you may use both Talons to attack and still receive their full parry bonus. Multiaction and off hand penalties apply as normal.

Weapon of the 7

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+, Strength d6+, Vigor d8+, Fighting, d8+, Knowledge (Religion) d6+

The militant arm of the 7 Lords of Thunder are men and women who are often not blessed with magical abilities. Instead, they are skilled warriors who have dedicated their lives to protecting the faithful of the 7 Lords.

A Weapon of the 7 gains a +1 to hit when wielding the favored weapon of their patron. In addition they get a +2 bonus to resist all negative environmental effects related to weather. Finally, the faithful have nothing but love and respect for Weapons of the 7 and they get a +2 Charisma bonus with any worshipper of any of the 7 Lords of Thunder.

The Weapons of the 7 for each Lord of Thunder go by titles based on their name and favored weapon as shown below:

Clenched Hand of Upi

Katar of Kahwen

Hammer of Grashk

Whip of Mu’Ab




These edges help you get along in the world. They help you win friends and influence people.



Requirements: Seasoned, Noble

Your character has holdings on multiple worlds. He gains an additional 500 marks a month in income from these holdings. He also gets a +1 to his Charisma when dealing with Imperials who know he is a Kronor. Additionally, his knowledge of all the worlds he has holdings on is exceptional and he gets a +1 to any Knowledge rolls directly related to those worlds. Of course, his duty to the Empire and the number of subjects he is responsible for also increases.



Weird edges reflect abilities that your character has that are outside the norm for members of your race, or average members of the worlds. Many of these are edges that apply only to certain races but, unlike background edges, they can be taken after character creation.

Combat Tail

Requirements: Novice, Draga, Naga

While the tails of most Draga and Naga are too slender at the tip to be effectively used as a weapon, a few are born with thicker appendages or even spikes or heavy knobs at the end that can be a threat. A Draga or Naga with this adaptation does Str + d6 damage with their tail and can strike with it at +1 Reach.

Enhanced Natural Armor

Requirements: Novice, Draga, Minotaur, Naga, Saurian or Troglyn

Whether it be thicker scales, armored plates, tougher hide or simply shaggy, protective fur, your character has skin that is naturally resistant to damage. Your character gains a +2 bonus to natural armor. This is in addition to any natural armor the character already has.

Enhanced Natural Weapon

Requirements: Novice, Natural Weapon

Your character has larger horns, sharper claws or fangs or a tail with a heavy knob or spikes at the end. The damage of all your natural weapons increases by a die type. Minotaurs may take this edge only if they have the Large Horns edge and Naga may only take this edge if they have the Combat Tail edge.

Large Horns

Requirements: Novice, Minotaur

In many sectors of Imperial society, The larger a minotaur’s horns, the stronger, better and more virile he is assumed to be. A long horned minotaur is able to charm his way through many situations and garners respect from many individuals even before he has had a chance to earn it. They gain a +2 to Charisma when dealing with Imperial citizens, though members of other societies generally do not share the same prejudice. Additionally, these horns are large enough to be used as weapons, though their position makes it somewhat awkward if the minotaur is not charging. These natural weapons do Str + d6 in damage, but with a -1 to hit unless the minotaur is charging headfirst, in this case, he must move at least 4” and does an extra +4 damage if he hits.


Poison Bite

Requirements: Novice, Draga, Naga, Saurian, Troglyn

You have a pair of long, sharp fangs attached to venom sacks. When you bite an opponent, you can inject them with poison from these glands. Your bite only does Str + d4 damage but any victim that suffers a Shaken result must make a Vigor role or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds.


Requirements: Novice, d10+ in any stat or skill

You are bonded to a spirit known as a Daemon.  This entity keeps you young and healthy, as long as you pay its price.  So long as you kill at least one sentient creature each year, you do not age.  Additionally, you gain a +2 to Vigor rolls to resist diseases.  You also gain a +2 to Charisma when dealing with members of the Ravnivori Empire.  However, you get a -2 to Charisma when dealing with outsiders who are particularly opposed to demons, devils or spirits.  Finally, you can always identify another Possessed if you can see them.  Ki’Li’Lee and undead cannot take this Edge. Having the Possessed Edge is a requirement for taking the Arcane Background (Super Powers) Edge in the Ravnivori Empire. It also allows a character to take any Racial edge even if he is not a member of the required race. He can also take any physical background edge even after character creation. Additionally, he has access to all Possessed Edges. He must meet all other requirements for these Edges, however.


