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Where would a swords & space game be without magic items?  The biggest magic items in the Ravnivori Empire are, of course, the Void Running ships, themselves.

But, many smaller magic items are just as valued by their owners, if not technically as valuable.  Here are a few magic items relatively common in the Empire that do not appear on the usual list of random treasure tables –

Magic Items

While mighty sorcerers and mages throwing around balls of fire and warping the rules of reality are not common, magic abounds in the Ravnivori Empire. Artificers and technomancers create everyday devices for the comfort and happiness of Imperial citizens. These range from devices that provide light and/or heat without burning fuel to those that aid in cleaning and even ones for entertainment. More martial devices are also created. Following are magical items that have military or adventuring applications. While they can, occasionally, be bought, it is far more common for them to be given to members of the Empire who prove themselves either as awards or as aids. A few interesting devices that are less common but that have been found in exploration of the Void are also included.

Amulet of Undead Control: These amulets are made from intelligent undead. These creatures must be sacrificed whether willingly or unwillingly. If the creature has already suffered the True Death it cannot be used to create one of these amulets. These pieces of jewelry are always ornate and generally large and feature some physical portion of the undead that went into creating it, whether a finger, tooth, or a vial of blood or ashes.

Amulets of Undead Control do essentially what their name implies. They are used to issue commands to a set group of mindless undead. Their powers do not affect sentient undead. The number of undead controlled is based on how powerful the creature that was sacrificed to make it was. The least powerful amulets can control 5 undead while the most powerful can control up to 50. A character may only wear one of these amulets at a time. The undead that are controlled can be replaced but not changed. For example, if a weak amulet controls 5 skeletons and the controller encounters a zombie, the wearer cannot take over the zombie and release a skeleton. However, if, in the ensuing combat, the zombie slays one of the skeletons, the wearer could then take over the zombie.

Animated Weapons/Shields: A number of magical weapons and shields are invested with a life of their own. Created in much the same way that Mechanids are crafted, they are also given the ability to hover and fight by themselves. The owner of an animated weapon or shield has only to give a command word and the device will hover near the possessor and fight and defend him to the best of its ability. Much like Mechanids, they learn and become more skilled as they grow older. New Animated Weapons are relatively cheap but start with only a d4 in fighting. The oldest Animated Weapons are capable of challenging even master duelists in combat. Periodically, the weapon must be taken in hand and the command word spoken to start the weapon fighting again. This time period is based on how skilled the weapon is. The weapon remains animated for a number of rounds equal to the fighting skill of the weapon.

Battle Table: These magical devices come in a number of shapes and sizes. The simplest are portable platforms with legs that can be folded up and easily packed on a wagon or even carried on someone’s back. The most ornate are the size of banquet tables and intricately carved and decorated with gold leaf. The size and complexity has little bearing on the device’s effects. The surface of each of these tables is blank but when the appropriate command word is given or button pushed, a miniature illusory display of the surrounding terrain and military forces springs into being on the surface. The location displayed can be shifted and expanded or contracted depending on the quality of the table and the commands given it. The user of the table must be aware of these forces in some way, though it can be through reports from scouts or divination magic and does not have to be personal knowledge. Once these units are established, the table tracks them, moving the forces around the table in accordance with how the actual units move. How precise these images and tracking can be is a factor of the quality of the table. For the cheapest it is nothing more than symbols and words identifying the units as a whole. For the best, it actually displays the individuals in each unit and shows their movements in near real time. Depending on the quality of the table, users receive a bonus on Knowledge (Battle) checks of between +1 and +3.

Berserker Cloak: These cloaks are made from the skin of a large bear. They are big enough that only grizzly and polar bears are large enough to provide the skins necessary to create them. The wearer of a Berserker cloak gains the berserk edge if he or she does not already possess it. Additionally, it provides a bonus to the wearer’s strength. This bonus is variable with the weakest providing only a single shift while the most powerful provide up to 5 shifts in strength.

Cornucopia: There are two forms of these magical devices. Both provide food and drink but in quite different ways. The first type is made of woven stalks of grain and is dedicated to Sivis Kee. These Cornucopia’s provide enough food from the large end and enough water from the small end to keep a single person alive and healthy for one day. The owner needs simply to reach into the mouth of the Cornucopia and can pull out plain tasting but hearty bread. This bread includes all the vitamins and nutrients that the possessor needs. The owner can also open the tiny end of the cornucopia and clear, cool water will flow out, enough to keep him hydrated. All this food and water can be drawn out at one time or broken up over several servings up to the total amount for a day. The second type is made from the large horn of a ram, goat or bull. The owner of this cornucopia can reach into the large end of the horn and pull out a single large serving of delicious fully cooked and hot meat each day. A cap can be pulled off the small end of the horn to dispense a large tankard’s worth of ale or wine.

