Exiles #30 – Battleaxe

Pay no mind to the redundancy of equipment between this Exile and another one that may have the same Asgardian artifact or any obsession with said Asgardian artifact that might suggest.

This one sprang out at me while I was working on another project.  Kind of a no-brainer, really.  I guess I could have given her Terrax’s axe…dang it!  Now I’ll have to try to think about what would happen if she was a herald of Galactus…

Here, look at this, I’ve got mulling to do…


Anita Ehren

Fighting: AM

Agility: EX

Strength: IN

Endurance: MN

Reason: TY

Intuition: TY

Psyche: GD

Health: 185

Karma: 22

Resources: GD(10)

Popularity: -15


Invulnerability: Battleaxe has Excellent resistance to physical attacks, heat, cold, corrosives, fire, radiation, toxins, aging, and disease. Typical resistance to energy attacks.


Blood Axe (Unique Weapon): Battleaxe wields a double-bladed weapon made of Shift X material which inflicts Amazing Edge Damage. She can throw it up to 10 areas away, by holding onto the chain attached to the hilt, she can pull it back to her the round after it is thrown. It is enchanted with the following abilities:

Dimensional Aperture: The axe can cut through the barriers between dimensions, allowing travel between them. It can also cut through space.

The axe can disrupt magical illusions of up to Shift Z rank, revealing the true identity beneath.

Battleaxe can use the chain attached to the hilt to grapple foes up to 10 areas away. These attacks use her normal grappling values. Each round she gets as “Partial” result on her grappling check, she can pull her target one area closer to her. If she gets a “Hold” result, she can immediately pull the target adjacent to her. The chain can also be used in a similar manner to make grabbing attacks.

Talents: Battleaxe is trained in Wrestling and Martial Arts C and is a Weapons Specialist with her axe, giving her a +2CS to attacks (including Grapples and Grabs) and a +1 to Initiative.

Contacts: Battleaxe still has contact with the Grapplers and is partners with the Enchantress. She has also partnered with Titania (MacPherson) in the past.

Background: Battleaxe’s origin and activities before becoming a member of the Grapplers, the female division of the UCWF, are virtually unknown. Like the other Grapplers, she received her enhanced strength and durability by subjecting herself to the Power Broker’s strength boosting treatments.

Soon after joining the group, Battleaxe challenged, Titania, to a bout for her title as leader of the group. Ehren won but soon after Titania was killed by a Scourge of the Underworld who was disguised as a female wrestler. Ehren believed UCWF member the Thing had performed the killing and convinced several of her fellow wrestlers to attack him. They were only stopped when Sharon Ventura, another Grappler convinced them of his innocence.

Battleaxe nevertheless held a grudge against the Thing and this carried over into the ring with Ehren ambushing him, aiding his opponents and the assorted other professional wrestling shenanigans a Heel Wrestler gets up to against a Face.

This culminated in an exhibition match involving the Thing single handedly taking on Battleaxe and several of her fellow Grapplers by himself. Unfortunately for all involved, it happened to take place during Loki’s “Acts of Vengeance” and Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner were tasked with slaying the Thing.

They attacked as the match was reaching its climax. Between Amora’s magic and Skurge’s axe, the pair came very close to succeeding at their task but the Grapplers leapt to the Thing’s aid.

They managed to take down the Executioner and, as Amora’s most powerful magics did not work on them, due to their gender, forced her to retreat.

This defeat by a “pack of simple mortals” finally pushed Amora’s disgust for her partner over the edge. Using her enchantments on Skurge, she stripped him of his axe and left him abandoned back in Jotunheim.

Deciding that Men were too foolish to depend upon, Amora returned to the stadium where the UCWF competed. She chose the most impressive member of the Grapplers and offered her power in return for her service.

Battleaxe did not appreciate the term “servant” but jumped at the chance to become more powerful. She agreed to Amora’s offer and the Enchantress wove further magic into the Blood Axe

She did require one thing before leaving with Amora, though. She challenged the Thing, who was still recovering from his fight with the Executioner to another match. The Thing did not realize she had increased abilities and she was able to beat him before he was able to adjust.

Battleaxe’s success as a replacement for the Executioner proved to be somewhat questionable. She fought at the side of the Enchantress against such opponents as Thor and the Avengers and held her own, though she was not noticeably more successful in defeating them than her predecessor.

In fact, from time to time, the Enchantress grew frustrated with her new partner as well, and abandoned her back on Midgard. Battleaxe hardly cared, teaming up with the Grapplers, Femizons, Wrecking Crew and Masters of Evil during these times of exile.

Again and again, she was defeated and her list of rivals grew over the years. Finally, she came to face the Executioner, who, rather than wallow in self-pity and doubt after losing the favor of the Enchantress, had become a hero, fighting with the forces of Asgard then coming to Midgard to join the Defenders and Avengers.

Even with her having his axe, Skurge managed to defeat her. Deciding that the life of a villain simply was not for her after this loss, she decided to turn over a new leaf.

Though clumsy at first, and uncertain of the process, Battleaxe became a solo vigilante. She fought many of her former allies, including the Grapplers and Piledriver from the Wrecking Crew as well as villains she’d never met. Amazingly, she was almost universally successful.

She went on to team up with the Executioner and a reluctant She-Hulk before joining with a group of Heroes Four Hire made up largely of former members of the Serpent Society.

The stigma of her past life still followed her, though and many heroes distrusted her and her motives. It seemed that she had converted back to the other side when she let herself be recruited by the Enchantress to face off against the Exiles as they attempted to stop her plans to start Ragnarok.

Her supposed loyalty to Amora proved to be a ruse, however and, at the critical moment, she betrayed her former partner, disrupting her plans.

She was eager for a fresh start and accepted their invitation to join them on their omniversal quest.

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