Size Increase I

Requirements: Novice, Draga, Minotaur, Naga, Saurian or Troglyn

Several of the species within the Empire have highly variable sizes that are within the normal range. Many of them also continue to grow over the years, even after they achieve maturity. Any Draga, Minotaur, Naga, Saurian or Troglyn that takes this edge is considered one size larger and gains the corresponding +1 toughness.

Size Increase II

Requirements: Seasoned, Draga, Naga, Saurian, Size Increase I

Some members of certain species in the Empire grow truly huge as time goes on. Many of them continue to grow over the years, even after they achieve maturity. These titans can grow to be literally as big as a horse. Any Draga, Naga, or Saurian that takes this edge is considered one size larger and gains the corresponding +1 toughness.



Requirements: Novice

Mindless undead are not uncommon in the Ravnivori Empire. Whether through curses or intentional rituals designed to raise useful soldiers and workers, skeletons and zombies roam the world of Retra, sometimes under the control of living creatures, sometimes wandering free. More sentient, but common undead such as vampires, mummies, ghouls and liches also exist. However, there are also more unique undead. Created through passionate curses, twisted rituals, or even simply passion that death cannot extinguish, there are individuals who have managed to live on even after their bodies have failed them. Generally, they defy categorization beyond being called “undead.” Undead characters gain a +2 to their toughness, a +2 to recover from Shaken, do not suffer from Disease or Poison and take no additional damage from called shots. These benefits do not come without a price, however. Invariably, people find it difficult to ignore what an undead character truly is and they gain the Outsider trait. Additionally, they gain a Major Phobia, Habit or Vulnerability related either literally or symbolically to the way they were killed or raised. Note, that the character cannot take a Hindrance he already has to pay this price. Also note that Neither Mechanids nor Ki’Li’Lee can be made undead and no one can have both the Undead and Possessed Edge.

(Echoes of Death – The process of becoming undead is a traumatic one. Very rarely does someone go through it without being scarred either mentally or physically. Sometimes these changes are magically linked to the nature of the death. These generally present themselves as unusual weaknesses or mental disabilities. Most Undead go through a great deal of trouble to hide these weaknesses from their enemies and from people in general. Each character who takes the Undead edge must also take one of these Echoes of Death.

Vulnerabilities – Undead characters can be vulnerable to a number of things. This can range from things that are dangerous to everyone to things that are otherwise innocuous to normal individuals. Examples include fire, electricity, precious metals, herbs and plain wood. For weapons that are made out of this substance or types of energy that do damage, the damage is increased by a d6. For substances or energies that are not normally harmful to people, the damage is d6 for each round of contact or exposure.

These vulnerabilities can also be specific symbols or sites, as well. These are often holy symbols or holy ground but any common symbol or type of location could be a Vulnerability for an Undead. The symbol can be made of any sort of material but must come into contact with the undead to do damage. In the case of locations, they must actually be at one of the specified locations for it to have an effect. A fistful of dirt from the location will do no damage, though standing on the grounds or inside the building will do damage every turn.

Hungers – Sometimes when souls come back, they are filled with unnatural hungers. The most famous of these is the vampire’s need to drink blood but others exist as well. Invariably, these hungers are disturbing and could include raw meat or brains. The Undead must feed this hunger at least once a week or suffer a level of fatigue until it is satiated. This fatigue can incapacitate such a character but not kill them and if they reach the level of incapacitation, they must make a spirit roll each time a source of their food is available or attack it in a mindless frenzy. As these hungers are always disturbing, an undead suffers a -2 Charisma penalty with any NPC who has seen him indulge in it.)