Fire Brand: Weapons with this enchantment are capable of bursting into flames. These weapons are often decorated with flames and embedded with rubies.

Fire Brands add a +1 to damage when they are ignited and negate regeneration abilities. They also provide light equivalent to a torch and can ignite flammable materials.

Flight Ammunition: This type of ammunition is relatively common as a magic items The magic that goes into it is fairly simple and the special materials necessary to make it is relatively common. The shaft and fletching of a piece of flight ammunition (if it is an arrow or bolt) is like that of any mundane missile but the heads (or the balls themselves if this is flintlock ammunition) are made from turquoise that has been carved with mystic ruins that both strengthens the material to the hardness of steel and provides the magic effects of the ammunition. Simply put, flight ammunition has double the ranges of mundane ammunition of the same time.

Ghost Shield: When deactivated, these devices appear to be nothing more than large, ornate steel bracelets adorned with a large, clear gem surrounded by smaller gems on one side. Activating the device causes a transparent 3’ diameter shield of magical force to spring into existence.

+3 Parry attacks from the front and left, +3 Armor to Ranged Shots that Hit. +2 to attempts to hide device. Weight: 1lb.

Giff Targeting Monocle: A favored device of Nocerans especially, a Giff Targeting Monocle is a well-crafted lens in an ornate brass frame with a chain made of the same material. It is particularly useful for individuals with the nearsighted hindrance. While wearing the monocle, the nearsighted hindrance is negated but only for the purposes of shooting skill checks. Notice, throwing and any other checks are still subject to the normal penalties. In addition, anyone with the nearsighted hindrance gets a +2 to shooting rolls while wearing one of these monocles. The way the device functions is a bit awkward for others and anyone without the nearsighted hindrance only gains a +1 bonus to shooting rolls.

Hammer of the Star Titans: Legends of mighty and wise giants who once dominated and explored the void exist on many of the worlds that have taken to exploring the stars. These ancient weapons are rumored to have been minor weapons or tools of these powerful creatures. Given how potent the devices are, if the rumors are true, the Star Titans were great, indeed. These weapons appear to be large mauls with metal hafts and heads made of strange, rune encrusted stone.

Dam: Str + D8 + 1, AP 2 vs rigid armor, Parry -1, 2 hands, Heavy Weapon.

Helmet of the Ram: As might be expected from the name, this full helmet sports a pair of large ram’s horns. These horns have been etched with numerous arcane runes of power.

Anyone wearing a Helmet of the Ram has his running die raised by one type. Additionally, he adds a +1 to his fighting and damage when charging.

Living Armor: Crafted from arcanely crafted ambulatory plants, living armor bonds with its host when worn. A number of different plants are intertwined and bonded to the host to provide a variety of benefits. All Living Armor acts as mundane armor with various levels of protection. Additionally, depending upon the plants involved, the wearer’s physical abilities are boosted, either by external augmentations or through the injection of ability heightening chemicals into the blood stream. Other abilities, such as flight, enhanced speed, and melee and ranged weapons can be added as though the wearer was given the Arcane Background (Weird Science) Edge. Further edges can be applied to give the armor more power points and additional powers. This armor feeds off its host, however and it causes a level of fatigue for every 8 hours it is worn.

Magic Lanterns: Two types of magic lanterns are common in the Ravnivori empire. Everburning lanterns give off magical light rather than burning. Thus, they need no fuel and can not be blown out by high winds. Shutters on the lanterns can be closed to block the light it sheds. The same arcane technology that is applied to animated weapons can also be applied to lanterns. These lanterns float just behind their owners whenever a command word is spoken. Another command word deactivates them. These two features are often combined with everburning lanterns being animated.

