Star Systems #1 – Ravnivori

I’ve only developed 3 Star Systems for my homebrew campaign, though obviously there are limitless ones in the universe.  I don’t know if I think there need to be any more than this.  I have the home system, which I’m presenting here.  One “away” so that there can be a sense of travel and a weird one.  Because there should be a weird one of everything – race, world, star, system.  When there is space travel involved you should run into something weird and alien sooner or later.

This system is actually one I developed over 20 years ago but I revisited when I started up with the concept again.  I’ve fleshed it out and changed it a bit more but the structure of the worlds is mostly the same.  I randomly ended up with more water worlds back then so I made one of them an earth world, because that’s easier.

And a note on the name.  The great and wise Emperor Ravnivorous did not name the system after himself.  Someone else did that, much as the queen of England did not decide on the name Virginia for the state, someone was trying to kiss up to her.  The same is true of his Empire.  It came to be known as the Ravnivori both because that’s how his citizens were identifying themselves and others were identifying them.


The home system of the Ravnivori Empire, that nation has insisted on naming the system after itself. Given how out of the way the system is, none of the other major void going cultures have argued the point.

*Poryx:* The star around which the rest of the planets in the system revolve, it is said, alternately, to be the home of Amaz or simply her shield. Orbiting in close proximity to this star are a half ruined, unhelmed squidship used as an incubator for advanced saurians and an amazon temple. This latter structure is also unhelmed and appears to be nothing more or less than a Temple to Amaz that has been left floating through the Void.

*Rustan:* This small earth planet is completely barren on its surface, however, its core is honeycombed with natural and artificial caverns. An entire ecosystem with fungi and animals thrives here. Several dwarven civilizations thrive in these caverns but they are the only sentient species. A ring of earth surrounds the planet.

*Retra:* This is a moderate sized earth planet and the home of the Ravnivori Empire. It features two major landmasses with one divided into two continents by a massive mountain range. There are a number of islands of various sizes as well. Retra has a single moon and there is a Ravnivori outpost. This moon has no native life but the Ravnivori have managed to cultivate crops and raise animals on a small portion of it.

*Vel:* This planet is approximately the same size as Retra but has far less mass. It is made up of 6 small continent sized land masses that are arranged around each other like the points on a octohedron. These land masses are covered in primeval forests, rivers, lakes and swamps, though no oceans. Each mass has its own gravity but they all share a single atmosphere. The strongest flying animals native to the planet are able to cross from one mass to another. Primitive human and elf tribes fight incessantly over these masses. The Empire has laid claim to one of these masses and is currently pacifying it. Many of the native tribes have pledged their allegiance to the Empire in return for their assistance in destroying their enemies and giving them metal weapons.

*Gel:* This world is made up largely of air. It is a turbulent mass of winds and updrafts with only a few bits of earth and water swirling around in it. Imperial ships occasionally stop here to refresh their air envelopes. Rumors of massive shapes moving in the haze formed by the dust and vapor suspended in the air persist but nothing has been proven. Some of these are likely floating cities inhabited by giants with advanced culture. Some contact has been made with these giants but they seem little interested in joining the Empire. Rumors also claim that there is a solid core at the center of Gel but no one has dared to risk their ship in the attempt.

*The Gauntlet:* Not a world at all but an asteroid ring, this tumultuous mass of rock completely encircles the inner four worlds of the Ravnivori system. Not a few pirates and other scoundrels have used the Gauntlet as a hiding place, finding it perfect for such purposes as it is off the usual shipping lanes and it is difficult to navigate and all but impossible to effectively search. Ships in a hurry can cut through the Gauntlet instead of going around, cutting as much as a day off their travel time but risking the safety of their ship.

*Dakon:* This planet is larger than the earth planets of the system but is made up mostly of water though there is one continent sized mass of earth and several smaller masses. The former is always submerged and orbits the center of the planet just south of the equator. Two of the smaller masses, known as the Isles of Langerhans, are constantly on the surface while the others surface and submerge in specific patterns. The Isles of Langerhans are named for a Ravnivori Explorer who has laid claim to the two land masses. He’s established small colonies on these islands that harvest some of the sugar heavy plants native to the world and process them into rum. The planet is teeming with life, including huge masses of seaweed and a wide variety of animals in that sub ecosystem. It is dominated by a race of aquatic Naga which legend claims are the distant cousins of the terrestrial inhabitants of Retra. Various other aquatic races, such as tritons, merfolk and sahuagin vie for territory and resources on the planet. Dakon is encircled by a ring of water. For unknown reasons, this ring is much colder than the rest of the sphere. Icebergs are common in the ring and a race of shapeshifters who can take the form of humans or seals dominate the ring.

*Larkon:* This earth planet has a wide variety of environments, forests and jungles, hills and mountains, deserts and oceans, freezing poles and a sweltering equator. The plant and animal life is as diverse as one might expect but there is only one sentient species: elves. Of course, there is almost as much diversity in this species on Larkon as there are diversities in races on other planets. Wild forest and jungle dwelling elves, cultured plains and hill elves, aquatic elves almost identical to those on Dakon, winged elves in the mountains and even sinister cave dwelling elves all exist on the planet. Far from being united, they are often at war with each other, both within types and between types. Dozens of irregular shaped asteroids orbit the planet and make it difficult for Void Runners to enter their atmosphere. The Elven Navy has been allowed to establish an outpost on the largest of these asteroids though this is a sad thing. No more than a dozen elves are stationed there at any time though they have a dry dock and can make repairs to elven ships.

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