Military Schools

Following are the descriptions and explanations of the various Military Schools common in the Empire. A character must have the “Member of a Military School” Edge to gain the advantages of one of these schools.

Sheetara’s Equestrian Academy

Requirements: Fighting d6, Knowledge: Animal Training d6, Riding d6, Shooting d6

Begun in the ancestral homeland of the Amazons, outposts of Sheetara’s Equestrian Academy have spread throughout the Empire. They all retain their dedication to several of the basic tenets of Amazon warfare, however.

Foremost of these ideals is that a rider and her mount should become one. Because the teachers of the school respect the animals that serve as steeds, they realize that these beasts are all individuals and that each has their own abilities, skills and personalities. As such the academy teaches its students that they should first and foremost learn everything they can about their steeds.

To gain the benefits of the school, the member must choose one particular mount and spend at least a month with it, forming a bond with the animal. While horses are the traditional choice for mounts, more exotic animals are certainly a possibility in the modern Empire. This mount may be replaced either if it is lost or simply because a more appealing mount appears but the benefits of the school are unavailable until the member has spent a month familiarizing herself with the new animal.

While riding her favored mount, a member of this school gains a +1 to Fighting, Riding and Shooting checks. They also reduce the unstable platform penalty for shooting to -1, but only while riding this particular mount.

Dojo of the Fiery Whirlwind

Requirements: Agility d6, Shooting d6, Fighting d6

Like many parts of Shan culture, the usage of firearms is a heavily divisive topic. Many people embrace them wholeheartedly and see them as a leap forward in warfare and combat. As such, they believe there is no need to rely on the old fashioned methods of combat and many Shan gun wielders refuse to learn even the rudiments of hand to hand combat.

Others believe that tradition is all important and refuse to touch the newfangled firearms. They instead, cling to their ancient forms of martial arts.

The Dojo of the Fiery Whirlwind was founded by a disgraced member of the Tzhou family who believed that the deadly power of firearms could be combined to lethal effect with the ancient forms of certain martial arts.

Students of the Dojo of the Fiery Whirlwind gain the following benefits.

As long as you are armed with a loaded pistol and have a hand free, you may make 2 attacks per round with no multi-action or offhand penalty. One of these attacks must be an unarmed Fighting attack or grapple attempt and the other must be a shooting attack. This shooting attack can be against any target within range but, if it is directed towards a target within melee range, the TN is the target’s Parry rather than the standard ranged attack TN’s.

When a student achieves the Seasoned Rank they can wield any one handed melee weapon rather than making an unarmed Fighting attack and still gain the above benefits.


Imperial Officer’s Training School

Requirements: Knowledge: Battle d6, Fighting or Shooting d6

Ravnivori leaders are expected to lead from the front. As such, they must be able to fight and command at the same time. While this was seldom a problem when the Empire was small, as time went on, leaders were expected to guide larger and larger groups into battle.

While not all Imperial Officers go through the Training School, many wear graduation as a badge of honor, and with good reason. The training regimen includes extensive training in both physical combat and in strategic and tactical doctrines.

Graduates of the Imperial Officer’s Training school enjoy a number of benefits when leading their men from the front lines. First, they don’t suffer any multi-action penalties for making Knowledge: Battle rolls if they take one or more additional actions, including performing heroic actions.

Additionally, a graduate of the Imperial Officer’s Training school may make a Persuasion, Fighting, Shooting, Throwing or arcane skill roll when first taking charge of an Imperial unit. This reflects the character demonstrating his combat skills to prove himself to his soldiers. The character gets no additional effect on a success but for each raise he receives, that unit gets a +1 bonus to Mass Combat morale checks. If he fails, he instead gets a -1. A bonus remains until the character loses a Mass Combat, either because his forces are forced to retreat or are completely destroyed. A penalty remains until he gains a victory, either forcing his opponent to retreat or completely destroying them. If the commander neither has a bonus or penalty, he may roll again after each Mass Combat and gets a +1 if he achieved a victory or a -1 if he lost. The bonus or penalty also resets if he takes leadership of a new force or gains new troops equaling half or more his existing force.

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