Ray of Amaz: Only given to the most faithful servants of Amaz, these weapons appear as either a spear or a bow. Calling upon the name of the goddess, the device transforms from one type of weapon. In addition to this mystical ability, the weapons are often also blessed with bonuses to fighting and damage.
Range | Dam |Weight |Cost |Min. Str. |Notes
3/6/12 | Str +d6 |5 |300 |d8 |Parry +1, Reach 1, 2hands, transform from spear to bow with one action
15/30/60 | 2d6

Repeating Flintlocks: Although flintlock weapons have the potential for impressive damage and range, they all have one distinct flaw: they have an exceptionally slow rate of fire compared to other missile weapons. Although a number of people are experimenting with technological methods for overcoming this disadvantage, many arcanists have turned to magical means. To this end, arcanists have created flintlocks with an arcane mark on their barrels. This arcane mark is duplicated and linked to a number of other barrels. Each time the barrel of the gun is emptied, the powder and shot in one of these other barrels is magically teleported into the barrel of the gun. This allows the wielder of the gun to fire again immediately without reloading. Unfortunately, there is a limit on the number of barrels that can be linked to a single mark. Barrels have arcane mark that matches mark on other tubes. Currently, this limitation is 6, including the actual barrel of the gun. When all barrels are expended, the weapon operates like any mundane version of its kind. It takes 2 actions to reload each barrel.

Restoration Bed: This large canopy bed is fully six and a half foot wide by seven foot long. The posts holding up the canopy are carved with numerous symbols and signs indicating health and restoration. Each night that an individual spends sleeping in this bed he makes a natural healing check. There are various levels of power of these beds. The most basic simply allow the sleeper to make their healing check each night. Better beds negate various levels of wound penalties made during these checks. These beds are meant to provide exceptionally peaceful sleep and only function when the curtains are closed. This causes a -2 penalty to any perception checks to either wake up if the person inside is asleep or to hear anything outside the bed if the person is awake. In either case, the curtains are impossible to see through. Only one person can benefit from the bed at a time and the person must get a full 8 hours of sleep to gain the benefit.

Scepter of Pini-Ya: This Scepter once belonged to one of the greatest rulers of the Empire that created the first Nautiloids. A master of controlling mindless undead, he was capable of commanding legions of the creatures by sheer will alone. Upon his True Death (at the hands of one of his great grandchildren) his remains were made into this scepter and much of his powers lingered in the device. Though the deepest secrets of this device have been lost with time, it still retains a great deal of power. The Scepter of Pini-Ya appears as a humanoid skull with onyx eyes mounted on a humanoid femur. A crown of humanoid canine teeth form a crown around the skull and the hilt is wrapped in ancient leather made from humanoid skins.

Str + d6, AP 1 vs. rigid armor. The following powers operate only against undead: +1 Damage, +1 Fighting, +1 Parry, +1 Charisma, Puppet and Zombie with 10 Power Points to spend.

Sky Chariot of Amaz: Another item that is generally only bestowed upon the most faithful servants of the sun goddess a Sky Chariot appears to be an ornate golden shield decorated with Amaz’s sunburst symbol. And, in fact, it functions as a quite effective shield. Anyone wielding this device as a large shield with an additional +1 to Parry and Armor (Large Shield: +3 Pry, +3 armor vs. rng.) Additionally, the owner can place the shield on the ground and stand on the inside of it and with a short prayer to Amaz, cause it to levitate. The Sky Chariot has a fly speed of 10” per round and can climb at 2” per round. It is guided by leaning, leaving the rider’s hands free. Turns up to 45 degrees are done without a check but for each additional 45 degree or fraction thereof a check must be made with a cumulative -1. Failure means that the rider goes straight instead and any result below 0 indicates that he rider has fallen off the sky chariot and suffers the normal results of a fall from whatever height they were at.

Spear of the Gods: This weapon is rumored to have been created directly by the gods themselves and to be utilized against their brethren who have gone rogue. The weapon appears to be made of some unknown wood and metal and is covered in intricate scroll work that many claim is actually some ancient language.

Dam: Str + d6 + 2(electricity), Parry +2, Reach 1, 2 Hands, Range 6/12/24 5lbs.

Spirit Shield: These seemingly flimsy shields are made from the skin, fur, claws, and/or feathers, of an animal. A simple silhouette image of the animal that the shield is made of is painted on the shield in pigments made from from the animal itself. The shield acts as a simple medium shield but is as strong as steal and some of the more powerful ones provide bonuses to parry and armor. When activated with a command word the animal displayed on the shield springs out to fight for the person carrying it, leaving the shield blank. The animal can be recalled to the shield at any time and if it is killed, it disappears and reappears on the shield. The usual animals used on these shields are wolves, bears, elk, and eagles, though other animals are possible and even more exotic and magical animals are occasionally used.

Wolf Cloak: Made from the unblemished skin of a large wolf, this cloak provides a +1 to vigor rolls made to resist fatigue caused by cold and a +1 to tracking rolls while worn. Additionally, as an action, the wearer can turn into either a wolf or dire wolf, gaining the physical abilities of whichever type of creature he or she turns into but retaining their own smarts, spirit and skills (though some skills may not be possible without opposable thumbs.)

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