Exiles #27 – The Four Gun Kid

For some unknown reason, I’ve been into Cowboys & Dinosaurs, lately.  Not cowboys and dinosaurs as in each one separately but Cowboys & Dinosaurs as in, six shooter packing pardners riding prehistoric beasts.

I’ve added a Cowboys & Dinosaurs prestige class to the next d20 product I plan to publish and I happened to come across the base for this guy while in the mood.  He seemed like an obvious choice.

I’ve also always like the idea of 4 armed people as superhumans.  It doesn’t take a very deep look at my homebrew to see that quite a few of the optional races have four arms.  Actually…I need to add an Edge with that option to account for all the individuals descended from races that have four arms, as well…

So, of all the Savage Land Mutates, this guy was going to be the obvious choice.  I also noticed that they were once called the Beast Brood and that has a better flow to me than “the Savage Land Mutates” so I decided that, in the dimension he’s from, that’s what they were always called.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s Barbarus, the Four Gun Kid –

Four-Gun Kid


Fighting: EX

Agility: GD

Strength: AM

Endurance: RM

Reason: TY

Intuition: EX

Psyche: GD

Health: 110

Karma: 36

Resources: PR (4)

Popularity: 10


Multi-Arms: Barbarus possesses four arms, giving him a +2CS in Grappling combat. He can make multiple attacks at Incredible rank instead of his Fighting rank. He can use these attacks to make ranged attacks using his pistols, as well.

Pistols: The Four-Gun Kid carries four Colt.45 caliber revolvers. The Colts hit for 8 points of Shooting damage, hold six shots each, and are made from Excellent strength material.

Talents: Four-Gun Kid is an expert with handguns. He is one of the fastest guns in the Savage Land and can easily draw all four pistols and fire in the same turn. Four Gun Kid is also an expert rider and has the Law talent. He also has the Blunt Weapons skill.

Contacts: Four-Gun kid was a former agent of Magneto and a member of the Savage Land Mutates. He has worked with Hawkeye, Moondragon and Thor.

Background: Barbarus was a member of a Swamp People tribe in the Savage Land who was originally, artificially mutated through technological means by Magneto so as to give them superhuman powers.

Magneto gave the so-called Beast Brood their superhuman powers during a period he spent living in the Savage Land. The Mutates battled the X-Men and Ka-Zar on Magneto’s behalf, but after Magneto’s own defeat in the Savage Land by the X-Man Marvel Girl, the Mutates returned to their original non-superhuman state for unknown reasons.

Subsequently, the Beast Brood regained their superhuman powers and unusual forms for reasons that remain unclear. This time the powers of the Brood had allegedly increased. The Brood captured 3 scientists and tried to force them to mutate other Savage Land natives into superhuman beings. The Avengers and the Asgardian goddess Sif came searching for the scientists and defeated the Brood. The Avengers rescued the scientists and delivered the Brood to legal authorities in Chile, the nearest nation to the Savage Land.

Somehow, the Beast Brood returned to the Savage Land from Chile. Brainchild, originally given the name because he had superhuman intelligence and childlike emotions, achieved greater emotional maturity and became the Brood’s leader. Brainchild and the Brood joined forces with the high priestess Zaladane to take control of the Savage Land. Under Brainchild’s leadership, the Beast Brood battled the Angel, Ka-Zar and Spider-Man in the Savage Land. Working for the monstrous Sauron, Brainchild and his Brood subsequently fought Ka-Zar, the Angle and his fellow X-Men. Ka-zar and the X-Men defeated the Brood, who were returned by Ka-Zar, using one of Brainchild’s devices, to their original states.

But it appears that the effect of the mutation-inducing technology that gave the Beast Brood their powers causes them eventually to regain their superhuman abilities and unusual forms should they lose them.

During an encounter between three of the Avengers and Kang the Conqueror, the Wild West Hero known as the Two Gun Kid and the entire town he was in at the time was transported through time and space to the modern period and the Savage Land. The Avengers were powerless to return the town to its original location and time and Kang had no desire to.

Many of the citizens did accept the Avengers offer to relocate them to more civilized locations but most of them refused to give up their homes, even if those homes were no longer in the place and time they were used to. The Two Gun Kid remained with those who refused to leave, taking on the role of their defender.

He managed to fend off attacks by dinosaurs and primitive tribes, and even began to set up friendly relations with some of the latter. But, when the Beast Brood attacked, he was completely outmatched. Only the timely intervention of the unlikely team of Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Storm and Shanna the She-Devil prevented the town from being destroyed by the Beast Brood.

But, while they were rampaging, Barbarus was smitten by the local schoolmarm, a petite, demure woman who nevertheless had a fiery spirit and endless courage when her charges were threatened.

Barbarus began to sneak back to the village periodically to spy on her. One night when he was doing so, the town was attacked by a number of natives riding pterodactyls. One of them snatched up the schoolmarm and Barbarus leapt to her rescue.

Whether because he had saved her or because she saw something good under his brutish, violent exterior, the schoolmarm returned Barbarus’ romantic interests once things quieted down. Matt Hawk, the Two Gun Kid also saw potential in him.

Matt was well aware that, even with his gunslinging skills, he was no match for many of the dangers of the Savage Land. Facing down outlaws and bandits was one thing, facing down a tyrannosaurus rex was another.

Barbarus was a native of the Savage Land, though and one enhanced with superhuman strength and abilities. As the Brood member began making himself more publically known around the town, the Two Gun Kid began to subtly bring him under his wing, teaching him both his gun slinging skills and his own particular code of honor.

As much to impress the schoolmarm, who had very 19th century sensibilities about courtship, as anything else, Barbarus took to Hawk’s lessons. It was not long before Hawk had the town’s gunsmith make this four armed protégé his own customer set of guns.

The Beast Brood was not aware of the time Barbarus was spending in the town or the fact that his loyalties were shifting. Brainchild decided it would make a good base of operations and would be easy to take with no outlander heroes around. He launched another attack on the town.

Barbarus was torn between his teammates and the woman he’d come to love and the man he’d come to respect. He half-heartedly joined the Brood in their attack but, when Lupus was going to ambush the Two Gun Kid, he turned on his former team, saving the man.

Between the Two Gun Kid, Barbarus and some of the braver townsfolk, they were able to turn away the invaders. Barbarus remained with the town and, eventually, married the schoolmarm, taking on the moniker of the Four Gun Kid.

The Exiles came to his dimension to stop an attempt by the High Evolutionary to use the Savage Land as Ground Zero for a genetic bomb that would reset all life to the point where dinosaurs went extinct. During the course of their mission, the Exiles came across the Two and Four Gun Kids’ town and those heroes joined them in their quest.

Again, Barbarus found himself facing his former compatriots as they served the High Evolutionary. The combined heroes managed to foil the High Evolutionary’s scheme though the Two Gun Kid was mortally wounded in the encounter.

Knowing that the town could not survive long in the Savage Land and that it had been luck and the determination of its protector that kept it safe this long, Her Royal Whyness gave sanctuary to its citizens. Though time travel is beyond her resources, a parallel dimension where society and technology had not advanced beyond the wild west was found and transferred them there.

Barbarus’ wife had become fascinated by the advanced technology on Otherworld and asked to stay. Given the code of honor that Hawks had invested in him and feeling he owed it to his mentor’s memory, the Four Gun Kid joined the Exiles in their ongoing mission.

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